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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

Ah Yes! "CNN TURK" - the friendly folks who 'helped out' the CHIEF pull off the phony coup -against himself- -
back in July of 2016! On that day - as I scrambled to make sense of what was going on around me - see SHADOW PUPPET COUP D'ETAT </

I was beginning to write the first of 5 pieces which would define that weekend  - and defy the world ONEMEDIA, by telling the real story - about a phony coup!

<i>"Now, settled at last into a more reflective state of mind, I'm ready to start piecing together the details of what appears to be the mother of all deceptions. Starring as wide a range of "actors" as can ever be imagined - and then some!

    As of mid-morning, I'd summed up the situation thusly -

    There's been some sort of confrontation between some units of the military and various units of the police, other military units, and the public at large. The state broadcasting building was taken over for the obligatory "coup announcement" and various other public facilities may have been secured. Or may not. Clearly, if the "Chief" was able to fly back into an Istanbul Airport without a problem, they were not among them. That's one strong tell right there!

    The "Chief" called into CNNTurk to state that he was in loyal hands and would be returning to take the situation under control. His PM issued statements suggesting that the coup supporters were being dismissed, arrested and hunted down. Large assemblies of people were seen in the streets of all major towns. The "Chief" also made the claim that his hotel in Marmaris was bombed and strafed by F-16s shortly after his departure from there. So far, that's what we know." </i from
-Game of Death/Theater of Blood "> from Game of Death/Theater of Blood - as originally published on the storify platform

Always ready to help with the narrative it seems!

So here we are - just when the Caliph needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat - with his Afrin jihad fallen to pieces before his eyes, and we have.... a way out of the rabbit hole seems!

Or is it just - way out? Are Americans going to seriously consider changes to the script at this point?

I have a feeling that I'm going to be writing another post soon - with equal merit to be entitled - "GAME OF DEATH - THEATER OF BLOOD" ... BUT this time with the actors all too real!