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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Have you ever been witness to an event... such as...  
when the spin-dry cycle on the washing machine goes on, the load is unbalanced... and the whole machine starts to rock harder than Billy Preston doing "Blue Suede Shoes?"

Well... if not, I've got somethin here which will duplicate that experience for ya... x10!

Now that we've moved into the 'main event' part of the final chapter of our longstanding "Syrian Endgame"[by the way - I see that "the Guardian" is now using the term Syrian Endgame as a device... no attribution of course, to the guy who started up the use of that term back in 2016!]soap opera...

it was to be expected that the already curdled milk of the russo-talmudic media mafiya would get further stirred up by the next round of staged 'events.' However... the downing of the Russ bird... a la the 'event' over northern syria couple years back, when Turkey dropped one outta the sky...

by an Srael so emboldened by its' successes as to be able to take it's assassination of the Russ ambassador in Ankara two years back to an entirely HIGHER LEVEL of in your face KICKING SAND IN THE MUG OF THE SKINNY KID ON THE BEACH... AND then some!

Yes! Tis true... just as predicted by the outlaw neo-journalist with the track record of correct calls non-pareil... the talmudist pirate state has once agin shown the world WHO'S BOSS... and whose -he heh he... \RED LINES/ get tossed... whenever the fuk the kabbalist krew cares to! And as the whole world watches this very public humiliation of the guy who was supposed to be the new sheriff in town... and his puppet satrapy rump state Russia,

and hundred lackeys of that same sad sack 'superpooper power' have crawled outta their crevices in order to SPIN THE DAMAGE CONTROL MACHINE - LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

I had to wait a day or so... in order for the real priceless stuff to show up. And folks! They did not disappoint. Here- from HQ in "Ft Russ" is the best darn imitation of "throw it all to the wind" Hail Mary of a last ditch desperate effort to defend a line in the sand of sinking TARDNATIONAL hopes.

you're ever likely to gaze pon.


"The US wants to further damage Franco-Russian relations. France under multiple governments since 2011, has called for Assad to step down, and has already threatened ‘military action’ against Syria, so relations between these two countries are already ‘ruined’. But relations between France and Syria aren’t critical for peace, stability, and the general project for Eurasian-European integration. However, Franco-Russian relations are very critical, and while it’s been noted previously by experts that the aim of the U.S is to permanently poison EU-RF relations, Russia therefore is the obvious party that has the least interest in escalating tensions or further souring relations with France.

We can see this in any number of cases, but specifically  in how they dealt with the Turkish downing of the Russian plane a few years ago over Syrian skies. Their aim was to de-escalate, and ultimately show that the Turkish pilot involved was part of a directly NATO controlled part of the Turkish military that was operating, essentially ‘rogue’ and not under Erdogan’s orders. When the coup attempt happened later, this same Turkish pilot was named in that group of anti-Erdogan coup-plotters. Russia did not use the opportunity to try to further worsen ties with Turkey. In fact, they used the opportunity to eventually strengthen ties with Turkey. This was wise, and most prudent, regardless of what actual facts were in play.

Last night Lattakia was attacked by navy assets off the Syrian coast, as well as Israeli airforce, and Russia appears to be saying it was ‘also’ France insofar as they report that ‘French missile launches were detected’ during the attack. FRN is clear that Russia ‘appears’ to be saying it was France that hit Lattakia, but isn’t saying this conclusively. This point will be explained.

This is an observational approach to information sharing, rather than deductive or conclusive. It also runs the two lines of information together, without necessarily connecting them. Russian official announcements, and Russian state run or synergy media like Sputnik, have all run the story the same way – running the two lines of information together, back to back, without necessarily connecting them causally or deductively. This will be important in untangling what Russia is officially, vs. not officially saying regarding the downing of the Russian Il-20 military aircraft off the coast of Syria and the death of 15 of its crew.

Now that's... some serious REVISIONIST RETARDATION! 

Which calls for some serious RE-BUTT-AL,

of the kind in which we .... excel.
Readers not particularly brain-dead... or suffering from total amnesia... will want to pay particular attention to the paragraph regarding the shoot down o the Russ aircraft by Erdos' artie! It's a tru howler.
Here's a hint, for everybody else... from my story of last winter - Showdown-in-Aleppo-Megiddo-All-Over-Agin

"The first major example of this epic 'spy vs spy' secret warfare between the two 'frenemies' broke cover back in the fall of 2016 - when a Russian diplomat took a bullet in broad daylight in Ankara, an 'unsolved' crime which was never in need of a 'solution'... as it was a message as well as mere murder!

As such, it was clearly understood by both parties - Russia was warned that the covert assassinations of its targets - jihadists who its trained 'killer' crews were tracking down and eliminating in Turkey, would have to be shut down. Srael, you see, owns and operates those "Islamic" terrorists, and as such, keeps them at hand to control both the Ankara regime (cf my story - "Smoke on the Water") and abroad as matches with which to ignite the ever smouldering flames of sectarian war in Russias' own backyard! And while ALL of it's proxies and minions ARE ultimately expendable to tel aviv, it is rigorous in letting it be known that the timetable for such expiry is set by itself alone.

Is it beginning to become clear why I ... calmly refer to this site... as the VERY LAST CARAVANSARAY on the long trek thru the deserts of the really real? NOWHERE ELSE is the truth still reported... and nowhere else - will you get the tru backstory to 'events' ragin in the muddled east.
Buckle up - get ready. When I come back with the comeback ... to the Russo-talmudic SPINDRY WOOKIE MONSTER!


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Erdogan clearly says they'd shoot down Russian planes in the future if they encroached on Turkish airspace again.  Then later prevaricates saying they might have acted differently had the Turks known it was a Russian plane:  It was impossible for the Turks to down that Russian jet unless they were following it closely and waiting in ambush: those air-to-air missiles have a theoretical range of 75km but are effective only up to 30-40km max in real world situations Erdogan is a NATO man all the way.
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Finally had the chance to work through that "hooch over archangel" thread... 
it's really quite hilarious, in some ways even more so than a typical Saker thread. All these extremely EARNEST americkanskis and assorted riff raff... all pontificating on stuff which will always skirt the truth... because they start [witting or unwittingly]from a confirmation bias which eliminates any ability to sort through data in search of empirical conclusions. 
My fave is the dude Jackrabbit - who does a much better job of the rest of the mind-controlled minions there to read from facts instead of script. His inherent limitations - even with the best of intentions posited - show up when he tries to figure out how Srael and Erdo could be 'working together'.... and comes up just shy of 2+2=4!
So we have a new question to ponder: Did Israel attack to buttress Erdogan's claim to Idlib?

Your reponse #386 was excellent -  I repost it here for the convenience of other readers: 

@The Cynic

We are all literate enough to ask our own pointless questions to deflect from the issue at hand and otherwise waste bandwidth.

Fact Number 1 is, the Turks, the Americans and the Russians de facto carved up Syria: the Turks get Afrin and Idlib (northwestern Syria). The Americans have invaded and occupied northeastern Syria with the vast majority of the productive oil fields. And the Russians got their warm water naval base and an airfield adjacent to the Mediterranean.

Fact Number 2 is, Russia never even asked the Americans or the Turks to leave Syria which the Russians themselves admit is illegally occupied by the aforementioned countries. We're not talking about fighting to force them to leave. The Russians are not even just nicely *asking* them to vacate occupied Syrian lands simply by bringing up the matter in UN Security Council. Just talking about this matter is not going to cause WWIII like the CIA Jewish trolls keep repeating.

Fact Number 3, Russia has been ruled by Jewish Bolsheviks and their descendants since at least the murder of Nicholas II. Read Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn was a captain in the Soviet Red Army. He personally experienced the degradation and dehumanization of the Russian people at the hand of the Bolshevik Jews and their collaborators like Stalin. Read what the Red Army soldiers did to 2 million young German girls, especially in the German border town of Neustettin on February 16, 1945:

When you realize that Turkey has been ruled by the Jewish Donmeh [ organized and perpetrated the genocide of the first Christian nation of history, the Armenians whom the Jews perceived as their competitors] for the last 100 years; the Russians have been ruled over by the Jews since the Bolshevik uprising; and the US has been ruled by the same crypto Jewish elements colloquially referred to as Freemasons and such; it becomes clear that all three nations are doing the bidding of their Talmudic Jewish masters and NOT pursuing policies compatible with their respective national interests.

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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
stop the dance right here! freeze the moment.
has this pursuit reached it's goal?

playa de karma

Are we devolving as a species destined to vastly reduced
numbers by competitive 'survival' instincts  hijacked by so very few that think it is winner take all?

and how fuked up it that?

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I don't think these people are just stupid.  They are part of the Pack.  Persevere.