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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
At last a credible report of movement into Afrin Canton by Syria forces.

Turks have shelled the column.

What needs be emphasized is that these are not regular SAA troops.

Shia militants entering a Sunni jihadist war zone - and being shelled whilst doing it.

At this moment... let's take a step back to how things looked on February 11th

"Lest it be thought that the Turks are seeking territorial conquests, no that is not the real issue: the Turkish agenda is, though it may be hard to believe, actual ‘holy war’ against ‘apostates in the style of their Ottoman heroes of ages past! This kind of irrational subtext to the geopolitical chessboard in play is not something available to the army of ‘analysts’ who look in upon our situation from afar. To understand what is really going on here – one needs to BE here, in the midst of a very violent, very messy, social transformation of a once pluralistic Republic of Turkey into a medieval totalitarian backwater ruled by a clique of very bloody-minded ‘ghazis' lusting for the destruction of all it sees as its’ enemies. The numerous stories I’ve written detailing this phenomena will serve as background to that aspect of the affair...and how its' stain has spread to Syria.

As my postings old and new have been at pains to point out – this concept of ‘holy war’ forms a tight bond between the two supposed ‘enemies’ of Srael and Turkey. That they have much more in common – ethno-religious impulse to genocide – than in conflict is simply beyond the scope of analysts’ conceptual framework – and therefore is a looming truth left of their equations. The result? Painfully inadequate understanding of the dynamics at play in Syria. A gaze at the map will show how overdue a correction to half-backed military analysis is! The collection of ‘rebel groups’ in southern Syria on the borders with Israel is now augmented by a ‘second front’ of the same rebel factions and the Turk army to the north now. Two fronts from which to attack a Syria almost successful in cleaning out its opposition rebel enemies in recent months; two fronts from which to drag Syrians back into full scale war amongst themselves – with the help of ‘outsiders’ claiming to be there to ‘keep the peace!’ "

I would like to point out that the Shiite militias have entered the Afrin zone equipped with missiles ... and motive to use them. We have our 'second front' activating now. ONE downed Turk manned aerial object - and this thing spins completely out of control.

At this moment... Syrian Endgame gets real!