Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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Dark Nights of the Soul for Precious Metals Holders - Is there a route back to the root of gold's true purpose? byBel Suave ANOTHER 'GOLDEN OLDIE' from the Storify vault A WILDERNESS OF ARID SPECULATION... HOPELESSLY LOST NARRATIVES... AND FALSE TRAILS OF HOPE... Confronts the we... read more
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Is there any real difference between the bankster mafiya and the metals media mafiya who supposedly "oppose" their machinations? Could they be "Two Peas of a Golden Pod?" by Bel Suave YET ANOTHER 'GOLDEN OLDIE' from the Storify vault My previous post described the... read more
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by Bel Suave 3 years ago Details of way our world is intended to be transformed - into a vast "progressive" slave plantation owned by a 'self-chosen' few! When I wrote, in an idle moment during the fall of 2014,the piece which appears below I had little idea of it being t... read more
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by Bel Suave Sunday, Feb 15 2015 Ideas that have sprouted up round the theme of the BRICS alliance of nations have begun to take on the shape of an archetypal struggle between opposing forces of ‘east’ vs ‘west,’ good and evil, black and white. While debunking of these notions m... read more
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