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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
After a week of bad news gets badder...
our cabal of kabbalists tasked with bring everyone in the west on board with their new masters -

millennialist madmen of the Chabad Lubavitch sort - fronting for even SCARIER madmen of the FRANKIST-SABBATEAN KIND -

seems the gang is ready to go into OVERDRIVE to keep that drive - alive! Kicked in the ass by multiple truth bombs delivered by truth in media jihadis, battered by bad publicity over making a new record for civilian deaths in Syria this very week... the PR MUST flow!  AND SO...

must the inevitable counter-narrative. Delivered as usual... by those who have no use at all for left-right, east-west, bad/good dialectical deceptions  - and therefore wish ill upon those who deceive for a living. Kabbalism requires that we 'pick a side' ... and it doesn't really matter which side, as long as we are sufficiently factionalised to give up a healthy skepticism about events... and the people who 'craft' them - in order to become cheerleaders in a game of geopolitics.

"It is Putin’s rise from ex-KGB and FSB director to Russian President that is the real story though. With the literal blessings of the Chabad-Lubavitch Cabal, Putin rose to power and the propaganda machine has ironed out an image of him that has all the tell-tale signs of Western-like manipulation.

Rabbi Berel Lazar was personally assigned to Russia by the Russian-born, Messianically-obsessed Rabbi Schneerson, who of course made Chabad what it is today.In fact, he arrived in Russia in 1990, which was the same year Putin rose to power in unparalleled fashion.

With an open and obvious connection to the New World Order through Chabad-Lubavitch, one must ask why the United States and Russia have been on such shaky terms for so long, when Putin, like nearly all world leaders, is another puppet put in power to play out the hands dealt by the Elite? Why now, is Putin so ready to restore diplomatic channels, just because Donald Trump has been elected?

Since everyone in America now pretty much knows about Kushner's connections to Lubavitch, and his marriage to Trumps daughter we can skip that half of the story. What about Russia?

    “Beginning in the 1990’s, Leviev avoided being directly involved with the Yeltsin family, and nurtured ties with Vladimir Putin

    He received the blessings for success in business and personal support of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson for his philanthropic activities, which include “an army of some 10,000 Jewish functionaries from Ukraine to Azerbaijan, including 300 rabbis. Most of the 300 rabbis are Chabadniks” – adherents of the Brooklyn-based Chabad Hasidic group…

"The FJC is run by Lev Leviev and Vladamir Putin’s New World Order handler himself, Berel Lazar. All of these players have deep and intertwined connections to the Chabad Cabal, and President Elect Donald Trump."

 Leviev is a major supporter of Jewish philanthropic causes and president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC), an umbrella body representing Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union

Putin and the Rebbes!
What a love story! And, if you know what's good for you... you gonna love it too!
I've saved the best part for last... because - well... because that's how it's done! The 'master hand' behind the rise of Chabad Lubavitch kabbalist talmudism was the rebbe schneerson// who was quite a joker it seems... "The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!" is just one of his many hundreds of enlightening pronouncements giving us clues about the coming 'new world ordure' being arranged via a clash between America and Russia which will leave both firmly in the power of .... talmudic kabbalism!
But hey! Let's not talk bout that now.