A Hard Pounding - Looks Like The Interlude of QUIET Hostilities is Over!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
A piece like the following does not make it into the news cycle by accident. And if the Central Command in Syria has decided to feature a public statement by a field commander, it's aimed at an audience very different from the one at home sitting in front of the television.

Mar 15 2018, 8:20 pm ET
U.S. troops who repelled Russian mercenaries prepare for more attacks

"A team from NBC News visited the base this week to speak with Braga and other U.S. military personnel on the ground during the attack — the first group of journalists to do so. There are around 2,000 American troops in Syria fighting ISIS, which has been pushed out of much of the territory it once controlled."

Our little respite from ever-escalating hostilities appears to be drawing to a close. When I delivered word of the clash between Russian and American forces near Der ez Zor back in February - far in advance of the ONEMEDIA - I pointedly referenced the (invisible)presence of a guiding hand of mischief behind the event, and others like it.

Today we are seeing the fruits of those labors grow riper - the made up confrontation between Britain and Russia over a poisoning scandal... the fallout from indiscriminate civilian bombing of syrian suburban areas by Russian aerial forces... the invention of even more 'chemical weapons' narratives to further toxify this devils' brew! All we need now would be for Trump to dump even more of his dumb meets dumber crew for even more war hungry chickenhawks... oh wait!

And now, word that the Wagner contract soldier who confirmed the heavy casualty count among his comrades in that fateful mission to secure oil wells for Putins buddy Pyrgozhin, has been found dead at the hands of security forces in the 'state capitalist paradise!'

As the list of civilian casualties resulting from indiscriminate bombings in Afrin, in Damascus, and elsewhere in Syria grows... to that element of BLOOD SACRIFICE ...we now add the mysterious 'downing' of a USA chopper, resulting in the deaths of all aboard. You might remember my mention of that strange term - BLOOD SACRIFICE - before here. First in the 2016 essay - Blood Sacrifice: Only the Beginning ... then repeated in the title of the same name from February of this year , and finally Blood Sacrifice Two .
I had intended to add this illuminating post - The Netherworld of the Russian Security State, Where Angels Fear to Tread - here this morning...

from which I will extract -

"The “Putin did it” claim that is so widely repeated is largely a reflection of the cartoon image of a Russia in which Putin is all knowing, all seeing, and all powerful, and where nothing in Russia, not even the fall of a sparrow, occurs but at his direction.

An alternative explanation is actually more plausible–and more frightening.  That there are elements with connections to the Russian security services who can carry out such an act without Putin’s permission.  The prospect of rogue elements operating in such a reckless way is truly sobering, especially since one predictable consequence is to create a confrontation between superpowers.

I have no doubt there are elements in Russia who want to provoke such a confrontation."

but as is the case now semi-daily, all my browser bookmarks and history were WIPED OUT AGAIN! Low intensity warfare - on the 'information highway.' As the Duke famously said - "It was a hard pounding. We shall see who pounds hardest the longest!"

The takeaway? Somebody wants conflict between the Europoid peoples... very very badly! As this may be the last opportunity for unhurried analysis for some time - let's take a moment to review the territory.

We now know that the interstices of all major powers are chock full of "agents of a foreign power" who I loosely refer to as 'international finance capital' but more precisely can be identified as that particular neo-gnostical sect of apostate judaics descendant from Frankist-Sabbateanism.(Must read backgrounder - Gershom Scholems' "REDEMPTION THROUGH SIN!" In their present form, allied with a small but uber-influential Russian born sect called "Chabad," they are masters of the financial world, the power behind all major potentates, and string pullers of every geopolitical 'event.'

As the core of their 'vision' for our world is a 10,000 year reich called 'new jerusalem' which  their millennialist fantasies imagine as a 'THIRD TEMPLE' EPOCH in which their angry god gives them temporal rule over all peoples of this earth, it's hard to know just what to call it - "fascism," neo-feudalism, 'neo-bolshevism' are just a few of the choices which spring to mind. But in the end, it's really just 'kabbalist-talmudism in action.' And it must be defeated.

"The death of pilot Roman Filipov was a BLOOD SACRIFICE... of the talmudic kabbalist type. The death of Barin Kobani was also a message" I wrote back in February. I don't like the smell of this helicopter narrative at all. At the end of my string of "SYRIAN ENDGAME" ASSESSMENT series in February, came this closing passage:

"Two ‘gentile’ nations, whose people, by and large, share the same genetic background and  ‘Caucasian’ identity, locked in a race to mutual destruction. Cui bono? Their implacable enemies from ancient times.

How will it go down? It will need the wild, unstable provocation of the pretender to a non-existent 'caliphate' to bring the roof fully down. The Turks are as much under the control of the millennialist madmen in tel aviv as the Russians and Americans. They have their order already, and will execute when cued - an attack upon the Kurds in Manbij - and the Americans embedded with them. An attack by one "NATO" country on the soldiers of another. The troops of America sitting beside the border with Turkey have been chosen - as a 'blood sacrifice' - and their high-ranking commanders already know it."
"SYRIAN ENDGAME: Initial Assessment of the opening events - Summation