Afrin and the failed doctrine of 'overwhelming response'

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
It's time to look in on an aspect of the 'war upon reality' as it is being played out in the muddled east. In addressing the "AFRIN ISSUE" ... aka... the pre-scripted and agreed upon by all parties theatrical production taking place as a sop for wounded Turkish pride....

I've stayed away so far from any comment on "live time" developments. This has afforded me the luxury of waiting for the "perfect pitch" ... which has now come my way, like a grouse breaking cover at last! This 'tweet' from someone employed by the Ankara regime to 'polish' the news in its favor -


is that pitch!

How do you 'retreat from a mountaintop to avoid an ambush? Right there, you have pretty much everything you need to know - about a campaign being 'fought' via a war of words... blustery, silly, and counter productive words.

Whenever I read some reference to Turkey having the "fourth largest army in NATO," a huge deja vu type picture appears in my rear view mirror! Employing a strategic doctrine which was completely discredited close to half a century ago... the 'new' Islamicised... and castrated... TSK is a living symbol of how little attention gets paid to military history. The picture, of course. is one of steamy jungles, crawling with "Cong." The perpetrators of the erroneous and failed doctrine, were, of course, the American high command of the time. Fighting a war of 'technology' vs. 'boots on the ground' in a misguided attempt to 'save American lives' so as to avoid political fallout, the American army in Vietnam was supposed to be able to minimize contact - and thus - losses, by relying upon...

a high volume aerial bombing campaign to 'attrite' enemy assets in the field and behind the lines
a proxy force of (south Vietnamese army divisions)troops who would 'invest the enemies positions' supported by American heavy artillery and armor.
a network of 'firebases' from which the Americans would support their proxy 'allies' and pin down the enemy.

It didn't work. It didn't work in Afghanistan either. It won't work in Afrin. So why is it being employed... right down to the 'use poorly led proxy forces composed of mainly mercenary and morale-poor troops whose commanders are corrupt creatures of another political force' part of the formula?

Every time a state makes its military a victim of its political agenda, the result is identical. If you want to 'win' a military victory... you send your military into battle with an enemy. If you 'want to save lives'... you do something on the political front. Mix the two up... you get disaster.
Which is what is awaiting the jihadist-controlled and directed TSK in its Syrian adventure. And what will be "attrited" will indeed be that 'fourth-largest army in NATO'... if not in body count, then where it counts perhaps even more - perception of efficiency and reputation. What the Vietnamese managed to do to the world's most powerful military machine in s e Asia, has been repeated now in different parts of that vast continent by 'irregular' forces no longer fearful of the might and armaments of that colossal 'giant with clay feet.' Ironically, it has been "islamist jihadis" who have been the most successful in defeating that military machine - and the doctrine which runs it. Employment of that same failed doctrine by an 'islamist jihadi regime' is a fundamental marker of what I have previously referred to here as 'things that seem to change but really do not, and things that do not seem to change, but indeed have!'

On the occidental message board where I enjoy commenting frequently, a person responded to a comment of mine recently with another "perfect pitch."


to which my interlocutor insightfully responds: "How do you get to Israeli tutelage? Under what scenario?"

We need to go there. We WILL go there. It's time, at last!

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Re: Afrin and the failed doctrine of 'overwhelming response'

Again, good observations that not many are able to articulate.