From Out of Rank Corruption and Decay - Comes a New "MOREL WORLD ODOR"

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Now for a light touch or two... while I get fully recovered from a bruising month of March... and ready for the 'fruitings' of my "Long March to VICTORY" - eg. - the end of the TRUMP DECEPTION  
 in April!

The long stretch of dark gloomy weather followed by incessant sky-spraying via tanker birds of the NATOZGUL kind took more outta this ink-stained wretch than I had realized...
 till it was over and a real sun shone once again in a real sky of the Great Tengri type. Batteries of all kinds on empty!

The solution? Stop the presses for a while and head on up into mountain pines in search of the legendary spring morel mushroom. Today was the day - for making hay when that beautific sky was clear n bright. Sitting on sun warmed stone after filling the water jugs from an ice-cold spring, I could feel the juice flowing back into bones that had tired of our winter pasture - and were ready to be climbing high once more.

Whilst the womenfolk head out with the buckets a huntin, I stay to brew tea side a rock-strewn stream rushing to rid Mother Earth of Her white winter wardrobe, the madness of the modern world for a moment out of sight - and outta mind. When I fill my belly tonight with the spoils of our outing, I suspect the world will feel even better than alright on the morrow - deceptive as that may be~!

Sometimes taking life one moment at a time is the way to proceed.

Which might be especially true - when one is about to enter the terminal stage of an affair gone so badly askew as to make fiasco a word incapable of rendering the appropriate tone! One being of course - the Don; not a man to be toyed with they claimed, but most definitely the toy of a Red Mafiya which has reached the apex of power in theaters both East & West.

We will need to be gettin ready on multiple fronts folks - cause this suckas truly gonna blow - as truly as this week will dawn the day - one year later - of "missiles over Syria"... and the end of all pretences about '4D chess... defense of the west... or even - trying to do one's best... to stay outta kabbalistic hell as an impotent POTUS dangles from El Avivs' strings helpless as an Epstein sex slave!

Down they go like 9 pins!

In Syria - you'll want to review my notes from February - especially about that 'northern front' and the Americans being deliberately placed in harms' way up Manbij way! White on white conflict will bring sheets of red on red blood brought on by a talmudic jihadi hitman in Ankara with no where left to turn except BURN IT ALL DOWN! Including his part of town, of course.

Back in Gulagistan... as we like to call the benighted wester lands... it's Mels' Bells - or Hell hath no Fury, as Melanie gets finished with the lawyers advisements and prepares to dump Don at the same moment as Don Jr gets the notice from his wife soon to be ex!

 Excellent Smithers! That sets the stage for another 9 pin event - as the arrests of Drumplings starts in earnest... those who haven't yet 'cut a deal' that is - to rat on the nest what thought they knew best... how power games are played with Pharisees.

Down down down... in a burnin ring o fire. In like "Flynn" indeed. Inner circles of self made hells... and
our good buddies Tefvik Arif and Felix Sater gonna be right there in the middle of it all - as hosts with the mosts damaging of Russo-talmudic style connections to the DON! And... of course - to our not quite yet finished... GOLD FOR OIL OIL FOR BLOOD SERIES....

which will ROCK your world. Once I git back up to full steam! Don't touch that dial!

Here cometh the biggest, baddest "Sroom" post of all times! Feed your heads dreads!

Heidi Vogel/Richard Earnshaw - ELEVATE !

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Re: From Out of Rank Corruption and Decay - Comes a New "MOREL WORLD ODOR"

i see a trip out and about brings on inspiration. look, don't touch!
some towers of Babylon allow a peephole to some talms laying a tentacle out.
the thump was in a dire need as junkies end the same.
the towers stand as an ego with wretchedness revealing "morel order".