A Dog that Didn't Bark - Do "Fake News Medias" Lack Ears - or Just the will to use them?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Syrian downing of F-16I begs question: Why didn’t Israel deploy F-35s?

"As the Israeli Air Force continues to investigate the Feb. 10 loss of an F-16I to Syrian anti-aircraft fire, experts here are privately questioning why, given the operational circumstances that denied Israel the element of strategic surprise, it did not opt to deploy its newest front-line fighter: the stealthy F-35I.

In early December, the Air Force declared initial operational capability of the nine F-35s now in its possession. And from the aerial activity reported by residents near its home base at Nevatim, southern Israel, the aircraft are accruing significant flight time.

Yet none of the operational F-35s were part of the eight-aircraft force package tasked with destroying an Iranian command center in central Syria. The command center was reportedly operating the unmanned Shahed 171 drone that Israel says penetrated its airspace in the early morning of Feb. 10.

Nor were they tasked to lead the follow-on wave of strikes on 12 separate Syrian and Iranian assets in the punitive operation launched later that day in response to the F-16I downing.

But why not?

Perhaps these costly stealth fighters are too precious to use. Or perhaps the Israeli Air Force is not sufficiently confident in the aircraft or its pilots’ proficiency in operating the fifth-generation fighter.

What is there to say - in response to 'experts' who expertly avoid ... the obvious answers to their own questions?
Perhaps.... the new birds were indeed 'too precious' to use...
in a FALSE FLAG OPERATION designed to produce a downed plane and dead pilot! Perhaps...
the fact that an older model of plane was used for the op POINTS TO THE CONTINUED flow of data arriving daily to CONFIRM THE PREMISE OFFERED HERE... and here alone -

That the entire Syrian Imbroglio being brewed up of the moment is one contrived and directed by -
the tiny TERROR STATE in the south east Mediterranean!

Sit back and watch... as the 'impossible' once again proves... possible.