Game of Death - Theater of Blood

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
The Kurdish resistance in Afrin has started to give way before the increased level of regular TSK troops and armored which has been steadily thrown in over the past 48 hours of stalled negotiations between the and the Syrians. Have the Syrians simply left it too left for a strike which can keep the Turks from over running the Kurdish positions? Once the TSK is dug in, there's little likelihood of getting them out again, without a whole new front needing to be opened.

And it is exactly with this cunning that the script has been written. If the Syrians move too many of their resources towards this zone, the proxies of Srael & the Turks in Idlib will hit them from behind while those along the border with Jordan and the Golan will make a move as well. The affair in Damascus has sucked too much of the Syrian army into that maw for a quick response to trouble on the peripheries.

What appear to be a clip of a Syrian NDA fighter speaking from within Afrin - has been released in the past few minutes. But... is it more theater?

"According to senior Kurdish official Russia is allowing Turkey to establish a corridor from Northern Aleppo to Afrin. That's why Russia doesn't want Afrin-Syrian govt deal."

The Cat and Mouse Game proceeding live time has left the picture so muddled as to return it to the level of "Byzantine Intrigue." Have the Russians 'got it all under control?' Hardly. Tel Aviv has delivered Moscow some brutal surprises of its own over the past 10 days - via its agents within the American administration. An administration itself divided into factions with separate power bases and agendas -taking action and counter-actions the meanings and purpose of which are concealed to the sight of a media following false trails.

It's been a masterful series of moves by which tel aviv has levered all the pieces into an explosive mix. The election in Russia and the fallout from the disaster in Deir ez Zor... now slowly, grudgingly being acknowledged more each day has weakened their control over events considerably.