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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
It must surely try the patience - and certainly the understanding - of most who follow geopolitical developments keenly, to be presented with a precis holding an ancient practice of occult magic to be at the core of many or most current events. The removal of purely 'rational' means of explanation for for those events confronts the reader with a dilemma most easily solved by simply dismissing the very possibility of the 'irrational' being in any way an element of power politics.

Like most 'easy' solutions, however, such a dismissal removes from the reader an ability to counter deliberately generated 'misinformation,' designed to conceal the true purpose and/or trajectory of events. Anyone who supposes that medias do not generate 'misinformation,' 'disinformation,' or 'fake news' at this moment in time needs stop reading right now... as nothing which follows could serve of any use to them.

Much time ago, Harrell Rhome penned a treatise from which the name of this post is drawn FROM SORCERY TO PSYCHOPOLITICS - UNCOVERING THE KABALA. His opening remarks are worthy of emphasis:

"Never forget that the important thing is not whether you personally “believe” in the occult or not. Nor does it matter whether or not “magic” really “works”. The crucial factor is that high-level globalist Illuminati planners DO believe. This brings forth another crucial element in our occult criminal cullt profile. Their “magic” requires certain acts and symbols be presented in (at least some degree of) public view. A related element is their propensity for in-your-face actions rather than mere “symbolic” appearances."

"In your face actions" are things like - 911 - USS Liberty - certain airliner crashes or disappearance, all of which defy explanation via purely 'rational' means, and remain impenetrable to understanding for all of those who choose to confine themselves to that means of approaching the very real existence of 'psychopolitics' in our modern world. Because deceit, apparition, mystery and murder are all built into these 'events' which are not purely 'events' but rather - productions of staged 'events' - the analysis of their purpose, effects, and perpetrators requires an arsenal of investigative tools much more rounded than merely "reason" and the 'rational.' To reason in conjunction with these 'other tools' is indeed manner I have learned to make sense of the insensible, and connect dots intended to stay disconnected.

Making 'sense' of magical action then, is the 'art' of applying all of the human faculties available to us, to the cause of interpreting observed phenomena which are designed to mislead. Making 'sense' of modern political developments is the crafting of credible 'counter-explanations' for staged productions which their creators provide 'faked' premises for as part of the production! "Magic" is the art of deception:

“Magic actions are rituals that make or change something. They operate mysteriously and what they create is mostly mystical” BUT THESE MYSTERIOUS ACTIONS HAVE SOCIAL EFFECTS. This mystical doing and making (only dimly understood by the participants) has the effect, by virtue of their beliefs, of bringing about a real social doing or making, as surely as the minister ties when he “pronounces” you man and wife or the judge changes your status by his “sentence”. That is why magic is “efficacious mystical action”. From Daniel L. O’Keefe in Stolen Lightning: The Social History of Magic, 1982.

Mass deception - as encouraged and propagated by the mass media - occurs via 'spectacle' events such as 911. The shock, terror and awe built into these stage events can be paradigm-changing. We appear to be on the cusp of yet another of those moments.