Atillas - Gorillas - Mammoths, Manchurian Candidates & Other Strange Sightings from a Journey Into the Center of Criminal Cabals

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
What's Robert Mueller got up his sleeve?

The whole world is speculating. One lad name "Nomad" was gesticulatin - all the while - "look over here"...but nobody paid any attention a'tal to his GOLD FOR OIL, OIL FOR BLOOD series. Sooooooooo...

It's official!

The world has been divided into TWO - and two only - very distinct media sources; in this corner, the gigantic ONE MEDIA BEHEMOTH which controls ALL channels of communication, writes a monopoly version of events distinctly at odds with ... the facts, and works in harness to the global ambitions of talmudic kabbalism.

Over there - not really even managing to get a toehold in the ring, just hangin ont the outside ropes - Mike Nomad.  Has there ever been a more uneven match in all of recorded history? I dunno. I just know I happen to have just won a knock out victory on behalf of truth in media! Though no one else would seem to know it. That's OK.NOBODY HAS any inkling what is contained in this documents which Robert Mueller is hanging on to.

Of course, those who read thoroughly the rather haphazardly presented GOLD FOR OIL-OIL FOR BLOOD series, might have had an inkling that the dark horse would be coming in at the head of the pack. However, loyal reader... it would pay to remember, that you and I ... are nobodies.

That's why I got to solve the mystery which eluded everyone who is/was a "real" reporter... a "credentialed" journalist...or a "renowned" analysts of international affairs. It was "Nobodies Business"  ....the secrets behind the scenes of the financial and political worlds ya see!

So here we are.
Banks. Turkish Banks. State owned Turkish ones. Dealing in shiny metals. Just happens to have become my specialty over the course of the past 9 years. Along with.... terror states, states of terror... and, the corruption they engender, whilst pretending to be all about 'religious virtue.' Jihadist states, with expansionary dreams and genocidal plans for getting there.

 I am, in fact... THE expert. As well as... A nobody.

A dossier of clues strewn all around - this - Segment Six, Gold_for_Oil,_Oil_for_Blood_-_Part_Six_-_Case_or_No_Case__(with_images,_tweet)_·_SuaveBel_·_Storify.pdf being an example of my shoddy presentation... of my excellent detective work. The segment cuts off at a crucial point.... I left it too late to try and rescue all the old work from the defunct storify platform. BUT... as the Iron Duke exclaimed at Salamanca - while watching the enemy over extend to try and take him the the flank...

"that will do...that will do!"

What started, back in 2015, with an examination of a regimes' financial malfeasance against its' own citizens savings,

would blossom into an ongoing study into the fetid underbelly of muddled eastern geopolitics, American domestic corruption, and media psyop wars ... all taking place in the peculiar context of one persons' steadily expanding understanding of how and why genocidal regimes were allaying with each other whilst pretending to be implacable 'enemies.'

Moving back and forth from one side of the Atlantic to the other, our series would grow in scope and ambition - from its' starting point of simply seeking to explain the intricacies of the Turkish - Iranian - Srael Triangle, to unraveling the WHOLE BALL OF WAX which was the TRUMP DECEPTION perpetrated pon Americans - by which they would be dragged down into the kind of bloody civil war which had become the talmudic stock in trade to produce in country after country in the muddled east regions!

By the time we got to Part Eight -

"Mr . Giuliani is close to President Donald J. T rump, raising the question of
whether Mr . Zarrab has retained him in an effort to negotiate a beneficial
resolution of his case at the highest levels of the T rump administration. Mr .
Mukasey is a former federal judge and attorney general in the George W. Bush

Since Mr. Trump’s election, there has been a warming of ties between Turkey
and the United States, with officials close to Mr . Erdogan quoted as saying they
see the prospect of a fresh start in relations."
As we already know, via the Flynn fiasco - an awful lot of people with political
weight to throw around are being brought into a case which certain "alternative
media" news aggregators seem to want to stay far away from! What a surprise!
Now, the messiness of a business where the son of one of the men who have -like Flynn - been forced to formally register themselves as agents of the Turkish regime, is being proposed to be the very replacement of the man who was forced off the case... is only likely to get worse.

the adventure would seem to be reaching a climactic stage - and then! The trail would go cold, for near on two years, as Trump chopped the legs from under the investigation into Reza Zarrabs role - by firing Preet Bharara. as Trump chopped the legs from under the investigation into Reza Zarrabs role - by firing Preet Bharara.

As Segment Seven would well sum up the situation when the "Trimp Transition Team' would start its full court press... of juice to extract into its players own corrupt pockets -

"But what the government of Turkey learned to do in transforming itself from secular state to gangster state, was simply a variation of what's gone on for several centuries - under the watch of so-called "western civilization in bolstering the system of debt-usury interest from a simple, violence-enforced racket of millennia's duration, into a complete ideology and political tool of state terror such as rules our world today.

As Islam has slouched towards the same dark destination as the "Christian world," instead of what we might expect as convergence, we've seen arising tensions over resources made deliberately "scarce" by policy... because it's only when resources are in a state of 'scarcity' that "capitalists" can make massive profits from them! And scarcity of resources in turn breed wars from which those same agents of terror can in turn collect even more massive profit. It's not an exaggeration to say, therefore, that our little tale of stolen gold and corrupted politicians is only explicable through a long lens of historical examination.

there are many parallels between the "suicide pacts" of Anatolia & America...both places slated by the sionist agenda for implosion and destruction via civil war and economic collapse. We are now this very weekend watching the point in time where the agenda of those same shadowy international forces of finance will determine the fate of millions of middle eastern people - this time in (former)Turkey, now transformed into a TERROR STATE which feeds upon blood and chaos."

Guess what> we're now right back to that point in time. But now, with the ammo which will blow everything sky high!

That's why... last winters' stories here which filled in the missing pieces about Trimpfs 'turco-talmudic' friends... Tefvik, Felix, and the rest of the RAT PACK who we had some fun taking liberties with Frank & Dino, Sammy and so on... were a key part of this investigation. And why - once again - Augustin Dupin/Mike Nomad is ready to solve a case which others left behind in disgrace.

Bold prediction or absurd speculation> you be the judge!
Better look up my track record of predictions first tho - before deciding just how to drop the gavel..

I'm not giving this one away. Not to James Stone, nor  the bar mitzvah brothers, Danny & Timmy, nor any others who played games instead of playin nice with Mike Nomad. This... is the big one. And I'm doin it my way!

For now... I'll just leave you with this:

There's a very good reason that the Turks have played so much hardball of late - with so slender a hand of cards to play - or so it would seem. For unlike the American public, they know exactly who Trimpf is, and how he got into office. With a couple of well placed phrases,the would be Caliph 'triggered' something in Donnies febrile mind which led him to... literally panic... and evacuate the field to the enemy. Yes. It's that bad.

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