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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
photo courtesy al masdar news

As Ankara declares its "operation Olive Branch" almost compete, it should be almost completely clear to most onlookers that the total ruination of its plans to 'ethnically cleanse' northern Syria of its political enemies is nigh - and looks something like this picture of one of its' Leopard tanks which tangled with the wrong 'prey.'

"The Turkish army meanwhile is continuing to reinforce its positions alongside the Turkish border with Syria. The military has even dropped leaflets across Afrin district, calling upon locals to “unite against “terrorist” organizations”

which is just a little bit ironic, given that the locals are indeed likely to unite against the very 'terrorist organization which Ankara has seen fit to arm and send into Afrin in order to achieve the Pyrrhic victories of ...desecrating dead bodies... looting liquor stores, and bombing civilian targets.

Stymied at every attempt to attack the people of Afrin Canton, northern Syria.... watch as the jihadists now turn their attention to probing other 'weak points'... aka civilians sufficiently unarmed as to prove suitable victims for the massed terror of the TURKISH TERROR STATE!