Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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by Bel Suave • | | 15 comments
"In October 1897, in the middle of the Dreyfus affair, Zo d'Axa tried a new experiment. Whenever he could, he published La Feuille. The following fragment could be its manifesto: "We will also speak to the people, and not in order to flatter them, nor to promise them oceans and... read more
by Bel Suave • | | 15 comments
This is NOT the post I've been working on and hoping to publish sometime this month. It is in fact a post entirely different than the one which I would like to be working on right now - but am getting hopelessly distracted from! In sum, my powers of disciplined focus have deserted me complet... read more
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