Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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A new meme appears - to conceal a new game -one which heralds the final takedown of a western world lost to its own beginnings note: this post has been transferred from the old site but the links and graphics all need to be redone one by one: until I complete that, and as long as the ol... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 0 comments by Bel Suave Day Five: The Phony Coup - The Conspiracy Widens Decades ago, we watched the actions of people making political coups, in movies such as Costa Garvas' Z, with a firm understanding of the actors and their roles. Now... read more
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by Bel Suave Day Four: the Phony Coup It's now apparent that the producer's of what may well be the greatest hoax of all time have succeeded in their aim. Uniform acceptance of a transparently false storyline across all of " the media" - a media which has abdicated all r... read more
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by Bel Suave Outlines of an emerging challenge to artificial political boundaries and the role of the state - as the ancient polity of ANATOLIA reveals itself anew! Part Three of the SMOKE ON THE WATER SERIES Introductory Preface: This story was what I was working on Friday, prior t... read more
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Day Two: THE PHONY COUP - Reverse Gezi Park Exposed - while internet media sleeps through the story. byBel Suave You might excuse my momentary confusion: in the midst of yesterday's tumultuous ride from "Erdo-gone" to "He's Baaaack"(and he's NOT happy!)a messa... read more
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SHADOW PUPPET COUP D'ETAT Yet another in the long line of false flag "events" marking the death of the "real" - and it's replacement with the "hyper-real" of the staged event Waking up to word of a military coup having deposed "the Chief" this... read more
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by Bel Suave Game of Death/Theater of Blood Waking Nightmares - Penetrating the latest Turkish False Flag - A "Rotten Tomatoes" style review of a B-Movie thriller classic. I'd been working on what was probably the most optimistic piece I've written since starting... read more
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by Bel Suave Part two: SMOKE ON THE WATER series - a reappraisal of the situation in the Middle East in the light of recent developments UPDATED: July 16TH - FALSE FLAG COUP TO TOP IT ALLOFF? My last overview of middle eastern geo-political events was published way back in February ... read more
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by Bel Suave While fumes of incendiary origin waft through an airport beside the Sea of Marmara - tides and tidings of a grand deception soak in across another Channel! UPDATED - JULY 16TH UPDATE BEGINS HERE: The dramatic events of yesterday are appearing more and more to be in line... read more
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