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What the complicit medias need to make sure stays buried - about the famous "Gold for Oil" Deal! The missing background to the phony Coup of July 2016 - exposed at last!
byBel Suave
    Thu, Oct 27 2016 07:16:39

    We run with the next part of the story which the Moneypower's "alt-media" minions pretended to own - in order to better cover up! Another exclusive sure to stay BURIED by the connivance of ALL concerned parties. Or so they hope...
    with the recent news that NY Prosecutor Preet Bharara may be thrown off the show trial of the century - that of Reza Zarrab, due to kick off later this year, I've decided to get up off the couch, and publish this re-worked edition of the series I was working on when the TERROR STATE'S tracking & censorship thing got a little too hot to handle last fall.
    Yes... We Back! Apologies for the five month hiatus. Trundling along in the very bowels of the TERROR STATE, like the small protagonist of Tolkien's Rings, still wielding the sword of TRUTH IN MEDIA in the dark heart of Shelob's Lair. And still waiting for the rest of the media world to catch up to the truth that was enscribed on these pages so long ago. No point at all in writing any more stories, till the older ones get released from the media embargo they've been placed under - and the world learns the truth about last year's events ... at last!
    While sitting it out though, I've been gradually pulling together some missing pieces of a puzzle that started with my exploration of the Turkish banking sector, a few years back. The unique confluence of my interest in the world of precious metals, with the purely geopolitical themes which have forcefully occupied almost all my attention for so long, has at last produced the breakthrough I'd almost given up looking for.
    Readers of recent acquaintance with these pages may not be aware of the 'dual-track' nature of the thematics here. The pressure of events in the purely 'geo-political' sphere the summer last, was of such intensity as to take my mind far away from reporting on the financial scams which run parallel to the political ones I've focused upon lately. But in fact, when I started using this storify platform, I was writing exclusively on subjects of a financial nature - only later filling it in with wider-ranging stories of past publication, and the last year's slate of "neo-journalistic" coverage of the middle eastern morass.
    At last it's time to put all the strands together here. The resistance to that objective has been so strong at times as to make me wonder if this point would ever be reached. But here we are. And to the discomfort of so-called "alternative" and "msm" medias alike... there we go...
    further down the rabbit hole which has led by happy chance deep into the very heart of sionist dissimulation.... as chronicled by the hundred plus stories which now grace this platform. What I've lost in terms of contacts, outlets, and confreres, in pursuing this story, I've more than made up for in confidence in the acuity of my own processes of discovery and investigation.
    The Devious Dervishes of Banking: Part One (with image) · SuaveBel
    Thu, Oct 27 2016 09:26:00
    The three part series DEVIOUS DERVISHES broke the story, in early 2015, of the Turkish Government's and banking sector’s “gold heist," against it's own citizens. It detailed how collusion between that countries’ government, media, and financial sector — to defraud it’s own own citizens of their tangible wealth —  was developed into a template to be applied to other ‘gold-heavy’ Asian nations. Totally ignored by those media outlets in the Occident which pretend to be most focused in their coverage on the precious metals, the series demonstrated the difference between first-hand, on the scene reporting of important stories, and the pathetically palsied and unprofessional style of third hand sourcing that has come to characterize the “financial media” in both it’s msm and ‘alternative’ formats.
    Though one of the best, most detailed, and accurate contributions to financial journalism of this past decade, the “DEVIOUS DERVISHES OF TURKISH BANKING” series was studiously ignored by all the organs who mediate the news on behalf of their captive audience of westerners desirous of learning what goes on in the wider world. In it’s hard-hitting critique of both that complicit western media and the machinations of those eastern neo-liberal elites who work covertly on behalf of the same shadowy taskmasters, the expose sought… and found… no favor with either.
    But more surprisingly, my belief that applying the standards of objective journalism to a story of profound importance to holders of gold would meet with approbation and interest on the part of those who hold gold as insurance against the depredations of the State, was tested and found wanting. Total silence — along with some surreptitious thievery of the contents of my study — were all that met it’s publication.
    The story, however, some two years later, remains every bit as topical and relevant as when it was written. But it also turns out to have provided some key background context to another - under-reported or mis-reported - story of even more explosive consequence. The “Gold for Oil” deal involving Turkey and Iran which was at the center of much media attention back in 2012–2013, has faded from the news cycle, but in no way has it ‘gone away.’
    Ever since the days when Iran's "gold for oil" play was in the media's spotlight, back in 2013 or so, the real story about the connection of that Turkish gold heist to international politics has remained untold. Though certain popular western news organs made much noise about 'following the money trail,' they got, as usual, nothing of substance about the story right. And here, the domestic media's stories were nothing more than cheerleading puff pieces pushing the approved "make your money grow" banking PR spin. Penetrating deeper into this black hole of media malfeasance was something that I lacked the time and resources to do in depth.
    But the rough outlines of this story of corruption and intrigue have stayed in the back of my mind all the while. That they form a large measure of the backdrop to the phony coup of July 2015 is now clear. Ever since the panicked and hasty "damage control" campaign in late 2013, by which the Ankara regime fought back against the cornering of it's major figures in a major corruption scandal, one man - Reza Zarrab - has remained the key element of the story. What he knows is more than enough to topple the Turkish Terror State presently holding the greater part of Anatolia hostage.
    Thumbnail for The downfall of two Iranian tycoons
    The downfall of two Iranian tycoons
    Author: Rohollah Faghihi TEHRAN, Iran - The Iranian tycoons Babak Zanjani and Reza Zarrab are now both finding themselves in dire straits. Zanjani, one of the most well-known magnates in Iran, has been sentenced to death for allegedly not paying back money owed to the Oil Ministry from oil exports he arranged under the sanctions era.
    Readers are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the DEVIOUS DERVISH series before going further with this current presentation - which takes up from the key moment when our chief protagonist REZA ZARRAB, suddenly fled from the warm embrace of his "friend" and "protector" in the "Aksaray Palace" outside of Ankara... for the not so tender - but perhaps ultimately less deadly - embrace of the American courts! A compelling saga which I propose to offer here soon... in the complete absence of the stooge western alternative media's ability to perform the most basic functions of the journalistic craft. As per usual! Although I swore off of any more 'traditional' journalism earlier this fall... the presence of this draft already in the vault of stories moldering away for a lack of followup demands a bit of attention. And so - at long last - LET'S GO THERE!
    Next Up! Part Two of GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD: the story that a certain western 'alt-media' outlet pretended to own... but never came close to covering... except for 'covering up!'
    Thumbnail for Special Report - Golden Loophole: How an alleged Turkish crime ring helped Iran
    Special Report - Golden Loophole: How an alleged Turkish crime ring helped Iran
    ISTANBUL In this city's Grand Bazaar, sellers along labyrinthine passageways hawk carpets, jewelry and souvenir knick-knacks to tourists. Turkish police believe that until recently, the area around the market also sat at the center of an audacious, multi-billion-dollar scheme involving bribery and suspect food shipments to Iran.
    Reuters Editorial
    Thumbnail for Turkish media digs deeper into gold mogul corruption scandal
    Turkish media digs deeper into gold mogul corruption scandal
    Author: Barın Kayaoğlu Al-Monitor readers may recall the June controversy in Turkey over a pro-government business lobby awarding a "top exporter" prize to Iranian-born Turkish businessman Reza Zarrab. Since then, opposition media outlets in Turkey have intensified their coverage of the allegations against Zarrab, a suspect in the infamous December 2013 corruption probe.
    Release Date: October 27, 2016
  Sneek peek at what's coming up next... in Gold for Oil Pt Two:
    "It was at this time that the fate of Tayyip Recep Erdogan was decided, along with that of his crew of bagmen supervising the looting of Syrian and Iraqi resources. Being very well connected -and wealthy! - the word must have come down to Zarrab rather fast abut the shifting sands of diplomacy. An embattled Erdogan was unlikely to continue to allow the one man with "the goods" on him and his government to walk around in freedom... when the simple and permanent solution to the problem of inconvenient witnesses to systemic corruption in that same government was to see that he had some kind of "accident."