Blood Sacrifice: Only the Beginning

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
This posts' title duplicates that of a story from 2016 - which had the additional subtitle of State terror versus Kurdish terror - the civil war has started in earnest

which is in the event... an all too appropriate replay of that theme in this present moment... of approaching mayhem and bloodshed - brought on by the very same forces! For those with limited memories, Russia and the Turks were not on particularly good terms at that time, after a Russian airplane was downed in remarkably similar circumstances to last weeks' event.

  "Russia has evidence that the Turkish army is on Syrian territory, Russian news agency Interfax reported the Kremlin's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Sunday.

The top diplomat also claimed on Sunday Turkey's actions on Turkish-Syrian border were ‘creeping expansion.’

Tensions between Moscow and Ankara have been high since Turkey shot down a Russian military jet on the Syrian-Turkish border in November last year.
" March 13 2016/

Although you would not know it from reading the pitifully OBVIOUS misdirections of the puppet medias, the two now supposed 'partners for peace in the middle east' are of the cusp of a MAJOR meltdown in relations. Here and here alone...

you will find out why.

The plane which went down over northern Syria a few days ago was shot down by proxy forces of Turkey and Srael. Same as before. The Russians KNOW THIS. The foolaid being poured by the media is part of the usual public face which the Russians put on in these situations - as pointed out in todays other post mentioning the 'silent war' which goes on behind closed doors.  

The bluster about wreckage retrieval is purely a diplomatic message by which the Kremlin is BEGINNING the process of eviscerating the Turks who provided the weaponry for the affair. The Russians CANNOT hit back at tel aviv, directly, and their anger is all the more stoked by that knowledge of being stymied from getting to the heart of the beast. And - believe it or not - you can BET that Ankara knew all that beforehand - and still went ahead with the hit - because the talmudists have the Turks nuts so hard in a squeeze that there never was any real question of backing out.

As much as I would wish to provide folks in the west with a backdrop to all of this suitable to their sensibilities and likes... doing so only takes away from the time I can put towards spilling the really important details of all this. So I'm going to stay on point here - maybe fill in more when I am able. There's a wealth of background to all of this in the stories on the old platform from 2016. A whole winter and springs' worth of background stories piecing it together slowly but surely. To get where we are today. But seems folks are allergic to old fashioned reading. That's not my problem.

Now then... where were we?

The Russians are pulling out all (silent)support for the Turks' Syrian incursion. The SAA is bringing up artillery, and later, aircraft to impose control over ALL territorial airspace. Any and all attacks against those forces  - by the TSK... TAF... or their terrorist proxies will be met with LETHAL FORCE.

The road from Manjib through to Afrin via SAA held territory has been opened to the militias of the Rojavan Cantons - who are right now FLOODING west to Afrin with fotos of dead Barin Kobani in the pockets over now very hardened hearts.

The death of pilot Roman Filipov was a BLOOD SACRIFICE... of the talmudic kabbalist type. The death of Barin Kobani was also a message.

There will be no quarter given.