INVOCATION: More "Notes" from Nowhere on 9 11

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Harmonization of Sun and Moon as the first note in the Pythagorean Comma

Today, for the first time since April, the fake clouds chemtrailed by tankers have spread out over the Anatolian sky. When I saw the first, still compact trail hanging over the spot where the sun would soon be rising this morning, I had a bit of trepidation about what might follow. I of course thought back to that period last spring when the imposed gloom had hung over the whole muddled east for weeks at a time, knowing that the clouds over top us would be over Syria now too. The right mix for deviltry to brew within!

What has followed however, has been surprising. Everything I wanted to accomplish this morning of a 'technical nature' has been a complete write off. I finally put the tools away and returned to reading & writing. Watching the voltage meter closely to see if I would soon be cut off from that activity as well, I realized that the needed rays were somehow still getting through. Along with something else, it would seem... that is blowin in on a nor east wind!
Vasnetsovs' "Firebird" -from my missing "Invocations"

It was our guide, Anaximander who posited the Cosmos is created by pitch pipes or flute holes and when the air blows across them the fire and light shines out.

It was on March 24th of this year that, in the story Melancholy Babes = MARY & MEL MEET JACKIE IN HELL: CHERCEZ LA FEMME!  I would refer to the 'glowering sky' overhead having 'slightly lifted.' And in the immediate aftermath of that story, and its' subsequent one, wherein I had described the feeling of an 'internally generated earthquake'  - I announced "When that curtain rises - sure to be soon - over Syrian skies, I believe that we will be seeing what is at the end of the SYRIAN ENDGAME. I also now believe that in a brief, intuitive flash such as is sometimes allowed to those of ‘the fay,’ such as I was fated to be born into and of, I encountered the end of the West."... a position from which I subsequently not only did not retreat from, but amplified the meaning of by describing it as the 'descent into kabbalistic hell realms.

TROTSKYS' TRIP - OR - HOW "Agent Drumpf" ...TOOK THE LONG WAY HOME was written in anticipation of 'the Don' once again 'pulling the trigger' over muddled eastern skies, as he had one year before...

and he did not disappoint. Yet in the aftermath of that fateful moment of pyrotechnical theater, the entire HOLLOWOOD production, instead of igniting into the really real SYRIAN ENDGAME, descended into what would become months of farce... followed by statis, only recently changing back into a simulacrum of 'live action' pantomime. Two episodes of chemtrailed mind alteration on the mass scale... two bookends to a period which we lived through and extended our collective minds deeper into the crevices of the past in the mean while. Now... the opportunity is upon us for appraisal and retrospect~!

Did the west really 'disappear?' Or did Vasnetsov's "magic realism" disappear, only to reappear, a hundred years hence... just when we needed him most?

No unsteadiness of the earthquake type has afflicted me today... rather, its' a vigorous shoot of what has the potential to turn into some kind of 'optimism.' It's about those 'pipes' you see!

"Bohm and Hiley themselves were not comfortable with theories like de Broglie's later approach because such theories imply that any particle interacts via a four-dimensional wave field with other particles both past and future throughout spacetime....Thus, Bohm and Hiley rejected covariant pictures of nonlocality (such as de Broglie's) not because they are technically out of the question, but because they tend to violate classical expectations or intuitions about causality....while such a theory would do violence to classical intuitions (prejudices?) about the proper order of cause and effect it is quite likely that it would not allow for outright logical paradoxes of the kind that worried Bohm and Hiley....what is not speculative is that (as the example of de Broglie's theory shows) it is not necessarily the case that any account of quantum mechanics in terms of more general physical principles would demand the return to Galilean covariance and a preferred frame;"

Breaking through, against all 'odds', Anaximanders' music of the stars is flooding the face of our benighted planet at this moment... making headway against all kinds of nefarious nogoodniks of the russo-talmudic mafiya type, it would seem. "Harmonic" havoc against the forces of evil, you ask? I do not know... only, I feeel this ... so deep in my bones that they are oscillating in convergence with which ever frequency is flowing forth from that vast well of ... wellness which is our celestial "bank" of karmic deposit.

All techne, in contrast, is shriveling... fleeing in terror from its own reversal of fortune, for once the hunted instead of hunted. "Bohm and Hiley themselves were not comfortable with theories like de Broglie's later approach because such theories imply that any particle interacts via a four-dimensional wave field with other particles both past and future throughout spacetime" he he heh... as particles of our past people wing through dimensions in a silent deadly quest which I invoked for the sake of all of us back exactly two years ago... in the aftermath of the summer of TERROR...


today I run across this little jewel from that moment - "WORD OF TREE - WHISPER OF STONE - INVOCATIONS OF RESISTANCE FROM AN ARCHAIC ANAT-OLIA" realizing that it never got put up here - on the new platform! But it won't upload... and so the 'invocations' within will stay here, in Anatolia... for now! At least I got the graphic from it - Vasnetsovs' "Firebird" upon this page!
EDIT: I got it to load up - by waiting till the 'wee smalls'... when the signal is slightly stronger -
unfortunately the thing cut off when downloading from the original storify platform... so it's not complete. But perhaps, still serves, as a taste of how the return to battle began!

"See where I'm going with this? Maybe not huh? Tis OK... I myself only sometimes see the dimmest outlines of this trail, fore I plunge ahead. Feel your way through the darkness friends. Here... hold onto this here horse's harness, whilst we proceed further out onto the next ledge. And don't - whatever you do - look down!"|

How bout that! Here we are... on to that next ledge... still a holdin on, for dear life. See where I'm goin with this now? Well... on a day in September, almost two decades ago now... I got shook outta my  small lil world fo'ever... and onto this here path along the cliff face. And I looked down... way down into the darkness... and saw the face of some ashkenazi with box cutters... carvin up the big world outside o my own fishbowl! internal earthquake #1!

One gomer woke up - at last!

Is it possible that the momentary surge of optimism implicit in was indeed premonitory to the moment when the 'INTERNALLY GENERATED EARTHQUAKE' phenomena would shift to the 'other teams' side,' such as we have seen with the upheaval forced upon our "talmudic HQ bloggers" this past week? Are they 'reeling through the years' of slow, steady rope a dope applied by a student of the 'GREAT ONE' who learned to hug the ropes as a lifestyle, waiting for an 8th round bell he KNEW would bring redemption?

"So he [Professor Tito Tonietti] says that, translating the reed pipe tuning - the first pipe is the number 1 but is also the number 81 as the harmony of the Sun and Moon!!"

Was this what we were all understanding - beyond our meager understanding - when we spoke of the need to "break on through to the other side"????

Some of you who have been here since the beginning, others who appear to have now returned... did you make it through somehow? That would be very good indeed. "J" had always pinpointed the \frequencies\
as the key to primary protection...

while I had warned... in my usual dour fashion... that the coming "frequency fence" would wipe out all such protections, leaving the westerling defenseless against talmudic penetrations. 

As new gamer put it... I am responsible for the effort ... not the outcome... and how nice it would be... to have been proven wrong! Perhaps Senor Reante was right all along.. and some kind of 'holographic' hocus pocus allows one to whizz outta trouble when talmudic hell realms come a callin!

And finally, Maestro chimed in with the link which would reveal the roots of the whole current madness, in the muddled east, wherein a previous puppet POTUS would be shown to have deliberately stabbed the prostrate Russ in the back, on instructions from talmudic HQ... so as to leave a re emergent brethren of the east strangled on a cord of deceit by their own kin of the west. For which today we all face the price!

|On November 19, 1999, Yeltsin and Clinton met at Istanbul. It was the last face-to-face meeting of the two presidents in office. Yeltsin criticized the US for aiding Chechen terrorists based in Turkey. “Well, Bill, what about those camps here in Turkey that are preparing troops to go into Chechnya? Aren’t you in charge of those?…I want to show you where the mercenaries are being trained and then being sent into Chechnya. Bill, this is your fault.”|

Was the 'bruised sky' I described as hanging over the Mediterranean in the wake of the summer of TERROR in 2016 a metaphor for the bruised consciousness of our Europoid peoples, bullied into compliance with a suicidal and reckless agenda which would pit brother against brother, in order for the advancement of a noahide hell upon earth? I do not know... but today, I hear Aeolian Harps from high above, signalling that the invocations made in desperation two years back, were heard at last! Light from the East...Diatonic reharmonisation* from the West!

If you've made it through, this far, towards this other side... still 'whole'... I salute thee! From an Anatolia... time outta mind. Something has 'shifted'... and we are... if but for a moment, allowed to once again share... a state of grace.

This post was  written in an entirely extemporaneous manner... in response to certain 'stimuli' appearing... 'as if outta nowhere.' Now back to work... on part two of 'THE END OF THE LINE!'


*temporary outline of a chord that differs from the prescribed harmony without departing from the present
key area.  A favored technique of the master - Joe Henderson - whose Isfahan I once ended a piece on the old platform with! Today... the old invocations are all bearing fruit... or so it feels, in these ol bones!