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Sophocles  speaks  for  the  initiates when he says:
Thrice happy are those of mortals, who having
seen those  rites  depart  for  Hades;  for  to  them
alone is  granted  to  have  a  true  life  there.  For
the rest, all there is evil.

It’s almost exactly two years since this writer announced - via documented fact - the END OF ALL NEWS - and its replacement by all manner of staged ‘events,’ provocations, false flags, and deceptions. The intersecting role of governments, medias, and “business” in this new propaganda paradigm was examined at that time - shortly culminating thereafter in a ‘social-media’ driven phony ‘coup,’ by a regime against itself. Since then… things have only gotten worse!

To that horrendous development, at very least for here, in the muddled east, I think it now safe to add another dictum = THERE IS NO WEATHER - at least, of the natural kind. It’s not just the havoc which this present month has played upon my communications system - a system not designed to withstand weeks on end of blocked solar energy - there’s more to it now! Although that strange miasma which I described in previous posts has sort of ‘lifted’ now… it’s only ‘lifted’ in the sense of being raised higher. There’s still an absence of natural sunlight… and that orb glowing dully in the Mediterranean sky is only a ghost of itself… as my voltage meters can attest to.

What can such ‘ghostly’ presence itself attest to? Most likely, mischief - of the demonic kind. Behind this veil tween earth and sky, a stage set is being built; when it is finally lifted, the final chapter of our SYRIAN ENDGAME will be performed. By the usual performance actors… pushed and pulled across the stage in pursuit of the usual perpetual  perceptual deceptionss which the stringholders wish performed.

Speaking of whom…

Our previous posting  - a study in perception as the term applies to the political dimension of life - produced such a plethora of rich response mineable for “mettles” of the polemical kind…

as to necessitate a deviation from the formula by which I had planned to separate “historical” from “contemporaneous” topics = separate platforms devoted to each study. Never more than an artificial ‘devising’ on my part, nevertheless the scheme had merit in my eyes, for making both my job, and the readers’ access, easier.

Like the famous Tyson quote however - “everyone has a plan… till they get punched in the face!” - the circumstance of real life obliterates the best laid scheme more often than not. So why not - just go with the flow! In this case being… the evidence that, in spite of my best intentions, a matter of signal importance to the entire project here is not only still not grasped by the congregation…

but indeed lies entirely invisible/yet-in-plain-sight to members of the congregation who might have been supposed most capable of exercising the forensic skill of - seeing what is, through NOT seeing what is nought! As it is incumbent pon a host to assume ‘good’ will, until other wills be proven present, I decided to tackle this conundrum in the spirit of pursuing (yet another)unsolved mystery! A mystery which we might call - THE FRANKIST-SABBATEAN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

To solve which, I am forced to allow some bleeding back and forth, between the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY project and this one, in spite of my wishes.

How a relatively tiny, heretical, antinominian sect of western Eurasian origin came to rule over the FATES & FORTUNES of almost all of us, was a subject I had imagined dealing with in the comfort of my bookish writers’ cell… a matter of much time, research, and consideration, as all good books must be. Yet FATE itself has intervened to posit otherwise, whether to good or bad fortune will be seen!

Even  the shortest detailing of the lives and legacies of both Josef Frank and Sabbatai Tsevi is not the matter for a blog posting, nor can the covert campaigns of their successors be contained within a modest paragraph or three. Yet to see such a cacophony of complaint accompany the merest initial application of our guiding "de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas" to the study of contemporary politics begs the question - huh? What have we here?

Among several other things, we have a juncture of the kind which many an online site owner reaches in the course of taking the measure of themselves and their audience! A juncture at which many of those many seem to get in touch with their ‘inner fascist’… by means of taking aim at all who would disagree, dispute, or disturb their equilibrium in any way. And many a pretense of being a conduit of open and lively debate of democratic design… gets trashed in short order!

To accomplish my goal here, I must pursue a different path. If we hold in abeyance - for now - the question of to what degree such audience argumentation bespeaks sincerity, as opposed to hidden agendas, then it is possible to once agin, make silk out of sows’ ears! To whit… I respond to such critics with…
The End of the Line - for Further Obfuscation of the Role and Significance of Frankist-Sabbateanism in Determining Our Futures!

By the end of which essay - it will no longer, ever again, be possible for any to pretend confusion about “jews” whose chosen game is ‘jewry’… versus “judaics” whose chosen name is legion but purpose be singular…
and thereby… we shall indeed be able to instantly know just who is here ‘for real’ … and who be present to ‘steal’ the promethean fire of our desire for ‘truth in medias!’

A diversion into seeming arcana, therefore, is in order. And in order to bring it to you, I must paint the stage a bit. To whit:

In thinking through the possibilities as to how the PRETTY OBVIOUS clues already laid down by myself and copious other sources - about the existence and purpose of that neo-gnostical group of “jews who are not jews” - could truly, possibly, maybe… be “missed” by persons of good faith and honest resolve… I asked myself if it were possible that the very markings of kabbalistic talmudic magic itself could be used to solve that mystery of perceptual paucity. And indeed - I believed it could be so. How so?

Well, strangely enough, within the next posting already well on its’ way to being finished, I had for some reason felt compelled to bring in to it the writings of one DON SKEMER - in the form of his BINDINGWORDS - Textual Amulets in the Middle Ages , by means of which to consider the possibility that PERCEPTION of the presence of this criminal cabal could be “bound” via magical devising …such as to be made invisible to most everybody who might be interested. If you’ve read my reprint of Harrell Rhomes' “PSYCHO-POLITICS here, or the middle segment of my ‘MYTHS OF CAPITAL’ series… you will already understand the nature of that idea. If you didn’t read up on either… after considerable prompting on my part - it may well be that you DON’T WISH TO KNOW about it… as your purpose here is other than contributing to the common cause of defeating kabbalistic talmudism. We shall indeed… see!

Binding in this context would mean a methodology of ringing a topic - the activities and motives of a secret sect, for example,  with an impenetrable screen of smoke and mirrors which causes the curious onlooker to give up their further pursuit whenever they stumble upon the subject. The books and essays which discuss that subject,would whereby by rendered sort of ‘visible yet invisible’ for practical purposes. I would submit this to be eminently possible - but of course I know quite a lot about kabbalistic magic - not as a practitioner, but as an opponent to its application interested in understanding its efficacy and scope.  

Indeed, it’s as a result of learning quite a lot about kabbalistic magic that I placed the previous post about Drumpf & JFK online - as a demonstration of the fact that the question of PERCEPTION is central to ANY discussion of geopolitics. Not only is there continuity in the methodology of making things (including people)visibly invisible,, via technology there has been an expansion and upgrading of the efficacy by which the world is inveigled into "de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas!"

What may be beyond the capacity - or alternately - the desire of some readers to see, is that the achievement of this by now almost perfected technique of ‘disguising in plain sight’ that which is wished hidden is NOT ONLY a SEPARATE TOPIC from ‘jews’ and ‘judaism,’ but that the deliberate bleed between and subsequent confusion of the two is an integral part of the deception being practiced!

Just as nothing works better than the ‘anti-semitism’ trope to take the heat off of obvious skulduggery, the wish of some groups such as Lubavitchers to perform a role within judaism identical to that of the Jesuits within Catholicism presents us with a conundrum. Where do we place such sects - within ‘judaism’ or without? Because they straddle the liminal space between ‘within and without’ they can perform a lot of tasks which would otherwise be taken directly as the work of the covert frankist-sabbatean continuum which ultimately uses and benefits from ‘anti-semitism’ itself. When everything stiffens into a molasses-like miasma of muddled disinfo…. the researcher who has entered into the subject in hopes of finding - at last - a solution to the mystery which is our topic de jour here… gives up in frustration and either walks away OR… delivers exactly that disinformation desirable to the perps controlling the whole coverup!

A big part of the research problem appears to arise from the paucity of works on the subject which are honest, accurate, and in English. And even those which are all of that seem subject to many errors, conflicting information, and faulty translations - due in no small part to the multitude of languages in which the sectarians communicated between themselves - at any particular time, Frank and his circle could be speaking/writing in Polish, German, Turkish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino or possibly a couple of other, hybrid tongues.

 Asking even the most scholarly of persons to be conversant with more than half of those possibilities… is simply asking too much! But that was part of the pattern of secrecy and deceit by which these persons built their empires of followers and influence. And while there is some plausible manner in which to present Sabbatai as a ‘mystic’ not too concerned with this material dimension, there are no circumstances where the same could be made to seem true about Frank….. whose purpose above all else would seem clearly to have been to create a lifestyle for himself and a few of his followers of total decadence and luxury. A lifestyle gleaned from the offerings of his followers! In this, the rogue could be said to be a couple of centuries ahead of, and perhaps even the main inspiration for, a galaxy of eastern philanderers posing as ‘mystics’ who would invade the west for the same purpose, and operate via the same mode of duping their followers out of wealth and sanity, so as to live a life of depravity and abundance!

The success and longevity of this cult nevertheless force us to give more credence to it than the average modern imitation. The covert path by which followers of Frank have become the literal owners of the financial systems and corporate boardrooms of the world demand our careful attention. But first and foremost it demands the presence of a worthy guide - which in this case, almost inevitably must be a judaic! Some will scoff at the very idea of one within that world being conceivably a reliable source of what we need to know - I have no such binding and blanket contempt of ‘jews’ and their motives, needing instead to take each case by its’ merits. And the merits of Harris Lenowitz and his book The Words of the Lord [Jacob Frank] are sufficient in my opinion, to draw from them much of the information we need to understand Frank and his following.

But before we even begin to dredge up the details of the origins of a criminal cabal which now rules over both east and west, we must return for a minute to the matter of ‘binding’ ties and what they are made of and used for. The importance of Skemers’ work, you see, is not just that it underlines  the prevalence of ‘magical sealings’ in the ages before ours, but the ubiquity of that usage - among “Christians,” “Muslims,” “Jews,” and the many sectarian variations and spin offs between them! If there is good reason to assign to ‘judaic’ ethnicities the major part of long term employment of these devices, it is due to their adoption and perfecting of the ‘technologies’ of majic which other religious impulses/ethnicities had first developed. The strong point of ‘judaic’ or ‘talmudic’ kabbalism, in other words, was to see - then seize upon - the potential of a particular magical tract, formula or methodology, and then adopt/adapt it to their own purposes. Much of what was perfectly visible, and accessible to the scholarly elements of the Christian medieval world was ignored by it … and quietly removed from the record and/or applied by kabbalist talmudists.

As a result, a whole world of dark magical invocation - necromancy, in a word - has remained both the exclusive preserve of kabbalist talmudistsand those whom they have drawn into their orbit - as minions and hirelings. To which effect -  there was a great deal of overlap between judaic and christian ‘seekers,’ insofar as ‘cabbalism’ in its christian form existed for centuries as a continuum complementary to and indebted to the judaic form of that necromancy! In many ways, we have none but the so-called ‘Christian civilization of the West’ to blame for its’ own demise as we witness now; the willingness of its intellectual, religious, and financial elites to take their lead from hebraic interlopers was integral to that defeat.

"An important specific form of amulet is the curse tablet , most commonly lead sheets on which magicians inscribed binding spells. This exercise in aggressive magic was intended to control the actions of other people, whose names were often incorporated into the spell. The goal of such spells was to force people to obey one’s will, with the intention of inflicting harm and placing the victims at a disadvantage in affairs of the heart, court litigation, or horse races and other competitions. Curse tablets were used at all social levels and often invited counterspells that could take the form of protective amulets that were also inscribed on lead sheets." Skemer

Now at this juncture I would like to enquire of the reader - what else in western society was commonly created via 'lead tablets'... albeit in slightly more mass manufactured form? Oh yes - the news - pre-digital age!

Only once the observer becomes trained - or deprogrammed - enough in understanding how the modern medias duplicate that quoted program and praxis of kabbalistic necromancy can it be possible to get to grips on an individual level with the power and effects of kabbalism in action.

Because these modern criminal cabals have most clearly taken over governments, nation states, and financial systems RIGHT IN FRONT OF the eyes of their respective citizen/victims, we have to give appropriate credence to that FACT which NO “medias” will inform you of ever - which is that the role of the “medias” themselves has been LONGSTANDING that of filter for their criminal owners - by which to dissuade those same victims from believing - their own lying eyes! The “doors of perception” will only swing open once that role and it’s consequences are full understood.

With all that out of the way as necessary preamble, I propose to stop here so as to allow the digestion of what has been presented, preparatory to moving into a further segment where we review the facts of the case - about Josef Frank and the rise of the criminal “red mafiyas” which all MEDIAS work so hard to disguise the identity and goals of! Questions, and comments of a constructive and articulate nature will be entertained. Further pointless attack upon the messenger, will not.  The reader is therefore invited to consider this space a forum for impersonal debate on a variety of issues pertaining to the overall theme of ‘kabbalism in action’… and as such, a vehicle inappropriate to the venting and release of inchoate angst and personal spite. Though I do quite understand the travails and tribulations that now go into the day to day business of simply surviving in Gulagistan - the maxim hereabouts must be -

"What starts in Gulagistan stays in Gulagistan." This here is outside that Pale.

"But now you are those Nephilim who were on the Earth.473 When I unite with them, then we will raise up a great thing, but who knows how many years this will take and will be held up until I unite with them. I revealed there that I have Brothers and Sisters.

I will teach you well how you must go away from God. You will have plenty of dybbuks(yiddish - evil spirits/djinn about you till that time."</two quotes from Josef Frank


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Bel, you're a good sport. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Bel, I find myself reading and re-reading your posts as well as following your leads to other posts you have made in the past. The more I read, the more I'm astonished at the great value of your writings and the more I worry that they may be lost or may disappear due to your miniscule readership. I hope you will keep the flow going for the sake of posterity.

Aside from that, I would like to find a way to mark up and highlight various passages such as is possible with pdf files. Another problem is that your essays are so dense with respect to insights that reading them seriatim causes me to forget precisely where a given point was made.

For instance, you were looking at two translations of Anaximander, one by Diel and the other by Nietszche. You noted N's perhaps lazy translation that introduced an extraneous factor of judging that was clearly not signaled by Anaximander and which, given the 'renommé' of N, resulted in a corrupt reading of the presocratics. When I read your translation of Diel, I thought that I would like to see the original German as well as the Greek. That translation gives the impression of an automatism that operates in conjunction with what, for lack of a better understanding, could be called the sin of Adam--the endemic ontological evil. Whereas, N represents the prideful intellectual appropriating the prerogative of the gods to pass judgement, causing a descent to the human plain where bickering and quarreling arise: "Erhebet ein Zwist sich, denn stürzen die Gäste geschmäht und geschändet ins nächtlichen Tiefnis und harren vergebens gerechten Gerichtnis," to quote an amusing poem of Goethe. This insight of yours into Anaximander is an example of the overwhelming importance of a seemingly insignificant datum that is like a key to all subsequent understanding.

Perhaps your readership is so small because it demands an active and questioning intelligence from the reader, wheras most of us have had the capacity for that lopped off as card-carrying inheritors of the Talmudo-Christian tradition.
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
The transltion by Diel of Anaximander suggests the origin of time itself, inasmuch as evil introduces dynamism into perfect order. Ie, Time <=> Evil. If you have ever seen a djinn--I was once sitting in our living room with my son when we both noticed a malignant shadow form outside on the porch flitting from one window to another--they are characterized by ceaseless nervous activity, as if they would cease to exist if they stopped moving. This suggests to me, at least, that our time bound world is a lower level of reality.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Hello C,

be assured that I do get such notices. I'm actually of two minds when it comes to how and where to respond however - thinking that a good discussion such as this one would better viewed by a wider potential audience than the random few who might visit an older thread. Suggestions welcome in that regard.

I also share some of the identical concerns as you've mentioned - not only am I having an increasingly hard time finding excerpts from my stories I wish to quote or link, I'm having trouble remembering the existence of some of them at all...

and am now running out of time to pull from the storify site what is there. I fully agree about the pdf formatting and am planning a monster run to grab everything and place them either here, or in a file on scribd. Any preference on your part you are welcome to note. I can take no credit for the translation of Diehl - I believe it was Heideggers' own - but once again, am stumped where to look for it in my own files.

Your facility with those two languages is quite auspicious, in my view, as I can make no pretension to linguistic talents, preferring to concentrate instead on the philological background to textual materials which are used - as per our theme on these pages - as weapons of mass corruption for the revision of true historical narratives. I had intended to enter into that subject only on the 'book' platform....

but since the two are now merging its likely that I will be digging into the background necessary to fully understand the scope of plagiarism and deception which accompanies the co-opting of what is essentially an Anatolian-rooted western wisdom tradition, by "Greeks" who are really not much more than stalking horses for a covert "Semitic" project to control science and the arts both... almost from the get go!

Also, I'm delighted with your mention of 'Adam,' as the forthcoming post here has to some how work his first wife - Lilith - into the story of the Apeiron... and the 'empty space' of the creative womb... co-option of which dynamism has been a key part of the talmudic-kabbalist project.

Your second comment is equally worthy of response - but I'm trying to get this next post finally finished and therefore may be a while coming back to it!