Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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by Bel Suave • | | 26 comments
Forced off of the internet for three days, locked out of my own email addresses, almost ready - from habit - to panic at the thought of having no access to the means by which I'm now accustomed to receive "news" from the outside world, I received an epiphany, in the form of that state ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 13 comments
After being correctly diagnosed by our most able on-site etymologist as "of two minds" ... which - like a world with 'two suns,' is a very good thing, rather than a state of schizoid nature... I've realized that the oscillations tween role of "journalist" and "archa... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 24 comments
Has the trickle become a torrent? Looking back on the "Rogues Gallery" of phony resistor sites that I have dueled with An Anniversary of Sorts -how the Rogues Gallery Grows! Liars, Thieves, Monsters - and Agents of a Foreign Power: Welcome to the "alternative media" ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 38 comments
Yesterday I finally decided that the only way to find out whether "Jim Stone" was still the 'real Jim Stone' - or not - was to email the man and ask him! So I did. And, it got through to him. His response((as posted on his web site)? I got an E-mail from "the man from Turk... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 14 comments
As I gather the old research notes together for what comes next ... more of that 'veil' which I have recently referred to here is getting lifted from the parts of my past which had needed to be forgotten, so as to heal and 'move on.' And move on I did - till finally, it came time to move on ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 19 comments
"Robert Parry and THE NEWS." Title for a post which has been on my 'to-do' list for at least a couple of months now. Hadn't found the sweet spot for it - till today! A day when a completely unexpected sense of calm and completion washes over these ol bones. Parry, the much es... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 3 comments
With all the brouhaha surrounding the issue of "Syria," "Sarin gas" and now, the predicted repeat of "missiles over Syria" - one year later - you might think I'd be ready to toss another post about the muddled East - and Syria in particular - into the ring here. ... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 2 comments
“It’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, but an evil, really fucking stupid Forrest Gump.” So sayeth an "unnamed House Republican", as reported by 'conservative' writer Erik Erikson. What a bullseye! But, then, finding a title for the whacked-out weirdos running political thea... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 7 comments
"Tried to run... tried to hide" Long ago and far away… I learned that… When trapped inside a run down adobe hideout, with “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” no more – the thing to do is COME OUT WITH BOTH GUNS BLAZING! In the spirit of which, after another day of seeing a promi... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 17 comments
Knowing of... yet nevertheless, still fearing the inevitable arrival of that day, when the obligatory 'ping' out into (cyberspace)would bring back only white noise... I found it convenient to return for a moment, to that time a decade or so ago - when - in the course of finishing off the sto... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 1 comment
"[W]ith a blessed company—we following in the train of Zeus, and others in that of some other god—… saw the blessed sight and vision and were initiated into that which is rightly called the most blessed of mysteries, which we celebrated in a state of perfection … being permitted as initiate... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 1 comment
Now for a light touch or two... while I get fully recovered from a bruising month of March... and ready for the 'fruitings' of my "Long March to VICTORY" - eg. - the end of the TRUMP DECEPTION in April! The long stretch of dark gloomy weather followed by incessant sky-spraying ... read more
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