Call of Duty: Drimpf Deception Does Double Head Fake: Dupin Arrives Upon the Crime Scene!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Having recently mentioned on the pages of BARBAROUS RELIQUARY that the scent of impending FAKE NEWZ TSUNAMIS was threatening my declaration of intent to leave this site alone for a while...

hardly a eventide later - we get the left jab... instead of the right hook I was suspecting! No matter the punch... one thing we can sure of ... this is NOT A STORY ANY DIFFERENT... than a hundred fake newz offerings the complicit medias have delivered us before. Please read the following - with THAT in mind.

“The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Turkey of eighty (80) Patriot MIM-104E Guidance Enhanced Missiles (GEM-T) missiles, sixty (60) PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) missiles and related equipment for an estimated cost of $3.5 billion.

This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by improving the security of a key NATO Ally on the front lines of the fight against terrorism.

Turkey is a member of and critical enabling platform for the Defeat-ISIS campaign and continues to be an essential element of our National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy efforts to compete against great powers in both Europe and the Middle East.

The TPY-2 radar site that Turkey hosts is important to the European Phased Adaptive Approach and to efforts to protect Allies and partners against growing Iranian ballistic missile threats.

This sale is consistent with U.S. initiatives to provide key allies with modern systems capable of being networked to defend against regional instability.

The proposed sale will enhance Turkey’s interoperability with the United States and NATO, making it a more valuable partner in an increasingly important area of the world,”

Would you like some help in parsing what that is all about? Coming, as it does... at the very same moment that a claimed 'withdrawal' from Syria gets announced by the same shadowy cabal fronting as the 'GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES'????


First - let me remind how this will be 'pitched.'

"Trump breaks free of his controllers" and "sends the zionists a message" that they're gambit is up! "The War Party/Deep State/MIC is defeated!" "Trump for GOD-EMPEROR!"

Now. Let me tell you what is going on.

The Swamp Critter MINION OF THE MIC - AKA Puppet Potus of the USA - has been DIRECTED BY HIS CONTROLLERS TO
a) create a diversion to his imminent take down domestically... as the scandal we detailed 10 months ago breaks out into daylight.
b) Sell some more stuff to a jihadist power in the most troubled part of the world with which to stoke the powderkeg a lil higher.
c)Bring the Russkies to heel again... after they got a little too cocky in their claims that Vlad had 'put them in their place.'
d)some other less important details I don't have time to go into. This is just an emergency... counter-bullshit posting which will have to serve as is. I'm really really not desirous of getting enmeshed in this fake news story.

that's all - fer now!

Augustin Dupin.

That's not quite all.... at all!~
he he heh...
since I wrote this blurb after checking with the talmudic kabbalist official HQ blog to their the proper 'spin' from it... HAS DISAPPEARED!


Q. WILL THIS BE A REPEAT OF THE FAMOUS SUMMER NIGHT IN 2016... when a certain famous american exceptionalist news aggregrator posted a story about 'THE COUP' so egregiously WRONG... MISTAKEN... FALSE AND FOOLISH in all way ...
than they spent the next 16 HOURS TAKING DOWN.. .REWRITING... COVERING UP... ETC. ETC., THEIR POST while leaving the same 'headline' up?????? While a certain intrepid reporter was crawling outta the sack and into an all consuming CALL TO DUTY what would change is life forever?

A: Let's wait and see, shall we?

L@@KY HERE! Somebody actually asked a reasonable question!!!.
:Bob, ''russo-talmudic'' -  ''russkies'',  difference please? Excuse my ignorance.: