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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Having not had any luck at all in getting any screenshots to stick on my posts yesterday, I gave up and waited till now - dawn of another day in the 'muddled eastern theater.' A theater of the absurd meets ridiculous taking the shape of a daily confrontation tween opposing forces of medias - the duplicitous and increasingly discredited ONEMEDIA LEVIATHON - vs a guy who is just 'too legit... to quit!' All time greatest mismatch? Well, let's just say I've been punchin outside my weight class lately. Going back to when - in the summer of 2016 - I first announced the arrival of the new/old "neo-journalism" which would infuse my stories from that point on - it would appear that the stacked deck in our 'Tejas hold-em style' poker match has only gotten more stacked... but I've learned a trick or two in the meanwhile

Most important of all - I've learned how to continue reporting the real - in an era of post-reality. As the MEISTER MEDIA MAGI himself puts it - when  I quoted him in the story Mediatized Mendacity: 'Coup' de la Quatrieme Pouvoir?

 "Only the medium can make an event - whatever the contents, whether they are conformist or subversive...There is no longer a stage, not even the minimal illusion that makes events capable of adopting the force of reality-no more stage either of mental or political solidarity"

and with that secret initiative magical passage I took into the arcane world of the truth.. I was ready to write -in Requiem for the Media: the day "internet journalism" died

"The image of "the media" as that loose, grassroots, democratic exchange of voices which 'subverts the system' - making it possible to challenge and even defeat the dominating narratives of state and financial power - has been with us since the days of '68, of "Kent State," Ken Kesey, Paris, "The Who." We were all to be liberated, and made equal, by the democratization of the channels of communication, through application of new technologies supportive of 'freedom.' From the 'guerrilla printers,' the poster, mass photocopy distribution it grew into the first stirrings of the 'world wide web.' Mass communications and decentralized distribution - popular democracy by definition - it was claimed.

The internet being the true blossoming of this revolution of course. Via a proliferation of devices - tools of communication - which would eliminate the hurdles to instant communication world wide, lower the cost of calling, reduce the burden of time needed to express a thought - we would be become, if not as Donald Fagen sang "eternally young & eternally free," at least "clean." What a Beautiful World! We were so naive. Eternally.

the bombshell passage which the world is still - to this moment - not ready to entertain. There is nothing wrong with being perennially ahead of your time.... all long as you are ready to be perennially alone in being there. Not easy... not comfortable - nevertheless - it is as it is, and everything is 'meant to be.'

My name - for purposes of our journey here - is "Mike Nomad" - stick around to find out why and how I've learned to live up to that name! So.....

with this picture of the moment when ACTUAL FORCES of the actual Syrian military machine arrive in Afrin to defend the territorial integrity of a country which has been INVADED by A ROGUE REGIME WITH A DECLARED MISSION OF JIHAD (notice I just put that in large caps - to make up for the complete absence of any recognition of this most important FACT on the part of the opposing 'medias.')

we finally get to celebrate yet another small victory in the war for 'truth in media' - when, some 48 hours (+!) ago now, this scribbler got the timing of that entry into the battle for AFRIN  impeccably correct...
versus the pathetic flubs of the competing fake news medias, caught out again 'faking news' of that arrival!  

\IF you are one of those new readers here who are following the flow of postings in addition to those appearing on the 'favorite fake news' site which I am want to NOT MENTION but everyone KNOWS...

HERE'S A TREAT!  oUr hosts with the mostest-ever ties to [redacted]had gotten so badly burned by putting up a story about the "Syrians arrive to help YPG" in advance of that ACTUALLY BEING TRUE... that the very next day... when it became necessary to talk about that by now ESTABLISHED FACT having actually occurred.... they put up the story only on the site itself... and not on THE NEWS FEED from which most readers draw their awareness of postings...

so as to be better able to SCRUB the whole post - and disavow thereby having ever written it - SHOULD THEY BE PROVEN CAUGHT OUT AGAIN! How do I know this? Having become acquainted - back in that same summer of 2016 - with the tendency of our 'new internet media' hosts to write totally FALLACIOUS 'breaking news' stories about PHONY COUPS and ... pretend Caliphs fleeing to Europe...

and then wipe those stories out and rewrite them whilst disposing of the evidentiary urls of their mistakes...

I was pretty much ready to watch to the fun unfold again! Sometimes... it pays to stick to the straight n narrow rules of the now abandoned CRAFT of 'journalism' ... and instead of depending upon 'gettin lucky'... just gettin 'better' with time and experience in the trenches of the 'really real deal' - here in the 'muddled east'... where the daily deceits and fake outs separate the men of journalism

from the untermensch of the 'internet media' world o fake news! Is somebody 'feeling the heat'... from ... he he he... 'free market competition' on an unlevel playing field? You be the judge! I'm just a 'fly on the wall - in a hall of endless mirrors!

"But here's an even BIGGER story which came out of yesterday's "non-event" event! Sitting on my plate, because there is no one else ever going to pick up and run with the fact that yesterday was also witness to the final DEATH OF MEDIA JOURNALISM! And you can bet your bottom dollar "the media" is not going to 'go there.' Because "the media" is implicated in the false flag - and that's ALL media. Story and media - co-dependents in deception" from - Requiem for the Media: the day "internet journalism" diedJuly 17th 2016