Gold for Oil - Oil for Blood: Part 10

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

Once everything you thought you KNEW about the world falls apart, what happens next? A primer on post-reality living -or - when there's no where left to go... but on!

byBel Suave
    It's only been a few short years since - in a moment of some blessed intimation of what was going to soon go down in my own "refuge" from talmudist terror at that time - I showed up at the Iranian Embassy proposing to be let in to discuss the mechanics of political refugee status. The very short conversation I had with the political who listened to what I had to say subsequently left me with a strange and unpleasant feeling.

    Horse sense? No, my nostrils weren't quivering, sniffing out every current in the air.... but something was definitely 'in the wind' that day. Was it the very first time that I wondered - "what's left when there's no where left to go?" Probably. Though I didn't dwell upon the experience too much in the next few years of watching the creeping shadow of the TERROR STATE closer to 'home,' I supposed it primed me for what I would eventually need to know.

    It's only quite recently that I came across the story of someone else, who actually went that route - and came back out confirming what I had picked up from that brief encounter. This guy,
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    and his site "," are milestones along the way to getting clear of certain myths that impose themselves on the minds of those to who freedom from noahide supremacism is the most important - but elusive - destination on earth! His story serves to underline the accuracy of my 'gut feeling' about what would be the fate of ANYONE who chose to linger too long in western lands - he was incarcerated in a "FIVE EYES" country for the 'crime' of offending a sionist agent. Thought crimes. His story, indeed, makes it all 'real,' for me... the many years of pondering, wondering, thinking - am I making this all up?
    I wasn't. And thankfully, I didn't wait around to find out the hard way, like him. But there are thousands like me, at least as I was in my pre-ActionJackson state - still held back by their doubts, weaknesses, or laziness and addictions from putting two and two together. Their willingness to watch passively as the TERROR STATE envelopes them where they stand, is partly why I write. I was there - I know the reasonings, the procrastination, the ins and outs of letting habit dictate one's fate. I feel I must contribute some opposing antidote to that. But this guy's story is a killer of doubts and laziness - unless one is really, really STUPID.
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    Brendon O'Connell
    Like I was, before the seminal "event" of 9-11. And still was, long after... though gradually less so. Like I most certainly was, back in 1978... when a precursor to the PHONY COUP which I was guided by fate to become the almost sole witness to...
    Yet another in the long line of false flag "events" marking the death of the "real" - and it's replacement with the "hyper-real" of the staged event
    would place me, three & a half decades later, in a position to help make sense of a world stripped of reality. That's what we need to be looking at in this segment.... the possibility, the probability, the reality that the "revolution" in Iran way back then was the 1st -perhaps - of a long line of staged, media-driven "events", by which the sionist entity would attack not just our countries... but our minds; the original "psy-war" episode!
    Of course, it can be argued that there were many examples before it - that the 2nd WW was a psyop, the Bolshevik coup against the Russian state similarly, perhaps even, the American Civil War! But no... I believe that - however much those examples were precursors to the beginning of the main event - destruction of our reality - it required the advent of modern communications channels... in the control of the forces of deception... for the psy-war period of history to become fully engaged.
    I've referenced on these pages before, the brilliant acuity of observation which allowed Jean Baudrillard to 'report' accurately "THE GULF WAR DID NOT TAKE PLACE." How very few among us were ready to take aboard his meaning. No matter - we learn as we go, and always, by experience... hard knocks to the head being among the best of tutors!
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    Brendon O'Connell
    As our new friend found out for himself after taking up the invitation to leave Australian-style gulagistan for Iran. And another form of the same talmudist terror state - even more fully formed! While I personally cut quite a bit of the "FREEMASONRY" & ILLUMINATI stuff out of the equation... at the roots of our malaise there are definitely many western occult movements involved. It's just that - like our current story is going to count towards demonstrating -
    they're all just puppets of kabbalist talmudism. Like Islam... and "Islamists" are.
    So where do we start - now that were back across the pond from "Part 8's" setting, and trudging thru the 'deserts of the real' again?
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    Who is the Ayatollah Khomeini?
    ALSO IN FARSI ON THE MULTILINGUAL PAGE VIGOROUS ATTACKS ON THE CREDIBILITY and legitimacy of the clerical leadership in Iran have continue...
    Alan Peters
    It took a bit of time, and poking around, before I was willing to put this fellow's work forward. His thesis is so outlandish... mind twisting... and unlikely, that I had trouble wrapping my noggin round it - and imaginative capacity, in all frankness is NOT one of my shortcomings! But I got there eventually, due to the plethora of research backing it... and more importantly, the absence of credible rebuttals. It's almost as if - even though he was writing this piece just twenty years back - his work sits in a time capsule, relegated to the status of buried antiquarian oddity. But "buried" may be the operative word - here - and many other places where the deceiver's favorite tactic in dealing with the outbreak of a nugget of truth in their seas of deception...
    is to ignore and let die. Just like "ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD" for those who seek attention, no publicity is 'bad' for those who seek an audience for truth. It's how the game is played. I can attest to it. One learns to carry on - sentenced to silence.