Geopolitics Behind the Mask

Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -
and the geopolitical consequences

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And... "that's the ball game folks!" IT'S APOCALYPSE NOW! FOR THE RUSSOTALMUDIA MEDIAS At the close of week which saw the LAST STAND of RUSSO-TALMUDIAS' ARMY OF THE [FAKE]RIGHT... TEAM TARDNATION appears to have felt a sudden wetness around the waistline... read more
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What's Robert Mueller got up his sleeve? The whole world is speculating. One lad name "Nomad" was gesticulatin - all the while - "look over here"...but nobody paid any attention a'tal to his GOLD FOR OIL, OIL FOR BLOOD series. Sooooooooo... It's official! The world... read more
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A random flip over to the pages of my former friend... and wester world publisher - Jim Stone - moments ago... "Also, anyone can send an international mail to this box, so if (for example) the guy in Turkey wants to write again he'll probably make the front page here (better late than n... read more
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I finally did it. Compressed all you need to know about the muddled eastern news stream ... into one -screenshootable- concise comment which will allow the ordinary plebian access to the world beyond fake news. What more can I say? Every day, in Every way... I'm a gettin better! read more
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In February of 2016 I released what would prove to be the 'best in class,' war college style analytic report on the politico-military situation in the middle east yet written. Because it was released as open source by the owner of the only well read site I could find to publish it in the wes... read more
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Having recently mentioned on the pages of BARBAROUS RELIQUARY that the scent of impending FAKE NEWZ TSUNAMIS was threatening my declaration of intent to leave this site alone for a while... hardly a eventide later - we get the left jab... instead of the right hook I was suspecting! No matter... read more
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