Game of Death/Theater of Blood

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 by Bel Suave

Game of Death/Theater of Blood

Waking Nightmares - Penetrating the latest Turkish False Flag -

    A "Rotten Tomatoes" style review of a B-Movie thriller classic.

    I'd been working on what was probably the most optimistic piece I've written since starting on this platform when I closed up shop yesterday for some shut eye. The plan was to finish it up today - then take a break . That was before waking bleary-eyed to news of a "military takeover" in this country, and the alleged flight into exile of "The Chief." Surreal doesn't begin to describe it. As I've detailed in the piece produced this morning in the wake of that "news"
    Yet another in the long line of false flag "events" marking the death of the "real" - and it's replacement with the "hyper-real" of the staged event
    Bel Suave

    the notion of a 'military coup' taking over the government was the last thing on my mind. Not for the usual reasons though - in fact, the reason I least expected to be hearing of a military coup d'etat in Turkey, was because I'd just finished writing two separate stories explaining how a coup had just happened in the week before. A coup which no one happened to notice!

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    Now, settled at last into a more reflective state of mind, I'm ready to start piecing together the details of what appears to be the mother of all deceptions. Starring as wide a range of "actors" as can ever be imagined - and then some!

    As of mid-morning, I'd summed up the situation thusly -
    There's been some sort of confrontation between some units of the military and various units of the police, other military units, and the public at large. The state broadcasting building was taken over for the obligatory "coup announcement" and various other public facilities may have been secured. Or may not. Clearly, if the "Chief" was able to fly back into an Istanbul Airport without a problem, they were not among them. That's one strong tell right there!

    The "Chief" called into CNNTurk to state that he was in loyal hands and would be returning to take the situation under control. His PM issued statements suggesting that the coup supporters were being dismissed, arrested and hunted down. Large assemblies of people were seen in the streets of all major towns. The "Chief" also made the claim that his hotel in Marmaris was bombed and strafed by F-16s shortly after his departure from there. So far, that's what we know.

    There's not a lot to add to that as of yet. However there doesn't need be. There's enough meat on those bones to nourish a second story of the day. A story which has to start in the pleasant tourist town where cruise ships dock to unload thousands of European tourists - or used to - and many more thousands of Brits, Russians, German and Dutch wander the beaches and promenades of what had been one of Turkey's turquoise jewels of the Aegean.

    Till this year. The newly built airport near Bodrum, and the other tourist centered one at Dalaman have become ghost towns, the only visible bodies belonging to concession operators, taxi drivers and the state personnel who wait - in vain - for cargoes of tourists to arrive. In season the skies here used to roar with charter flights cutting back their engines for the approach to the tarmac one after the other - far into the night. Now the skies are clear of traffic, as are the beaches, the restaurants and the shopping zones once full to bursting with shoppers and expats.

    Not far south out of town, a large bay off limits to boat traffic houses the naval detachment responsible for the security of the seas around the nearby Greek Islands, and the long coastline down to where the Aegean meets the Med. Back behind Marmaris town, an hours drive through pine crested hills, there's an air force base near the provincial capital of Mugla. In between, traffic stops, and on occasion backs up, at the Gendarmarie check points where passports are checked, and bus passengers assessed. Along the way, asphalt roads peel off to spots along the coastline where marinas and exclusive resorts cater to the well to heel. Some resorts, built to the specific needs and wishes of an exclusive "Islamist" clientele, cater to an international base of customers with private women's only beaches and Halal dining.
    It may have been at one of these that the President of the Republic was enjoying some down time. Whichever one it was, there are troubling elements to the story which has issued from his lips about what happened yesterday. How many coup-plotters, for instance, would fail to make securing the person of the head of state they planned to depose a top priority? A detail just "overlooked?" How shaky is the notion that a military commander would be sending a detail of F-16 fighter jets to strafe and then bomb a TOURIST RESORT? In the midst of a coup which would necessarily be styled - if real - as a return to civil liberties, rule of law and peace over bloodshed? Another blooper?

    These planes, whether from the naval base or the nearby air force one; would the persons flying the mission have been told of it's nature? It is presumed unlikely that they might have questioned orders detailing the destruction of civilian targets in a non-war arena? AND - if the President flew back to Istanbul, from which ever airport - military or civilian - would it not have been so much more logistically clean to have made an arrest and detention of the target there - with ample forces available to overcome what would have been a lightly armed detail?

    All unanswerable questions of course; but much food for thought... along with the previously proffered suggestion that it might have been something of an error to have left the Istanbul air space unsecured! If a 'coup' is designed, by knowledgeable parties, to succeed - there are wealth of such details to be considered as a matter of course.

    But if, on the other hand - it were not designed to succeed - well then...
    Such inattention would leave you and your forces 'up a creek,' so to speak or -
    WATCH: Turkish troops who waged a bloody coup SURRENDER as the revolution attempt fails
    Turkish authorities have detained 754 people across the country after military officers attempted to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an act of mass "treason", according to Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag. The footage shows between 60-100 soldiers putting their hands up in surrender on Istanbul's Bosphurus Bridge.
    Patrick Christys

    stuck on a bridge over the Bosphorus? Hmmm - highly theatrical, but a little light on logic.
    Earlier today I saw a photo of a guy lying down in the road in front of a tank's tracks. I think that was the moment that the light dawned - for me. I don't know if I'll find that snap to place it here, but there's already a wealth of fodder to fill the gap.

    WATCH: Turkish civilians climb on top of tank as crowd fights back against military coup
    The footage from the capital shows a crowd amassing around a tank as it attempts to pass through the swarm of civilians. But two seemingly middle aged men took up the charge against the heavily armed military vehicle, climbing up to the turret in an apparent attempt to break in and stop the soldiers inside.
    Vincent Wood
    This just reeks of amateurism and the production values of the B movie lot. The guy in front of the tank thing was a one off. Even since Tienanmen Square, any military academy worth it's salt the world over will have had in it's training manual a hundred times over - what do you do when confronted by non-armed civilians impeding you from fulfilling your orders? Hint... you do not stop to think about it!
    Finally, this photo may do the best job of summing of the thing. In fact - it's perfect. Nice uniforms, no blood, bodies, or even bullet casings. CUT!!>!???

    I'm going to stop here, because I'm not convinced that there is much point in going on in listing more reasons to find this whole thing so improbable as to be more of a farce than a fright. That's the "Theater of Blood" part of the title above. In the spirit of an era of Rank Studios thriller horror flicks.
    But the other part of the title will be showing up all too soon as well - GAME OF DEATH. There will be untold tragedy, death, and real blood flowing out of this non-event demonstration of state-sponsored theater. Real soon.

    I've dealt with the more serious consequences to these false flag stagings in Turkey in other stories already. The necessity for the terror state to have people to terrorize. These they will find in abundance now. Because no matter how improbable this bit of theater has been -

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    A group of 14 Israelis is walking along an artery of central Istanbul Saturday morning, when suddenly a bomb ignites - " Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu sent a condolence letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Saturday night after three Israelis and an Iranian were killed by a terrorist in Istanbul hours earlier.

    IT WILL WORK FOR THE PURPOSE INTENDED. Which is to convince the population here that the "people" have saved "democracy" from the tyrants. A sick joke of course. But in an age of the hyper-real, one which will serve well to pave the way towards more murder and mayhem!

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