Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness The Hubris and Arrogance behind the Religion of Scientificism by Bel Suave A. Durer - The Four Horsemen "Suddenly the end of the world became palpable again. We see the endurance of the ideology when a Jew like Oppenheimer, the head of... read more
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"Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed Christianity, Islam, Judaism - are these former religions now any more than fronts for the destructive fantasies of power hungry madmen? by Bel Suave In the fast paced world of psychopolitics - and the psy-ops so in... read more
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by Bel Suave An Anniversary of Sorts -how the Rogues Gallery Grows! Liars, Thieves, Monsters - and Agents of a Foreign Power: Welcome to the "alternative media" Five years to the day, an old nemesis resurfaces, in possession of a stolen piece of my own work. &quo... read more
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