Anti-media medias: Just more "Kabbalism in Action!"

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As I mentioned in another recent post here, there is a decided drift among those who find in current geopolitical developments an appealing venue for advancing the goals of talmudic kabbalism, to orient every one of their narrative by the theme of "American Imperialism."

Usually, I only get to take up the deconstruction of this dissimulationist strategy with low level scrubs who have soaked up enough agit-prop to regurgitate the script onto occidental message boards, in a style which invariably praises Russia, Iran, and a putative "Eastern Alliance" of 'white hat' heroes. But today brings with it a special treat - two back to back expositions by a couple of high level propagandists for the same cartels' agenda - much more interesting a challenge to 'roll back!'

First, for those who do not know where this jaunt is going - I suggest reading my essay of 2010 - Precession of Simulacra - "Merikas fateful apotheosis into the Empire of Terror" in order to understand how we got to here ... a moment when the Republic slowly slips into civil war and mayhem... from that point where I described kabbalisms tactic of making Americans complicit in the crimes which it commits in their name! No more accurate description of Americas' fate has been written before, or since.

As with the title of the previous post, "Blood Sacrifice" is the motif - the blood of white folks attacking brown folks, brown folks attacking white folks, white folks attacking white folks, and brown folks attacking each other! This is "kabbalism
action!" Here we highlight two ponces who work for that aim.

"Tony Cartalucci" is an old acquaintance -
Turkey Establishing Long-Sought US "Safe Haven" in Northern Syria
like many another fellow traveler with whom I once naively felt 'common cause,' his drift into the realm of paid propagandist for the usual suspects has been a long sad marker of the end of independent journalism, and its replacement by wholly hollow men  with woolly fictions to peddle!

Martin Berger is a new name, to me, but he's clearly in the mold of Tony and the rest of those who write for outlets like the Russo-talmudic publication 'neo;' raging fantasies of impending imperial  Americas takedown disguised as 'geopolitical analysis.' The game never changes... only the mug shots!
Syria’s Kurds Share Fate of Other Washington Allies

"One would be mistaken to believe the recent aggravation of the Syrian crisis triggered by the launch of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch along Syria’s northern border, which has already resulted in military casualties suffered by both the Turkish and Kurdish sides, came as a surprise for those following the conflict carefully,"  say our man. Can't deny that!.

"There’s also no denying the fact that the bloody Turkish-Kurdish confrontation already resulting in a considerable civilian death toll is an avid example of the two-faced policies of Washington, when former allies of the US are now being used as bargaining chips.
 Well I'd guess there is denying - and that's exactly what's wrong with Tony and Martins' scripts!

Lets dig in... and explore the hole which these to clowns of the 'new internet media' have dug for themselves.

It was in the immediate aftermath of the phony "coup" in Turkey 2016 that I  became aware of an organized lobby of those who flooded the internet with a narrative simplistically extolling Russia, excoriating America, and clearly designed
in tel aviv. The  basic idea seems to be that Russia works selflessly for peace in the middle east, while America is working to destroy that place and its people... and Israel is no where in sight! How convenient.

The goal of this psyop seems to be to encourage the very guilt and complicit feelings which are now proving so fatal to Americans self imagine... and sanity. Go to any number of message boards where American compete to outdo each other in calling for their own countries' destruction... and lauding the enemies of their own race and culture... you will see what I am saying.

In addition, a critical component of the storyline is to also implicate the Kurds of Syria's Rojava Cantons as 'stooges' of the American "imperialists" and advocate for the end to that experiment in stateless living. By which they kind of give the game away! "States" of all kinds, you see, have much more in common with each other, than with the people who labor under their authority. The goal of the state - every state - is to increase the power and hegemony of ... the STATE!
The pinnacle of the state is indeed the TERROR STATE model - which comes to full life in the talmudic kabbalist creation they call 'Srael.' Who do these scribblers think they are fooling?

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Re: Anti-media medias: Just more "Kabbalism in Action!"

"The  basic idea seems to be that Russia works selflessly for peace in the middle east, while America is working to destroy that place and its people... and Israel is no where in sight! How convenient. "

Now extend that thought to the poor `Be all you can bees' who signed on in a misguided effort to reach their inner hero through military service. Go off to fight the Greater Israel initiative, I mean the War on Terror, or is it the War on Tara? Find themselves surrounded by hell whilst their new buddy's legs are blown off, if not their own. They stagger back to Small Town America, get lost in a fog of alcohol and VA supplied pharma and eventually figure out they've been duped. Powerless in their chemical fog, they off themselves.

Another lost young'in now unavailable to fight the true fight.