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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
With our previous post having announced the long-awaited return to the ring...

of some warriors neither 'cold' nor 'gold'... but certainly 'old' enough to have seen a whole lot of changes to this world of ours, (none of them particularly good)there's a buzz of excitement in the air! Can you feel it?

I sure can. But that's one of the fruits of digging down deep enough inside... to learn how to go about 'seeing that which is, and NOT what isn't. The distinction between "appearance" and "what is." In our 'post-reality' age, what is unreal is presented to us incessantly as 'real'... while what remains of the really real is constantly being eroded by the macabre tools of 'communication' which replace information with disinformation, and the norms of human sociability with 'social media' anti-thetical to convivial society.

The 'buzz,' my friends, is in the hornet's nest being stirred by our persistent application of 'truth in media' to a milieu which hides from that quality like a vampire from a silver cross! For eyes trained to see, the effects of even our slender efforts so far have been astonishing!

While the chum continue to churn in their fishbowl - absorbed by victory parades and celebrations of sweet silky roads to nowhere - the bigger fish in deeper waters have been sending out vibrations of shock and terror - tremulous signals which have yet to break surface, but radar stations can pick up already traveling. Fishy fish-eating birds of the Saker kind were the first to be deep-sixed - and have alerted their scaly support networks to the danger dangling from our lines~~! And oh how the worm turns!

The recent story EAST & WEST ARE PAWNS OF THE BEAST undertook to draw together - at last! - the two parallel narratives which international finance capital[aka the Russo-talmudic mafiya]has promulgated for the past decade in support of its psyop against the west.

This was an important point of departure in our journey here; not all who are aware of the geopolitical element of that psyop - the BRIX N SILK ROAD webspinnin, shitgrinnin fairy tale about cuddly Russian and Chinese pandas bears - know near nuff what they should about the 'golden fleece' side of same.  It was my fate to discover their intersection, in the course of investigating both the 'precious metals media mafiya,' and the 'Putin-pusher' campaigns separately. The story of the amazingly complex convergence of the two can be found in the archives here, for the most part in the years 2015-2016.

The deeper I went down those holes, the more I saw the same faces scurrying away from the light of my torch! Same internet forum shills, same websites promoting fake storylines and paid advertorials on behalf of the usual suspects. And the same criminal cabals left purposely OUT of the storyline! So the symmetry was perfect today, when I scanned the feed of one of the worst of the shill sites, and discovered that a familiar name had a new claim to fame!

 Gold price suppression by the world's central banks is a well-documented fact, according to Singapore’s BullionStar precious metals expert Ronan Manly. He explained to why that’s the case.
One of the sharper tools in GOLDBURGS shed, ol budsky Ronan had often struck me as the one guy in that ghetto who had some integrity and journalistic instinct. A couple of his past pieces had even helped me in my quest to understand the arcana of how banks hide 'the real'... behind the 'appearance' of entry ledger fiction! That's why there was a tinge of sadness within, to discover that Ronan -apparently- is in need of some
or slash...or is just amenable to being corrupted into service to the moneypower like a whole long line of guys before him. What's pushing now, you see, is exactly what the Russo-talmudic mafiya desires to be believed by its intended victims. Or, at very least - that is how he is allowing his work to be used.

 Now I know that this financial stuff is deadly boring to some of yas… but it’s not only an essential piece of the puzzle - it’s at the very heart of this crime story! Whenever I put together a piece with the charts and graphs, financial mumbo-jumbo and need to properly explain this monetary malfeasance being used against the western peoples, readers seem to go missing. So… as a bit o sugar coating to the medicine forthcoming - have a boo at THIS chart

so as to better realize what riches lie in store at the end of this leprechaun hunt! I guarantee - at the end of all the tough sledding... that pot o gold is gonna be there. Now -  let's get back to the heavy haulin!

Little did I know this morning that - upon a quick scan of the usual suspects' site such as I make whilst supping my first coffee of the day - I'd be needing extra thickness of line for as to haul in the lunker what had hit my lure! Gold Price Suppression News Going Viral: Pro-Govt Turkish Paper Picks Up On Storyread the headline in the news feed of one of the silliest of the shill sites which I had gotten to know in the course of deconstructing the precious metals mafiya a few years back. It's a classic blind leading the bling... into complete and utter destruction of fact/reason/logic... or anything remotely connected to how things in the financial world work. Another day -in other words - in the pysop called 'the internet media!'

Where to start? Well, of course, I'd prefer to not start in at all on this fetid day old fish wrapper. AND... I realize that some of you who are hip to the machinations of the TERROR STATE really aren't inclined to the details of financial malfeasance which I place here for inspection. However  -  there's simply no getting around the fact that this particular part of the psyops which converge into the master plan to defraud and ruin the denizens of the wester world is central to understanding the bigger picture! So... we must go there. When, long years back, I starting picking apart the multi-stranded web of deceit we call the 'alternative media,' I was finding the same scaly critters, scurrying from the light of my torch as I climbed deeper into the dark pit of disinformation.

Putin pushers by day - silver shillers by night - that was the modus operandi I gradually realized was particular a whole subset of guys with sites whose job it seemed - was to convince naive westerners that by buying some overpriced coins and rootin for Putin, they could come out of the coming collapse as kings! It's a kind of modern day mushroom farming which I thought would have died out by now - given all the folks they have pauperized by pushing precious on people in the wrong place to profit from its' use...

but, it seems that, as the saying goes... suckers be born every minute! Anyways, the upshot of it all is that a scary amount of space these days is dedicated on the web to convincing us that a new 'golden age' of peace n prosperity waits solely for those who buy gold and silver, and give their allegiance to friendly Russo and Sino bears of the banking kind! Though I like to stay light hearted about it, there's some serious consequences lurking behind the curtain of this cute shell game - of the kabbalistic kind.

That's why the convergence of the gold part of the psyop with the bRIx n Silky Roads element is so critical to the Russo-talmudic mafiyas plans. And now at last - thanks very muchly to our work here - those plans have been pulled out and put on public display! With all the dots connecting.

Here's a story of 'gold manipulation' - nothing new there - which is written round the role of 'central bankers' and their lust to embezzle everyone; where it gets interesting is that the shill site in question gets completely gobsmacked over the Singapore slingers of bullion getting their bloggers piece posted on the 'alt media' site Now we move to the next domino; they then go on to extol the fact that the piece is picked up and repeated by the web edition of the Turkish Daily Sabah! And the upshot of that - according to the blind bling blighters posing as 'writers'... is that everybody in the world now KNOWS that the western banker elite is behind all things nasty... and the rest of the totalitarian run nation states in the world are but patsies for their nefarious proclivities. What a great ...

gob of garbage!

Ok ok! You don't incline towards charts n graphs. You don't want to see the way ledger entries can be made to alchemically turn paper in 'gold'... and disaster zone national balance sheets into something resembling err... balance! I understand. But you must understand...
and understand good...

that past all of the financial chicanery, corruption, concupiscence and cronyism I must convey in delivering this report from the land of the living and the real...
we are gonna get to some really really good stuff - involving those same faces which you see there... and yes... lot's o chics! So hang in there, whilst I show how and why Mr Ronan Manley has 'sold out to the dark side' - so to speak.

For starters - what is it about seeing GATA guy Chris Powell goin gaga over "turkey," Russia," and the man named Manly? Why did seeing that combination of tags this morn cause my hair to stand on end... then curl into tight 'dread'-like locks of a "Marley" mode?

As always.... FOLLOW THE MONEY. We have flushed out the lil thieves who are like minnows in this pond of despond which be our world of this moment. The bigger fish down below have given instructions to throw caution to the wind... and let the convergence of story lines begin! Who coulda seen it coming?

While the GOLD FOR OIL SERIES only began in late 2016, the story behind it was already in my casebook from four years before that time. It was, you see, what actually got me back into the 'beat reporter' lifestyle after decades long leave of absence! The legwork done in writing the three part DEVIOUS DERVISHES OF TURKISH BANKING had turned me into the reporter who could write the GOLD FOR OIL series. But it was the phony coup of 2016 that was needed to turn me into the detective who could solve that case! And having seen the ups and down of Turco-Russian relationship first had through all that time, I KNEW that little involved in it was 'what it seemed.'

So when the time came to ask what was going on in the heads of those who wished to turn Turkey - as well as the rest of the muddled east - into a gigantic medieval Ottoman theme park - complete with 'real' dungeons and 'authentic' torture and genocide attractions, I didn't have far to travel. Rus/Turk/Talmudist. A look on the map - with a long enough timeline in mind - shows the curious minded a curious connection between the trio. One that just keeps getting curiouser over time.

And since, at the present time, we are looking into the movements of dark money and darker skinned Turkish and Russian and Hebrew speaking "billionaires" who stole it all, the timing for being in the very middle of that map proved impeccable!  And thankfully, my previous investigations of that same terrain had educated me in the understanding that the apparent anti-theses of "judaism," "islam," and "xhristianity" were not really ..... so real. Three 'angry god' religions all stemming from the same stew of toxic 'voices' who wanted not just obedience but blood in order to be (temporarily) appeased! And if the xhristians laid off of the sacrifice stuff a little more than the others, their preference for symbolically cannibalising their own 'savior' as a religious duty seems more than a little.... undigestable.

Along with  my acquired skepticism about the official stories backing the religious elements of our maps multitudes, the return to beat reporting allowed  me to add a large measure of cynical disbelief to the 'official' stories of governments... financial institutions... and last but certainly not least...
the medias! Having witnessed for myself how 'real' gold of the physical kind had been alchemically transformed into paper gold of the ever-devaluing sort - I was pretty much ready for anything... in the way of financial malfeasance. All that was left was to add the appropriate measure of disbelief in the workings of the social fabric itself. By the end of my 2017 set of writings, I knew that the worlds peoples and countries were almost uniformly ruled by a cast of mafioso whose ethnic and religious coordinates were being deliberately disguised - by the same complicit medias/financial institutions and governments who I had documents scamming folks out of their savings!

And somewhere along the way... the DEAR LEADERS OF these RUSSO - TURCO - HEBREW speaking 'states' had become ENORMOUSLY WEALTHY as individuals. And pretty free with the public purse strings as well. From Thousand and One Hundred and One roomed palaces... to more modest but still quite imposing strings of villas in and outside of Russia and Srael... our "ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN/ISLAMIC/JUDAIC boys seemed to share the common values of A GENGHIS KHAN type of public servant.

In short, dear reader, by the time it came to start writing the GOLD FOR OIL series, I had become the single most knowledgeable person about the way Turks, Talmudists and Russo-mafiosos had transformed most of western Asia into a proto-TERROR TERRITORY imitative in its extent to the far flung MONGOL empire of medieval times... and were eager to expand it to the rest of this planet. I knew about the phony political scams, the financial ones, and the pretensions of the talmudists of the TURKO-RUSSO-SREALI type to  be  a group of peaceful fun lovin guys who wished to join up with the western world as 'stakeholders' and participants... rather than looter and rapists!

What I DIDN'T know was that NO ONE wanted to hear that story. I found out.

And here we are. Just me... and that .0000000000001 % of the 000000000000000.1% who wanna know why/how/and whether... there's any hope at all of getting out of this thing alive. Or was charles manson right after all?

When we come back .... CHARTS N GRAPHS baby! And..... chics! Plenty o chics.... all too many of em of a age no real gentleman would feign any interest in at all.
Which is a kinda backhanded way of saying - we will be visiting with a great number of men in no way gentlemanly, gentile, or even...

genuine - in any way at all! And Manly or unmanly... we will dissect them all.

This detective has detected what needed to be known - about the unseemly murder of our financial system and its replacement by an apish troop of hustlin hucksters whose biggest hope in life is to die bangin a shiska!

Now... we are ready at last, for the sequel - Danse of the Red Masque!
Bloody good show.

Don't go way now.

background reading:
The Golden Fleece
You bought gold/silver to protect yourself from governments and other predators. Good move. Now comes the hard part - protecting yourself from the precious metals media mafiya!


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Shiksa...  ;o)
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Howdy MM!
As one of the very very few who I can be guaranteed has grasped both wings of the psyop being dissected here... tell us please. Whence cometh this deep fount of ignorance by which westerlings buy eagerly into the notion of this = bad; therefore that must = good>??? Is it a learned disability or bred in the bone?
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I must again return to the lyrics of Gil Scott Heron's `B Movie' to describe the current state of consciousness in 'merica:

"The idea concerns the fact that this country wants nostalgia. They want to go back as far as they can ? even if it's only as far as last week. Not to face now or tomorrow, but to face backwards. And yesterday was the day of our cinema heroes riding to the rescue at the last possible moment. The day of the man in the white hat or the man on the white horse - or the man who always came to save America at the last moment ? someone always came to save America at the last moment ? especially in "B" movies. And when America found itself having a hard time facing the future, they looked for people like John Wayne. But since John Wayne was no longer available, they settled for Ronald Reagan ? and it has placed us in a situation that we can only look at ? like a "B" movie."

Whilst over on screen A, it's the `Night of the Living Talmudic Dead' and `Talmudic Terror in Tinsel Town' double feature.
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Hi Bel,

I'm afraid you won't like my take on this.  

We both grew up in the West and went through the same education process as everybody else.  We were subject to the same peer pressure regarding this or that.

BUT instead of going with the flow and joining the herd, we suddenly found ourselves standing on our own outside of it all.  (Despite my yearning in my younger years to be just like everybody else.)

In my opinion, it's not a question of ignorance or education.  It's a question of how one's basic nature is.  Why do some people care about justice (not just in the narrow sense of advancing what's in one's self interest)?  Why do some folk realize that the atrocities they see on TV are committed by their governments in their name?  Why are a few deeply moved by the suffering of others that it changes their lives to the extent that they can no longer function as a cooperative member of society with the unswerving conviction that this is the best of all possible worlds?

You see, questions like these are at the root of the problem when it comes to understanding who we really are.  Because a question is not an innocent little thing.  'A question' is in fact a covert assertion, a masked statement that There is an answer and that we can know and understand it.

When was the last time that you decided to decide something, anything?  But your mind when producing thoughts ('decisions') is functioning no differently than your heart is pumping blood.  It's all happening spontaneously outside of the hypothetical human will.

In short, it's not that they are ignorant (for they see what you see as well).  It's that most people are evil.  In the sense that they are naturally inclined to cause more suffering than there already is in this world.  

Whereas people like you and I are compelled (without any rational reason) to end or mitigate the suffering in this world by publicly unraveling the truth as we see it, once again, in the totally nonrational hope that truth's forceful narration will somehow change the world.  ['The truth' being nothing other than reality itself, as in, What IS as opposed to what ISN'T.]

No need to get discouraged, brother.  For the Masters of the Universe are no more the directors and "deciders" of their destinies than we are.  The "Talmudic Kabbalist Jews" are as helpless and defenseless as we are before the truth that none of us decides shit.  

You are either with them or you're not.  Neither we nor they decide where we stand.

You are right in that the existence of "bad" doesn't entail nor establish the existence of "good."  But lies and falsehoods are more conducive to the causation of suffering in this world, are they not?  If you think there is no hole in the ground where there actually is one, you're more susceptible to fall in it and persuade others to do the same, are you not?

They KNOW.  They know that this "bad" does not necessitate that "good."  But it is their nature to choose whichever interpretation will cause greater harm to themselves and others.

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

With the caveat that then said Father would be responsible for their sins for He made them that way.  But that's another story for another day.

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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Might it be that there is no longer a Path to higher awareness available for people? That without such, people are all left in the sewer like the rats fighting over the piece of pizza? Religious teaching certain is wanting in all ways. Perhaps the Guilds of old gave people a path but even those have gone sour and corrupt.

For me, the people whom I've encountered along the way who have higher awareness have a certain level of soul consciousness or development. Whereas the mass population are stuck in baby-soul level and further cemented into this by media, edukation, and the other talmudic agents of goy destruction.

Seeing the epic slide in Failbook share prices gives me hope that the goy are awakening to the deception all around them. An alternative internet is wanting and needed and seems to be growing.

Carry on!
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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In reply to this post by Maestro Maestro
Haven't any problem with your take MM... diversity of opinion is the spice o life.
I waited to read the replies here till I'd finished the next post... and am ready to hit the print button.
Just to see how well that post would serve as a reply.

I think it does pretty good!
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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In reply to this post by J
 The day of the man in the white hat or the man on the white horse - or the man who always came to save America at the last moment ? someone always came to save America at the last moment

Could it be that "America" jus rode away from "Americans" and never came back?
The last 49 seconds or so of Pale Rider always grabbed my attention for some reason.
"WE love you" wasn't enough. "I love you" wasn't either.

Preacher was jus done with it all. Salvation ain't no way to make a livin boy!

Clint did A Lot o that sneaky stuff. Predictive programmin - or jus camera hammin?
new game new game
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
the vein of gold runs through my back yard! yikes!
do i stand up for what is 'mine'?
is blood  gonna spill?
or run for the hills.
bred in the bone?
fight or flight
bred out of the bone-westrs
conditioning by convenience
only 3 generations-yellow birds...