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Smoke and mirrors no longer enough to keep us from cutting through - to the roots of current middle eastern discord!

by Bel Suave
 The dissolution of nation states into sectarian, ethnic enclaves, along with violent religious infighting has bedeviled the middle eastern lands for well over a century. This departure from multicultural coexistence has a root - getting to it requires unraveling some knots of a curious nature. Just as Alexander used his sword to cut through the knot at Gordion, which so long had defied a solution,it's time to employ some logical analysis to cut through the smoke and deception - of the kind described in these previous stories -
    THE NEW ALLIANCE OF TERROR/AXIS OF EVIL nobody's willing to talk about.
    Bel Suave
    Bel Suave

    In the flurry of postings which have appeared here in response to the key events since the break in Russo-Turkish relations November last, I've attempted at various times to line up the time frames of the subjects under examination. These vary so widely as to be separated by several millennia; from the pre-Socratic era to the present moment, and the body of historical events in between. Whether I've been at all successful in this weaving remains to be seen – what has been produced so far has yet to be integrated into an overall perspective that can serve to make sense of seemingly unrelated people and events.

    At any rate, in watching this tapestry of themes randomly unfold, the confluence of two overarching elements becomes clear. The co-joined notion of religious and ethnic supremacism which make its way through the ages like a watermark on every consecutive page of this story have surfaced in the present moment with renewed force in countries that have used the pretext of “fighting terrorism” to employ a blueprint from the distant past to manufacture a pretext for terrorizing their subject-citizens.
    "Save nothing alive that breatheth"
    Emerging evidence of a blueprint for Mass Depopulation: aka "Demographic Rebalancing"
    Bel Suave

    The blueprint in question is the one which a clique of radical priests and scribes, resident exiles in Babylon, created to manipulate rupture between the original tribes of Israel. Should it come as any surprise, therefore, that the religious and ethnic sectarians of Ankara are receiving aid and tutelage in their project from the preset inheritors of that very same tradition of Judaic terror and discord? It should not - in fact - it should be put under the microscope for close inspection, so that the grand deceptions being played out at the moment are no longer allowed to dominate the flow of information from the middle east!

    Having existed as a nation with a central core of common culture and beliefs for hundreds of years, those 12 tribes of Israel and Judea which split apart after the mythical reign of Solomon, continued to exist, even after the Assyrian conquest, as a group unified by language and religion, but artificially split apart by the deliberate exclusionism of a clique of Levite priests who implanted themselves into the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with the mission of creating a cult of theocratic state terror and hierarchy.

    There is nothing unique, therefore, about the current project to bring about a Sunnification/Turkification of Anatolia via a massive ethnic cleansing - it is a repeat of the Levitical project by which the Samaritans and other Israelites were redefined by the radical jihadists Ezra and Nehemiah as heretics and enemies of their theocratic state - just as the Kurds and Alevis will be targeted for vilification in order to turn their own neighbors and kinfolk against them!

    There is no reason to be fooled by a phony narrative of one player being "Muslim" or another being "Jewish" - just as there is not reason to be misled by labels such as "pan-Turanism" or "Zionism." These are simply manifestations of the same identical ideology of "Jihad" - the holy war against the "other" - an idelogy which begins in C5th b.c. with the sequestering of power over the people of Judah and Jerusalem by the emissaries of what would become radical rabbinical talmudism. This sect - which has continued to hold the subsequent generations of those same "Judeans" hostage right to the present - radically altered the original Mosaic commandments beyond all recognition. In place of invocations to love thy neighbor came direction to kill them, despoil their properties, and make them vanish from history.

    All religious traditions over time break into streams of diverse interpretation which follow the character of the separate peoples who inherit the tradition. There is, in this diversity, no innate reason for strife or sectarian hatreds. But they are bred, nevertheless, by men whose baser instincts and lusts for power turn them into tools of terror. The record in the Old Testament, of the prophets such as Amos or Hosea, is a testament of their rebellion against such evil doers. In the admonitions of the Babylonian-based jihadis who sought to separate the peoples of Canaan from each other, those prophets of old Israel recognized a heresy which needed to be defeated. Instead, they, and the rest of Israel were defeated, so that one group of radical sectarians could rule unopposed over a subject and terrorized people.
    It is instructive that the issue we are concerned with is exactly the one which is front left and center of the current tragedy developing in Anatolia - where religion and ethnicity are once again being tied together into a toxic miasma of sectarian hatreds. In defining "Turkishness" as a construct which combines mandatory adherence to a particular strain of Islamic belief with an ethnically derived supremacism that demands a national monoculture, the current Ankara regime has managed to recreate a blueprint used once before in the distant past - to manipulate a deliberate breach between peoples of what were once one nation.

    The Kurds, who have lived in Anatolia and Mesopotamia for more millennia than we have records for, have become, in the eyes of the most modern incarnation of this spirit of bloody jihad - the new Samaritans - rebels against the hegemony of the priestly clique who must be expunged and/or expelled, to satisfy the blood lust of yet another false "God" which demands human sacrifice. The alliance between Ankara and Tel Aviv now abuilding in secret is designed to fulfill that goal. That jihadis of the modern kind may rule unopposed over a subject and terrorized people! Shall we turn away - and let it happen? Doing so will only embolden the mad men to seek further blood sacrifice - closer to home for the blase reader who believes this all to be a world away from their own reality!

    "There were now three groups of Israelites: (1) the Samaritans, who kept themselves distinct from the rest and called themselves MyriM;wo, keepers of the Law; (2) the Israelites of the north, who followed Jeroboam; and (3) the tribe of Judah, with a mixture of various other tribes, who followed the line of David." George MacDonald - Theology
    Having existed as a nation with a central core of common culture and beliefs for hundreds of years, those 12 tribes which split apart after the mythical reign of Solomon - those of Israel in the north, and Judea in the south - continued to exist, even after the Assyrian conquest, as a group unified by language and religion, but split apart by the deliberate exclusionism of a clique of Levite priests who implanted themselves into the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with the mission of creating a cult of terror and hierarchy.
    "The Samaritans were Israelites, probably infused with other blood. They
    practised Jehovah-worship but did not recognize the supremacy of Jerusalem and on that account alone would have incurred the hatred of the Levites,
    who probably saw in them the danger of an Israelite revival and absorption of Judah. Thus the Samaritans were put under the major ban; even by
    taking a piece of bread from a Samaritan a Judahite broke all the statutes and judgments of the Levites and abominably defiled himself.
" Reed - Controversy of Zion.

    Zionism is not really secular – Mondoweiss
    The creation of nationalism - through a body of mythos which uses ethnicity and religion melded together in order to create a sense of shared identity in a diverse group of people - is discussed in the above article in relation to "Israel." In such a situation, language is often used as the glue to stick it all together. And Hebrew, which was a 'dead language' much like Latin right up the C19th, has been employed for such a purpose - yet we all know that the elite amongst those who style themselves "Israelis" is and always has been Ashkenazi Yiddish.

    The parallels of Pan-Turkic nationalism with that of "Zionism" couldn't be more obvious! Out of the debris of the Ottoman decline was welded together a mythos of nationalism which relied upon an invented language - "Turkish" purged of it's Anatolian accretions of Persian, Greek and Arabic - and the repudiation of diverse religious heritages in favor of a monoculture of imposed Sunni orthodoxy, purged upon the shaky foundation of a supposedly "secular" state. With this invented language and westernized script, went an educational program designed to create a unified culture called "Turkic" - combining the accoutrements of western lifestyles and technologies with the core values of Islamic heritage. With the expulsion of the competing cultural interests of the Greek and Armenian population, as with the expulsions of the Palestinian population from the colonized zone of Zionist expansion, this program was able to enjoy some success - except for the persistence of the Kurdish element of Anatolian culture. Those, who as of 1932, were stylized as "Highland Turks" refused to disappear from history as required by this mythos. The results of that refusal confront and dismay the inheritors of the pan-Turkic ideology at this moment, in the same way that the refusal of the Muslim Palestinians to quietly disappear confronts the inheritors of the Zionist mythos.

    The country we call Turkey has entered a phase in which it hurtles on a similar trajectory towards a place of unspeakable horror - a sectarian driven nightmare of peoples whose common language and origins would dictate peace and cooperative under the leadership of all but the most most wicked of men. The blueprint for this plunge into darkness has been revealed here: the mad visions of mad men are connected through the centuries, from 2500 years past, right to the present moment. Whether it be Palestinian or Kurd, Muslim or Shia that be demonized, the pattern is irrefutable. Zionism, Pan-Turanism, the outline of the totalitarian theocratic state is unmistakable. Ethnic supremacism is built upon not science, or genetics, but upon a lie. One we will continue exposing in the next post here.
    Thumbnail for ALL FALL DOWN - Mapping the "hyperreality" of false flag dissimulation
    ALL FALL DOWN - Mapping the "hyperreality" of false flag dissimulation
    Bel Suave
    But in all events, the knot has indeed been cut through at last! The toxic melding of a racialist-religious ideology of supremacism is behind all of the sad events of middle eastern sectarian strife. It has one root - in the blood lust and hunger for absolute power of a clique of Babylonian exiles from Judea. It's inheritors, in their well-cut suits and neoliberal trappings, are merely undercover in their supposed religious identity -
    Blood Sacrifice - only the beginning
    State terror versus Kurdish terror - the civil war has started in earnest
    Bel Suave
    are the inheritors of the Judean Jihad which split up Israel and rebuked the Mosaic Laws in favor of a Law of Terror and Lies. A language of lies, a terror of the truth and of diverse expression of belief. I close with a quote which bears thinking about, when reviewing all these projects formed around invented notions of 'identity.'
    Two States - One Agenda: Ethno-religious 'Cleansing'
    Turkey and Israel team up to bring an ancient cult back into to the modern world - a followup to "Blood Sacrifice"

    Even if ethnic identity exists, it certainly has little to do with language. Multilingualism, even having multiple mother tongues, was the order of the day and not the exception, We find everywhere in the historical record what I would call decisionism in the use of language. Capitalist modernity has led us to think of language as not only crucial but a necessary, inevitable – in Ben Anderson’s words, ‘’fatal’’ – component in the process of self definition. The materials I work with suggest that this fatality is not trans-historical. On the contrary, people in the past would decide to use one or another language for one or another objective without any reference to identity. Think only of the Mungals of India, speakers of Chagtai Turkish who adopted Persian for their empire, while their subjects spoke and prayed in many languages, from Arabic to Brajbhasha, from Sanskrit to Tamil. Before modernity, it was typically not
    identity but the particular genre of discourse in use that regulated language choice (religion was a far weaker determinant). This was true even in the early centuries of vernaculariztion both in India and Europe. Sheldon Pollock 2007 Power and Culture Beyond Ideology and Identity – Margins of Writing, Origins of Cultures

    US-based human rights watchdog Freedom House has strongly criticized a proposal by the Turkish president and the government to allow authorities to strip “terrorist sympathizers” of citizenship, warning that the Turkish democracy is currently “at a breaking point.”
    Turkey: Proposal to Annul Citizenship Threatens Fundamental ...
    3 days ago ... Turkey: Proposal to Annul Citizenship Threatens Fundamental Rights ... President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey should counter supporters ... Turkey is militarily fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which the ...
The growing resemblance between two supposed 'enemies' grows more uncanny by the day!