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by Bel Suave • | | 2 comments
>Hello, and welcome. This space has been conceived as a project by which to counter a great deal of misinformation. Much of what you will read here is contrary to the stream of "news," analysis, and commentary which flows daily from media sources around the world. In this writers... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 7 comments
"The Göktürk rulers originated from the Ashina tribe, an Altaic people who lived in the northern corner of the area presently called Xinjiang. Under their leadership, the Göktürks rapidly expanded to rule huge territories in north-western China, North Asia and Eastern Europe." "... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 10 comments
I've been celebrating our return to 'civilization'[so to speak!]lately by postin a blizzard of commentary on our fave talmudic-kabbalist blogs' pages. Their new set up seems to allow for 'intervention'[read:censoring]into ones' comments at the drop of a yarmulke. I've had multiple comments messe... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 10 comments
"Libertarianism is a front for the Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises, co-conspirator with Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who, with Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, established the Pan European Union with funding from Rothschild and Warburg. The Austrian School of Economics promised Americans persona... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 9 comments
"In any case, most actual synchronicities do seem to involve internal and external events coming together in time without any apparent cause, or even possibility of a cause according to Einstein locality i.e. no communication faster than the speed of light." Jim Fournier - Acausal Sunc... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 21 comments
As was predicted several weeks ago... this month saw the hotting up of 'action' in the muddled east, after a longish hiatus (for set building and script memorization!)... and... therefore a lot of interference with my plans for the NXIVM series. Since I regard that particular investigation ... i... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 4 comments
As the last tattered dregs of the once proud ARMY OF TARDANATION straggle into our sight/sites... the grizzled guerrilleros of the ARMY OF BOB can afford themselves a moment of quiet reflection, on the irony of it all. Gomers who vigorously & voraciously vocalized their wish for Americ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 8 comments
As promised previous... a brief rejoinder is in order to the proffered propaganda from certain parties associated with "POOTIE IS OUR LEADER" faction of the Russo-talmudic fan club. As in, the "FT RUSS" piece I quoted from in the last post. Wherein, the lead off reads... &... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 9 comments
Have you ever been witness to an event... such as... when the spin-dry cycle on the washing machine goes on, the load is unbalanced... and the whole machine starts to rock harder than Billy Preston doing "Blue Suede Shoes?" Well... if not, I've got somethin here which will dupli... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 1 comment
TRIFECTA! ARMY OF BOB DOES THE PENNISULAR CAMPAIGN - all o'er agin! Now then... where were we? I get a little bit excited... and therefore, absent minded, when the topic turns to 'war,' 'battle,' and military brinkmanship. Was my passion... right outta the crib, so to speak... military histor... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 7 comments
Like clockwork: When I wrote here - some four days ago - "At the same time that a massive amount of confusion, deceit, and war like posturings would fill up the news about Syria and the Idlib campaign... a second front of combat would assail the Philander-in-Chief on the domestic si... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 9 comments
The prescription was clear: At the same time that a massive amount of confusion, deceit, and war like posturings would fill up the news about Syria and the Idlib campaign... a second front of combat would assail the Philander-in-Chief on the domestic side. And... here we go! https://www.bu... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 0 comments
Harmonization of Sun and Moon as the first note in the Pythagorean Comma Today, for the first time since April, the fake clouds chemtrailed by tankers have spread out over the Anatolian sky. When I saw the first, still compact trail hanging over the spot where the sun would soon be rising... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 6 comments
Prologue: Although I initially planned to fit this all into one "monster post" as promised back in August, I've noticed that the 'hotting up' of the Syrian Endgame is likely going to impede progress on a text designed to sum up - and provide closure for - the "Kabbalism in Action&... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 10 comments
THIS is what a shadowban looks like 'in action.' Knowing that the consequence of actually 'pulling the trigger' will be nought but their own demise... the talmudic twins have contented themselves with a backhanded effort to keep the real news about to happen from the tender ears of their ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 7 comments
Not a whole lot needing to be said about the current setting up of the chess pieces in Idlib. I said it all, months ago, in posts like Showdown in Aleppo: Megiddo All Over Agin? "As such, it was clearly understood by both parties - Russia was warned that the covert assassinations of it... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 7 comments
Feels like the weather is on the cusp of blowing in a new season... and those same winds are likely to be blowin in a new dynamic to the long-static Syrian situation. I haven't posted anything on that topic- or current "events" of any kind, for months now... having recognized back in A... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 11 comments
"In October 1897, in the middle of the Dreyfus affair, Zo d'Axa tried a new experiment. Whenever he could, he published La Feuille. The following fragment could be its manifesto: "We will also speak to the people, and not in order to flatter them, nor to promise them oceans and... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 15 comments
This is NOT the post I've been working on and hoping to publish sometime this month. It is in fact a post entirely different than the one which I would like to be working on right now - but am getting hopelessly distracted from! In sum, my powers of disciplined focus have deserted me complet... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 12 comments
BACK IN THE SADDLE – No More Creek - No More Paddle [reader note: a prologue of sorts is needed here, due to the length of time between when this posting was first drafted, and the current evolution of things, couple months down the road. Similar to one of my posts in the aftermath of 201... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 52 comments
[Li] Shaojun told the emperor: “By making offerings to the stove, one can summon the supernatural beings (wu). If one summons them, cinnabar can be transmuted into gold. When gold has been produced and made into vessels for eating and drinking, one can prolong one’s life. If one’s life i... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 22 comments
'Shen, which literally means "spirit", refers to the recognition of our truest state of being, what in the Orient is called "one's essential nature". This represents our ability to understand ourselves and to connect to life as a whole. Regarded as the most revered of the Thr... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 26 comments
Forced off of the internet for three days, locked out of my own email addresses, almost ready - from habit - to panic at the thought of having no access to the means by which I'm now accustomed to receive "news" from the outside world, I received an epiphany, in the form of that state ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 13 comments
After being correctly diagnosed by our most able on-site etymologist as "of two minds" ... which - like a world with 'two suns,' is a very good thing, rather than a state of schizoid nature... I've realized that the oscillations tween role of "journalist" and "archa... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 24 comments
Has the trickle become a torrent? Looking back on the "Rogues Gallery" of phony resistor sites that I have dueled with An Anniversary of Sorts -how the Rogues Gallery Grows! Liars, Thieves, Monsters - and Agents of a Foreign Power: Welcome to the "alternative media" ... read more
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