Dossier: The Occultic background

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As far back as records go, men have used magical technique in effort to control their world through contact with supernatural forces. The earliest activity of this kind relates to shamans and shamanism, sole practitioners in a tribal setting working a series of steps to accomplish a curing, divination, or curse.

But a more organized level of magic working comes to notice with a caste of men which, circa b.c. 800-600 throughout all of Eurasia arises from amongst those who claim to be agents of a transcendent power. Grouping together as an elitist guild mediating communication with the above, these men gain influence over society and secular leaders via ceremonial and ritual magic, establishing themselves within the hierachies of power as operators of institutionalized religious traditions.

With time these traditions transit to orthodoxy, losing their esoteric aspect, which causes the growth of new secret societies that absorb and ‘repackage’ the occultic aspects. These then continue to flourish, even when hidden, throughout the course of history. Although the occult and scientificism are commonly considered antithetical, through the medium of alchemy they were woven into a single strand by hermeticists searching for a prima materia which would give them creative power over nature. This quest for power and dominance by males with a profoundly misogynist world view has had a much greater influence on the course of events in East and West than is commonly understood. It is not possible for the scholar trained to focus within the confines of economic, religious, or political studies to present and interpret the evidence since the characters at the center of this activity were not limited in their intent or achievements to any of these spheres.

The story of men such as Francis Bacon, John Dee, or Giordano Bruno needs be seen as part of a thread of malevolent influence running uninterrupted from the remotest period of recorded history. The work of alchemy, both eastern and western traditions, needs also be viewed as a metaphorical description of this intent. Since the prima materia, as with nature itself, is seen as in essence the feminine, the absorption, removal, transmutation and destruction of that aspect are all part of the program by which the scientist/alchemist/occultist masters reality. The same thread of influence will be found by the careful investigator to run through the societies of the East, with the same destructive effects. The congruence of techniques and applications that sorcerers east and west have used for thousands of years bespeaks a common origin, which it is a necessary part of the purpose of these pages to explore and elucidate, for at this very moment the effects of the unification of those two streams of dark impulses are impacting upon us with greater and greater force. No less than a return to the feudal conditions of the past is what is sought by the occultists who now control what is left of the political power of the west.

Identifying this hegemonistic program as misogynist does not require the investigator to accept the postulates of the “feminist” perspective however; the program is equally misandric, which is to say, it seeks power and dominance over the entire class of men outside it’s elite membership . Nor is it necessary to subscribe to ideas equating earth/woman/feminine, however popular this construct may currently be. The ‘inner essence ‘ of man or woman cannot be successfully limited to such categorization.

The main reason to identify this continous thread of elite groups who have worked actively against the interests of humankind is to encourage open rebellion against the occultic forces which have shackled our advancement and distorted our perceptions. The nature and requirements of their membership are not particularly difficult to discover, but by a curious and sustained “oversight” on the part of the controlled academia, it has remained a concealed truth.

While Baudrillard’s insight that all rebellion now merely feeds into “the system” is circumstantially correct, the pre-conditions which validate this observation are not immutable nor are we as human agents necessarily constrained from effective activity against that system. Failure to grant the hegemonic system sufficient ‘gravitas’ (by means of studied refusal to take too seriously it’s fundamental reality) balanced with the correct degree of estimating it’s ‘relative’ significance as operative illusion can and will short circuit that same system. Those who adopt this premise as true need to “sociate” as individuals whose collective wills are attuned to the spirit of ”playful action.” Evil has no defense against childish innocence played back to it as memetic show and tell game. This achilles heel is exploitable and needs be played with. All black magic works on the principles that the victim needs willingly accept the premise of the sorcerers’ power to inflict them harm. All human beings have the capacity to turn this harm back upon their afflicters. We need to relearn and apply this vestigial protective capability now.

Of the many dangerous “end games’ that are being played out right now, none is more invidious than the attack on gender identity. It is no accident that science as kidnapped by occultism has put such great weight on mastery of creating life, whether through altering genetic structure or replacing the human womb as nexus of our being. Usurping and then monopolizing all creative function is the core goal of the hegemonist project. Folks who get lost in identity politics through too much self definition(for example: woman/feminist/leftist/vegan/lesbian – or male/libertarian anarchist/anti-globalist/polyamorist self disqualify as effective opponents to this agenda as they voluntarily give up their capacity for unblinkered vestigial vision. The only dynamic answer to the question “who are you” is “I don’t know, but I’m here to find out.”

Vivesectionists of the soul are now in positions of commanding power in the “advanced” nations of the world; the levers of power are operated by the most corrupt and perverse personalities whose depredations of the innocent are purposefully concealed from open view by a complicit media. All avenues of protest are being silenced, all alternatives to the hegemonic vision shut out. While this may seem a grim assessment of current conditions, there is no reason for despair; for millenia now these occult forces have tried to corrupt and enslave humanity. Always some cataclysmic event has turned back these efforts and left survivors amongst us to begin anew. Perhaps we are on the cusp of another of these events – and would be wise therefore to prepare the way for those who will follow us.

The second half of the 19th century witnessed an astounding array of changes to the social, economic, and intellectual life of the western world. Our educational system, for one, is much the product of intentions advanced in those times. Due to the manipulations of those who goal it was to form and control the minds of future generations, that very system now serves to cloak facts vital to understanding the present moment of crisis in the West. In order to reveal what really occurred in that seminal period the investigator needs not only dig deep for external truths, but as well go deeply within to purge acquired impediments to knowledge and analysis. Vestigial vision serves as both elixir and antidote. Waking up from the spell we have been placed under we regain the freedom to think and act in accordance with our true nature. Drink deep, friend, and see through fresh eyes what before was veiled

vestigial vision
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About Vestigial Vision
Although science and magic are posed to us as two entirely separate spheres of activity, close study of the available evidence shows their conflation underpins the structure of our daily lives. Vestigial vision is an innate human faculty to recognize the nature of things as they really are rather than how we are educated to perceive them. Here it is employed to examine what is effectively a trick of conjuration that binds us to a view of ourselves and the world profoundly poisoned. Use of this faculty enables humankind to abjure allegiance to this counterfeit reality paradigm, creating the freedom to finally enjoy self and other.