DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN! Fake n Faker meets "the Saker"

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An essential part of every fake news narrative is to keep the spirits of ones’ target audience of gullible “clients” from falling into gloom or doubt. A happenstance which can come about for a variety of reasons – including(but certainly not limited to)the complete absence of anything true about the storyline one is attempting to pull off!

 Photo of soldiers and tank. From korea.

And so we find ourselves witness to another moment of extraordinarily silly efforts to insert fake photography into a fake media spectacle…  totally reminiscent of another story I covered a couple of years back  - Invention: The Mother of all Necessities? ///When  - government and media were conspiring, in the now usual way… to fool all their people… all the time.  As with every other part of my wide ranging expose of the COMPLETELY BOGUS nature of the July 2016 \’coup/’ in Turkiye…  the revelation of a systematic use of stock fotos in pretense of being visual record to the ‘events’ taking place, was ignored.
 a recycling of the photo shown above - from KOREA - which was purported to show Istanbuls Ataturk Airport at the time of a "coup".... in 2016!
But here we are, some 18 months later – with a deja vu of the same duplicity – and as a now seasoned veteran of the ‘war on reality,’ this time I think I’ll just refuse to be ignored! How does that sound?
What we have here, you see, is the incontrovertible proof of the spoof nature of coverage of the invasion attempt in Afrin.

A video representation of a fly by of Dutch pilots over Holland…. Becomes, in the hands of a media without a trace of integrity… and a change of audio track, a video of “Turkish pilots over Afrin.” Pathetic.  Almost as pathetic as the invasion itself; as my previous post had presciently noted, the wheels are falling off of a hired mercenary gangs’ attempts to advance against people defending their homes and families, faster than you can say – I told you so! So let’s just say… I know what I’m talking about, contrary to just about every other ‘source’ of ‘news’ you might come across in reading about this story.

And with this - - update to the Afrin scene...the recapture of the Barasaya peak, along with the village of Harrran, and several other important counter-attack successes, we harken back to my recently posted review of another raging blustery despots’ meet up with fate.  ...and simply leave it up to the reader to decide. Who is reporting the real story... and who is faking news?

As it happens, I had been working, just yesterday, on the next segment of my 'occasional series' - "Studies in Dissimulation" before this last news cycle brought in further tidings of our "Turkish Delite becomes Somethings not Right!" ... following up on that dissection of our French friends fall into statist stooge status
 And so, since there's 'never been a better time' than right now, to tack that next segment on to another update on the Afrin front.... without further ado, I present you... Part Two!

To start inching towards the stated object of this platform - Understanding kabbalisms influence on the modern medias we could follow tracks made by others for whom the "State of Israel" is a target of criticism, blame, and convenient explanation for most every dark development in the world. No shortage of those. Nowadays, the so-called 'alternative media' is as chockablock with authors bemoaning the influence of Srael as the so-called mainstream media is absent all that coterie of critics. While it might seem expedient to follow in the footsteps of those who have correctly identified that entities' over-sized influence in world affairs, that would be a step fatal to our enterprise! It bears examining why.

Without a doubt, most of the trouble we have with being capable of sorting out ‘what is really going on’ in the world, as opposed to what we are led to believe is ‘going on,’ stems from the unfailing habits we have been trained in. Chief among which is the process of ‘thinking’ whereby, if (a)= wrong, then (b)must be right. This form of ‘reasoning’ is a patterned response to any set of data points we are presented with. Once adopted, it can be used to seemingly good effect on anything which enters our perceptual zone.
Let’s face it – the demands of life in the modern world are such that the pressures of work and family responsibilities severely limited the amount of time and energy which can be applied to puzzling out from endless feeds of ‘news’ just what is going on. Or so we tell ourselves... although we seem to somehow find the time for endless messaging, facebook updates, gazing at porn, taking in our favorite series or sports events. So, it only stands to reason that, if someone offers us a handy way to make sense of the confusing stream of ‘information’ which besets us daily, we’ll gratefully take up the offer!

I’ll use an example to illustrate, drawn from our sphere of interest here – the geopolitics of the middle east and beyond. We’ve seen how, for close to half a century now, the superpower colossus known as the UNITED STATES has conducted its affairs with other states in a bullying and unseemly manner. It’s not hard to identity this kind of aggressive, military-backed dominance as wrong. But from there, we are primed to go to a further stage of our ‘reasoning’ process – which is to suppose there to be an actor who is ‘right.’ As opposed to wrong. In this way, we seek for an antidote to the troubling presence of what is not right about our world.
And sure enough, the forces I refer to as “kabbalism” here are ready and willing to provide that antidote. It is their special genius to have inviting narratives, explanations, solutions on hand for any occasion – indeed their mastery of the territory which we think of as our ‘reality,’ stems from this facility with invented storylines which seem to invite us by freedom of choice, into believing that which is posed as opposite to a ‘wrong’ must perforce be a ‘right!’ Using this faulty but alluring process of reasoning, the most ridiculous canard can be sold as a popularly accepted ‘truth.’ Once one becomes familiar with the way the rabbinical mind works – reading some of the stories from the talmud is a good way to go about that – it’s easy to spot the presence of a kabbalistic kind of tale which holds no weight at all... except for the facility with word spinning which these masters of deception have developed.

This is what lies behind the current welter of ‘explanations’ which are offered to the reader about events in the middle east. If a ‘bad’ American/Euro-american/anglo-american/etc., Empire invades/pillages/destroys places in western Asia, northern Africa, the Balkans, etc., then a ‘good’ player must be found and employed to counter them. Enter the “Dragon.” Or “the Bear”... or both! If a reborn “Russia,” and a newly ‘market-friendly “China” can be baptised as ‘saviors’ of the people of the world – against the predators of the ‘west,’ then at last we feel a certain measure of comfort has returned to our understanding. With a minimum of time, and mental effort, we can have the events of the day compressed into a comprehensive – and comprehensible ‘package’ which spares one the need for much digging or doubt.

So let’s proceed with applying the notion of ‘packaged’ storylines to what we have in the middle east of moment – a seething tumult of violent repressions, rebellions, witch hunts, sectarian struggle and inter-state rivalries – all taking place as the froth on top of a cauldron of competition for resources and markets, the players in which are seldom who they seem to be!

And right away, the presence of our ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ comic book style characterizations loom up into view. I’m going to deal here with the so-called ‘alt-media’ brand of the ‘COKE VS PEPSI’ package here, on the assumption that the ‘mainstream package’ of the same events is commonly understood and parsed by most reading this. We’ll call it “COKE.”

 It tastes like this – a small outpost of ‘western-style democracy’ in the middle east is surrounded by hostile states ruled by ruthless tyrants and/or religious fanatics whose values and outlook are inimical to the modern world and ‘freedom.’ This beacon of light in the darkness of the middle east has no other desire than to maintain its own precarious place in among the states which are comprising that area of the world, while advancing its ‘mission’ to return the remaining parcels of its own territory now in the hands of terror-loving “Arabs” to their rightful owners.  Elsewhere is mostly chaos, mis-development or ‘under-development,’ corruption, religious factionalism, and decaying societies.

PEPSI appears on the scene as ‘refreshingly different.’ Or so it is marketed. Let's stop there - for the 'pause that refreshes' - and when we come back... look closer into the phenomena of

birds of a feather who 'flock together!'

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