Blood Sacrifice Two

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
A monstrous psy op is being foisted upon the world right at this moment. It's outlines are emerging into view with all the unmistakable earmarks of 'kabbalism in action.' All of the pieces are moving, in perfect, if bizarre unison - An airstrike upon Syrian troops by US air power. The collapse of jihadist resistance in north western Syria. The clash between (Shia)Hezbollah and (Sunni)alQaeda militias in Aleppo... while the Turks move ever closer to the point where they are in direct conflict with the SAA and it's Shia allies. The visit of an American general in Manjib, in order to give pointed refusal to the demands of Ankara to remove forces embedded with the SDF there. Russian moving more 'special forces' into position for action in the north.

Each of these puppets dangling on strings pulled from tel aviv. And because the world is accustomed to dismiss the concept of primitive necromantic magic as a force with any relevance to our epoch, it is all invisible to the the sightless gaze of medias and their hostage audience of readers.

In 2015's essay Market Sentiments - THE MYTH OF CAPITAL part two
 I began to describe the manifestation of this ancient horror in our modern age, as well as connect its antecedents in the past ones.

"Corroboration for this claim may be gained from simply following the trajectory of that system’s prime mover – the ‘science’ of kabbalah – through the centuries, from its starting point in Babylonian numerology. The adoption of Babylonian magical systems by fringe elements amongst the Hebraic returnees to Jerusalem led to an offshoot – Gematria – which rabbinical Judaism spun into a kind of cryptology by which to invest their ‘fakelore’ of supposed revelations with a veneer of occultic significance and secrecy. Gershom Scholem, in his classic study of the topic lays this foundation of its program and nature out clearly:
in practical Kabbalah...a good deal of 'black' magic — that is,
magic...of various dark, demonic powers...Such black magic
embraced a wide realm of demonology and various forms of
sorcery that were designed to disrupt the natural order of things
and to create illicit connections between things that were meant to
be kept separate
” Gershom Scholem, Kabbalah pp. 183-184"

The direct connection between the hideous practices of talmudic necromancers from Babylon days, to the modern application of "terror" as the primary ideological weapon of the 'TERROR STATE' was made apparent in that same essay for anyone seeking to understand what lay behind the type of 911 mass spectacle which has now become the favorite devise of talmudic kabbalism in our day:

"The results of these disequilibriums do not rest in the economic sphere… they build in effect across the entire range of society as stages of disease…until the confusion between what is interior and exterior, what is alien and what is ‘us,’ what is a threat and what is safe reaches such a stage as that of the current “War on Of Terror: where fear of the outside/outsider aka… that which exists outside of the boundaries of ‘capitalism’… is endemic… and the previous ‘anti-biotics of exporting occidental culture, education, values, etc is ineffective at containing the spread of contagious ‘terrorism’ … foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists, all enemies of the unfettered flow of money capital. By inventing, or resurrecting diseases, viruses, new genetic lifeforms, artificial intelligences, even anticipating the extinction or replacement of humanity by something else, science performs the task capitalism requires of it – to create the conditions of fear and insecurity necessary to make populations not only willingly give up their basic rights… but to instill a self-destructing programming that can shock the citizen/victim into preplanned death… the harmonious conjunction of modern scientific techniques of mind control with the most archaic rites of superstition and magic – the arrival of VOODOO SCIENCE!"

Shock, terror, blood, death on mass scale. These are the planned 'viral strategies' of tel aviv for the middle east which is now getting ready for an explosion of pre-planned violence. None of the (puppet)players wish for this, but nevertheless, each will be dragged into the performance of an assigned role - by the mastery of the kabbalistic arts which is Sraels' 'gift' to our world.

And try as I might to bring this incipient nightmare to the attentions of those who will be profoundly affected by that outbreak of hell... there's little it seems can succeed in so doing.

"Yet science, via it’s technological application, has pursued an entirely different purpose than easing our necessities – for several centuries it has been manifestly dedicated to creating man as God… a supremely metaphysical, and indeed –profoundly irrational undertaking. For only a ‘demon’ – that is to say, only one in total envy and spite of who ‘we’ are and what powers are assigned to “higher realms’ would seek to reject what we have been granted, in order to try and forcibly seize that which we have not. There is apparently no room in the modern occidental imagination to consider the possibility that we, as a species, are heirs to a veritable ‘heaven on earth’ … and have been persuaded, via a production of magic, to accede to the theft of that heritage, in exchange for nothing more than the chains of self-imposed misery and want."

I've remained convinced of the nascent powers of the wholly human kind to resist and defeat evil in its foulest form - kabbalist talmudic ethno-supremacism. Today, that faith feels stretched more than ever I can remember before. Is it possible we will find some way out of this disastrous agenda? I closed that essay with a somewhat grim warning. It seems decidedly pertinent to this moment in time.

"The “tikkun olam of kabbala -the ‘repair of the world’ which that rabbinical doctrine proclaims to be the goal of its practice – is supposed to ‘correct’ a ‘flawed creation’ via the God-like powers it grants to men. This profoundly Gnostic heresy which views life as an ‘error’ to be corrected, and our world as a place of darkness from which to be rescued, was peddled to the credulous aristocracy of Europe as the ‘true’ or ‘inner’ essence’ of their own spiritual tradition. A terrible reversibility came into play - that principle of reversibility which Baudrillard terms “the one of magic and seduction, requires that all that has been produced must be destroyed, and that which appears must disappear”… seduced by an alien philosophy inimical to their own culture, these dupes, and the many who followed, have acted in the manner of the gnostical “cathari’ or ‘perfecti’ of medieval infamy, in perfecting the ‘art’ of suicide by invoking demonic magic into themselves and their society. It is almost time for the ‘disappearance’ which this magic show provokes and presupposes. But instead of the stage magician vanishing with a poof… it will be the audience themselves who are ‘disappeared’ … the inevitable fate of any culture which inverts and then disassociates itself from its own reality."