6 o'clock shadow: time stands still?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
March 15 event log/July 15 event log/ Curious - and curiouser!

by Bel Suave

    Presaging the distortions of both time and space which are now the marker of a complicit media and it's handlers - this story starts with a line written some months back -

It's just after 6 pm Tuesday March 15, where I write. All day I've been reading about the Russian withdrawn from Syria, with articles talking about time frames that are not possible.
That was the opening sentence to this draft post which has been sitting in my files - for exactly four months before it became relevant again - last Friday July 15 2016! Diverted by more pressing stories from reviewing the curious temporal distortion which I had discovered attached to the alleged "Russian Withdrawal from Syria" story, it stayed in the back of my mind as the sort of red herring I've become accustomed to noting in following an increasingly discordant media's presentation of "news" stories.

Indian Punchline - Reflections on foreign affairs - Rediff Blogs
By M K Bhadrakumar – March 14, 2016

But when, after a long absence, I returned my attention yesterday to another story from last springtime -


suddenly some missing pieces to our current story of interest - the Phony Coup - jiggled out in front of my eyes - BINGO!

  Time 'stops' in İzmir during coup attempt

"For the average İzmir resident, one of the noteworthy events of the night of July 15, when people took to the streets to avert the coup attempt, was the destruction of one of the clocks in İzmir's turn-of-the-century clock tower. But a watchmaker saved the symbol of İzmir"

Could there be any more serendipitous notice of a 'striking' parallel than the 'standing still of time' in Izmir as the fake coup got underway? Re-reading what I'd written at the start of the PEAK PROPAGANDA piece months back, my head went momentarily spinning -

"There can be no further doubt that the 'event' in Istanbul last weekend was staged, choreographed, and packaged as a piece of political theater - by which the pretext for a Turkish-Israeli "reconciliation" has been introduced for both domestic and international "audiences.""
Wait! Which 'event' - I asked myself in confusion? This past week's coup - or - another false flag from the past? The passage of time skewed by the dejavu similarity of circumstances - that line - which the pretext for a Turkish-Israeli "reconciliation" has been introduced for both domestic and international "audiences" stared back at me like the joker in the deck! There is - you see - as I had suggested in that story, "no more news." Only replays of the same theme of dissimulative hyper-reality played over and over to a mass audience of marks in a shell game.

The story "PEAK PROPAGANDA" was starting to not just skew my sense of time, but to spook me down to the core. Because, having just finished registering on another story my reminder that the "Syrian Withdrawal" had been a pre-arrangement between Moscow and Tel Aviv, with all relevant parties in the know as well, what I'd written back in March

"the seamless teamwork of government, finance, and a fully complicit media creates whatever impressions of reality are deemed desirable, for a given episode of "reality." Now we are watching that template expand into the full measure of the COMPLETE PACKAGING OF REALITY on a grand scale, in the entire middle eastern 'theater.' 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the sudden "surprise" pull-out of Russia from Syria. Which was neither a surprise - nor a pullout. The idea that such a move would have been taken without COMPLETE CONSULTATION AND PLANNING with all of the pertinent parties involved is absurd. It violates every tenet of what we know Russia's diplomatic program to be. Yet it has been pushed from all sides as the truth of the affair. Because there really is no opposition anymore to the staging of the news. IN FACT - THERE. IS. NO. NEWS. "

quite literally pre-saged EVERYTHING of importance there is to say about this latest development! A "non"-event neither spontaneous nor "failed" - rather, a grand success at reducing an entire nation to blind subservience and an international press to irrevocable irrelevance! Not a bad "day's work!"
The totally duplicitous notion that the

POLITICS - Turkey to temporarily suspend European Convention on Human Rights after coup attempt

suspension of basic right of protection from persecution based upon ethnicity or religion is TEMPORARY is the largest of the many lies to come out of this nightmare orwellian Islamist coup d'etat. Because what comes next - for all of Turkey - will be the arrival of the bearded ones - in every town and village. Those foreign looking bearded bullies whom we witnessed roaming the streets of Istanbul last weekend with the cleavers and knives emblematic of their butchery caste, are the jackals of this New Turkey, to be released upon order of the thugs-in-command. Instead of preparing for the inevitable witch hunt and show down, as every Alevi, Kurd, and Armenian Christian family and community NEEDS be doing, sedated by a criminally complicit state-sequestered press. those targeted groups are blithely carrying on in celebrating along side their soon-to-be persecutors, the defeat of an army which was their only guarantee of protection!

Invention: The Mother of all Necessities?  SuaveBel

Could it be any more clear what awaits those minority groups now that the Islamists have finally removed their foes from effective defense of this country secular by constitution? Is not the fate of Egyptian Copts at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood "brothers in arms" of this Jihadi Regime not plain enough for people to see what is on the horizon? Apparently not.

As the main political parties here "come together" in criminal solidarity in support of the Islamist coup against the Republic - and a corrupt CHP formally abandons the last shreds of it's pretense of dignity and relevance -
watch what will happen when this

POLITICS - HDP to organize anti-coup rally in Istanbul
The opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will organize a rally against the July 15 failed coup attempt in the Sultangazi district of Istanbul. The rally, titled "No to Coups, Democracy Now," will be organized on July 23 at 1:30 p.m. The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) will also hold an anti-coup rally on July 24 in Istanbul's Taksim Square.

ill-advised event timed for today even tries to get out of the starting gate! The signal for the mass slaughterers to begin their butcher work will be given! First - the Kurds; then the Alevis and Armenians. And a watching world impenetrable to the evil it perpetrates via complicity!