Huh? "Acausal Synchronicity" or ?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
No sooner do I get back on line - some 7 hours after publishing that previous episode of our "Wagner" operetta... than
WAPO come out with a piece which duplicates my theme of 'oil n gas wars' in east Syria already begun... and centers it on our new buddy - Prygozhin - as the master chef behind it all!

that's Porky P to the left!
No fan of Bezos... or media outlets associated with Mr. Monopoly, I'm nevertheless struck by the synchronicity of it all. While I have no more use for the American MIC/Talmudic Mafiyas running the DC farm club than I do for the Moscovitch schettlers running that mafiya state, I'm willing to absorb factual info from any direction... in this case, from a western one where

real news just keeps gettin harder to find! So, as Americans wake up to another day of phony storylines and fake news extravaganzas... let it be said for the record - even the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can get it right now and agin = it's statistically inevitable!