East & West are Pawns of the Beast - Best we just Deal with it!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As if to make up for yesterdays paucity of progress, I'm on a tear today it seems. I recognize the impulse. In the past... when I've run head on into a roadblock... and suffered a momentary loss of balance from the concussion which resulted, there's a pattern which has developed. When I witness the febrile gyrations of parties who are clearly and purposefully trying to skew reality - distort facts and/or control all debate, I begin to take it personally. And that's a good thing!

It was ONLY due to the continued concerted efforts of cultists with a mission to destroy public debate about the role and future prospects of precious metals that I became willing and able to produce journalistic masterpieces on that subject. It takes a lot to stir me out of my natural semi-somnolent state. Ignorance, lies, and character assassinations work fairly well... when combined in the proper degree of cheap invective and petty spite. I owe a LOT to the folks who provided that potion. In 2014 or so - I woke up.


a terrifying "Truth in Media" Tyrannosaurus Rex lumbers to the edges of GOLDBURG - jolted out of slumber by the meltdown of precious metals analysis into a toxic pool of perma-hype radiation ... then bathed in the acidic resistance of it's followers to any form of anti-dote... Welcome!

It was a couple years later that I repeated the transformation in the form of a developing interest in geopolitical matters which blossomed when similar minded simpletons started to mess with my freedom of expression. Again - I'd didn't just get mad;  I got busy. The results speak for themselves. By far the best track record in analysing and predicting events - anywhere. Who coulda known? I owe those tormentor a Lot as well!  

By the time I got around to writing this story
The "CHINA MEME" -Golden Elephant in the Room I was almost fully hatched - as an inveterate skeptic of the media driven presentations which pushed hidden agendas in all directions!

But, to be honest, I had no firm opinions about several matters which are now at the heart of public debate and ongoing events. If you'd asked me about Putin or his Russia, as little as two years back, I would have mumbled some benign descriptor about 'work in progress' and left it at that. Similarly, a figure like Donald J Drumpf was no more on my radar than what lay ahead - for Upper Volta! What changed?

Witnessing a repeat of the polemical overkill by which certain media elements attempted to DRIVE opinion one way  - at the expense of all standards of objective journalism, and even a loose standard of truth in media. Watching the internet descend into a free for all of jaundiced - paid for - advertorializing that 'put paid' to all chance of readers being able to assemble their own point of view from the data offered. The rise of the alt-right in the west - as a factionalized outpouring partisan pulchritude every bit as toxic as the leftist one I despised so deeply, was what it took to bring me to my senses - about
Russia/China/international finance capital... and the conjunction of all three in overthrowing nation states in order to impose a neo-feudal nightmare on all of us. Does that make me a proponent of 'western values'... western regimes... or western influence? Hardly - those are exactly what drove me to escape from 'the west!'  

And with the recovery of my senses came a desire to share the newer, clearer perspective of one whose allegiances are neither to nation state nor institutionalized religion, culture, social system of any kind! Keep that in mind when proceeding with the rest of this 'truth dig.'

It may be apparent to the reader who has landed here once or twice, that the topic of choice on these pages is not only the control which a criminal cabal has over medias...

but the parallel influence which they exercise over political figures, financial structures, and pretty much everything - anywhere - there is easy money to be made. While it's probably true that corruption, falsehood, bad faith and illicit exercise of raw power are an inevitable aspect of our human existence - meekly accepting the intersection of ALL OF THESE forms of malfeasance at the level of STATE POWER can lead to some big time problems. Sort of like we are beginning to see the outlines of now ... in that once shining example of new beginnings... equal opportunity... fair play... and impartial justice which was once called "the United States of America!"

And although it has been apparent for some time - to the impartial observer - that the entity still called by that name is in reality nothing more than a mafiya state owned and operated by foreign 'powers' whose interests are INTRINSICALLY opposed to those of the so-called 'citizens' of that state.... a fair number of folks seem to be having difficulty in recognizing that FACT... let alone adjusting themselves to it.

Not being sure what it would take to make a significant change to that shortage of clear thinking Americans able and willing to deal with the problem, I've been content to simply record bits and pieces of the peripheral elements which have led to this sorry situation. Of course, most of those 'elements' arose in time previous to the countries existence, in places far from its' location on the map. So a certain amount of historical reprise is 'baked into the cake' when giving forth a narrative about what's behind it all.

Since that' not everyones' cup of tea, I've also accustomed myself to noting the convergences of the same actors and actions on the contemporary scene - with financial investigations which target the criminal cabals' notable scams as performed in cooperation with corrupted government and medias. I've noticed however that this leaves many 'lukewarm'... even when the elements of the scam are activities directly impacting their own financial futures and wellbeing!  So - short of turning it all into some kind of BROADWAY production... film script, or maybe even...

musical extravaganza, I'm not sure what would work to convince people that they are being conned - day in and day out - by parties who DO NOT merit their endless trust.

But... in my quieter, more reflective moments, I realize that there is no great chance of anything coming from all these efforts anyways... that the time has past for saving but a tiny fraction from the coming apocalyptic "judgement day" terror which it is TRIMPS ultimate fate to unleash on the USA...
so ... why sweat the little stuff, big stuff either for that matter! Therefore, ladies and gentleman, I unleash yet another of my reflections upon the past and present as the hopelessly intertwined yet ignored PRECURSORS/PREDICTORS/PRECESSORS AND POSTSCRIPTS which has no means of averting anything - yet still serves to mollify my sense of needing to do something to warn former kith n kin in the fallen lands of the west.

Here for example, is an excerpt I found today buried in one of my stories from 2015 - when the crisis in the Ukraine was still - sorta - fresh, and I was still - sorta - naive about the way things would work out for MOTHER RUSSIA. Which is of course now clearly just ANOTHER MAFIYA STATE owned and directed by the same cabal in control everywhere else.

Although the extract is from a source which we could term 'leftist' - and I disidentify with that polarity to the same degree I do from it's opposite - I never reject something automatically based upon rigid thinking. If there's some truth to be gleaned... I remain keen.

"The thing about Donbass is that there are no mass protests whatsover. The region’s population is insufficiently or not at all involved, which makes it very easy for a fairly small, armed group of criminals and hoodlums to take control of the situation. That said, workers from Donbass, a highly industrial region, are surprised by the fact that members of the “Irridenta” haven’t yet made any social demands or called for a workers’ strike. The average level of income in Donbass is one of the highest in Ukraine, nearing that of Kyiv. Dnipropetrovsk, where income levels are relatively stable, is lower in this hierarchy, while the West of Ukraine is at the very bottom. Why is it that the territory that used to be home to the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, or Makhnovshchina, is not facing the same borderline terrorist riots that inundate the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and, since the recent assassination attempt on Gennady Kernes, Kharkiv as well? (Makhnovia, or Free Territory, occupied a substantial part of what is known today as Western Ukraine.
A territory well familiar with tumultuous events and uprisings, it was an attempt to form an anarchist society led my Nestor Makhno from 1918 to 1921 – n+1.) Why not take over the Security Service buildings in Kherson and Nikolaev, where Russian is as commonly used as in the larger districts of the Donbass region? In each of the eight regions comprising the country’s Southeast, attempts have been made to aggravate the situation. Clearly, all of this tumult and instability can do much harm to the reputation of the new government, which is already facing the risk of failed elections. It’s also clear that Donetsk and Luhansk are under influence of a local element, and it’s precisely this element that keeps the police and security services in the background. This element has a first name, a last name, a patronym, and the top slot on the Forbes list of Ukraine.1 It seems that the real social upheaval is yet to come to Ukraine, but its tide will be large-scale, because the system that governs the country is in deep crisis. Regardless, I’m certain that the future story of this protest will not include the agenda of the “Irridenta.”

Zahar Popovich, activist from the “Left Opposition”, Kyiv:

The current situation was triggered by the fact that Yanukovych’s criminal-oligarchic regime created social tensions and then canalized them into a conflict between East and West. The regime was able to produce this politics because of the extremely low level of trust in the country’s previous leaders (including the post-2004 regime of Viktor Yushchenko – n+1).

However, while the regime imposed by Yanukovych was criminal, it was also familiar; the new regime has offered more of the same, while lacking familiarity. And yet the People’s Republic of Donetsk based in Slavyansk currently bears much more resemblance to the “military junta” than the present government based in Kyiv. The idea for establishing the DNP, the People’s Republic of Donetsk, came from Russian nationalists who deployed troops from the Crimea to carry out armed attacks in the Ukrainian East. But this still leaves room for local criminal gangs, the lumpenproletariat, and members of the older generation nostalgic for the USSR.

The presence of the latter can be said to legitimize the Slavyansk junta: the fascist methods and the ideological support of Russian imperialism are justified because they oppose western imperialism. The fact that 300 DNP combatants came to the peaceful pro-Ukrainian demonstration in Donetsk and beat everyone up with metallic poles is crucial to our understanding. Unfortunately, compared to these well-organized groups, the working class hasn’t come up with an effective plan to take up the stage yet, although a recent strike in Krasnodon should give us an idea of what it’s capable of achieving. It is worth noting that representatives of pro-Maidan unions (KVPU – Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine) have a big say in the strike committees of the Krasnodon miners’ coalition.

Alexei Sakhnin, journalist, left activist, émigré

Essentially, the motives for the protests in southeast Ukraine are identical to those of the protests in Kyiv (and, to a large extent, of those in Moscow in 2011-2012). The post-Soviet governmental system is in a state of deep crisis; people have lost all faith in the authorities, in the social order, in all available public institutions." https://nplusonemag.com/online-only/politics/eastern-ukraine-popular-uprising-conspiracy-or-civil-war/

End of pertinent extract.
What's the takeaway?

When westerners read about the goings on in a place far away, like Ukrania... its automatically inculcated in their brains that the events, players, situations, dynamics, etc., are ALL very different than those found close to home. As a result - the astonishing parallels as to where the USA finds itself at this very moment... with the situation as described above for DONBASS circa 2015 will be missed.


The presence of the latter can be said to legitimize the Slavyansk junta: the fascist methods and the ideological support of Russian imperialism are justified because they oppose western imperialism

" - pay attention to that please ...

as you are going to BE THE WITNESS TO THAT same impulse going live time in America. As in - civil war. I've sussed out all these "russian nationalist' psyops on the internet with the same degree of inspection which I've given to other psyops in the past.  These are neither real "russian nationalists,' nor persons hoping for peaceful resolution of the problems confronting both east and west. It is - indeed - the long arm of KABBALIST TALMUDISM IN ACTION.

They will not stop - until America... and the rest of the west... are destroyed.

HELTER SKELTER NATION is upon thy doorstep. It will not be asking to be let in!

In putting together this post, my attention was drawn to the poem I had appended to the very end of the CHINA MEME story - by Gary Snyder. It's an eerily prescient recognition of the fate in store for the country Gary worked so hard and long to redeem.
And sadly, the perfect way to end this piece.

Lew Welch just turned up one day,
live as you you and me.
Damn it Lew” I said,
“you didn’t shoot yourself after all.”
“Yes I did” he said,
And even then I felt the tingling down my back.
“Yes you did too” I said. – “I can feel it now.”
“Yeah” he said,
“There’s a basic fear between your world and mine.
I don’t know why. What I came to say was,
teach the children about the cycles.
The life cycles. All other cycles.
That’s what it all about, and it’s all forgot.”

Gary Snyder –American - poet emeritus of the post-western mind