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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
“It’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, but an evil, really fucking stupid Forrest Gump.”
So sayeth an "unnamed House Republican", as reported by 'conservative' writer Erik Erikson. What a bullseye!

But, then, finding a title for the whacked-out weirdos running political theaters east & west now is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. No matter where you shoot, you know you are gonna hit something!
Does anyone emblemize the condition of the westerling so much as this gender-bendered GOP guy?

Want to see something ever scarier?

Take me to your umm.... leaders. No, no. Not them! Over there... that sign - "Hanna Barbera Productions!"

In the end = for those around still at such time - it will be the complete BANALITY of it all which characterized the last stage of "THE COLLAPSE OF THE WEST." Watching it all crawling to its inexorable, scripted, conclusion now is a truly 'psycho-trophic' experience.... in that an induced 'state of suspended dis-apprehension' is required in order to stay the spectacle element of it all.

And what are the required 'ingredients' for inducing such a state? I'll be repeating several items over the course of the next while, I suspect... "memetic show and tell game" may be chief among them. If...  this despised and ignored wretch was correct in prognosticating the replacement of 'the real' with a 'theater' of the muddled east, an end of all 'news,' and even - the recognition of the 'game' quality of all which would proceed in the vacating of all which had been 'real' about our communications networks[hint: he was]

a requirement of 'seeing behind the mask' of current[totally staged]"events" will continue to be
(in addition to Vasnetsovs' magic lantern!)

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas" applied homeopathically as the dose of poison which cures the condition! Allowing, in turn, the observer to return to seeing what exists, and 'not seeing' what indeed... does not!

Readers with higher than the now average occidental medium term memories might remember my recently writing:

 Maybe this whole TRUMP DECEPTION NIGHTMARE which I decided to let the whole world know about in July of 2016... is A GIGANTIC SNUFF FILM... starring MILLIONS of unsuspecting 'extras' in the western world about to get hit right over the noggin by a 'MOTHER OF ALL REALITY TV' type of 'extravaganza' which only a Hollowood of FRANKIST-SABBATEAN millenniallist madmen could dream up.

as a precis which I have been content to let simply play out in live time before the sightless eyes of a ONEMEDIA and its victims. But its only with my return to the old platforms and stories therein that I've realized that the entire script has been sitting in my possession for a full decade now...

"A slow motion train wreck, the cars teetering, then falling off of the broken tracks, the jerky momentum
starting the next one it on it’s way . Best way I can think of to describe what we are witnessing now
everyday . Systemic collapse. On the bright side, it does wonders for clearing the mind. Distracting notions
of what’s to be done, how to repair the situation, bowled over like nine pins. Since it’s clear now that there
are no more “fixes,” no upgrades, reinstallations, or returning to “classic” mode,” the imagination is freed to
explore ideas that do not yet exist, because in a (previously unimaginable) short time from now, what does
exist at present will no longer, and what did not will have to, cause if we don’t dream upsomething to
stand in for what’s gone, what’s coming will be our worst nightmare.

Like the collapse of the one in Berlin, the walls are tumbling on all sides, and keeping eyes shut tight to it
all doesn’t stop the process. On one side of a day in November existed a firm belief that this monolithic
barricade would be with us forever , a day later everybody trying to absorb the fact the “Evil Empire” was
going going, gone. Well, another Empire is collapsing right before our eyes, and no one is actually looking
at the fact of America’s imminent dissolution.

without myself(as a fellow amnesiac victim)OR anyone else being any the wiser. The above advisement was published Aug 14 2009 - when... apparently,

"I’m sorry . I truly am. I wish I could bring you better news. I’m looking at plane schedules every day ,
calculating how much time I need to leave myself to get everything cleaned up here. I have already chosen
a destination. Even a few weeks ago I thought this thing could somehow be avoided, delayed, or offset by
mass protest. Not anymore.

I was - at last - getting ready to go.

Fast forward... 10 years or so... what do we know? How bout some "known unknowns!?" For instance... what I'm getting at in the above-quoted text....

it is the SPEED OF the collapse which will astonish... terrorize... mesmerize the peeples of the fallen lands -whom I hectored... beseeched... pleaded with... jostled, for -as it turns out - the entire time, to wake the fukk up!... to a pending nightmare. IF the purpose of yesterdays' post was to announce the discovery of the fact that I had indeed never given up on them "FORMER KITH N KIN" folks for the entire time of my exile(even though I thought I had!)todays' must be to follow up that revelation with... \\err//


From the same decade ol text as above:

 "Like the 10,000 year Reich, the Anglo-American Ascendancy has run a few millenia short of prediction. It’s over . But what I previously failed to realize was the extent of the collapse, and just like in Germany after the final surrender, the scale of retribution, of vengeful, horrid, imposed suffering that is going to become the daily reality of millions whose biggest problem up to date, was how to shed those unwanted pounds."

Yikes! Hungry Ghosts of the incipient kabbalistic hell realms don't need to shed no stinkin sheddin 'pounds'... as they cannot eat! Or drink... or do any of the other fun stuff which 'stayin alive' implied.

|The business of the United States is business" said a now almost forgotten, totally disgraced former POTUS... the originator of the shameful sequence of ever more puppetized presidential pretenders which now culminates in the biggest pretender of em all!

The bizness of this small blue squirrel(who indeed departed the fallen lands with me and has well adapted to the new landscape)is revelation.

"I would say to you, a message that I would repeat to you:
a word of tree and whisper of stone
the sighing o the heavens to the earth, of the deep to the stars.
 I understand the thunder , which the heavens do not know, a
word unknown to men, and which the
multitudes of the earth do not understand

was the quoted text from Wyatts' Religious Texts From Ugarit which led off 2016s(post TERROR STATE)story Word of Tree - Whisper of Stone. Invocations of Resistance from Archaic Anat-olia when, in seeming anticipation of this here platform and its themes... I wrote -

As I set out quite clearly in the two stories in July which announced the real coup d'etat which took place immediately prior to the phony one, these Islamist dreamers of the AKP are now nothing more than puppets at the disposal of the same talmudist controllers who run their ISIL franchise and the fake occidental "alternative media" psyops with the same underlying purpose of setting up a staged confrontation between west and east. The psychotic imaginings of a clique of morally corrupt madmen are being used to turn entire countries into zones of fear , terror and decay. But instead of choosing the "villains" of the piece from the convenient offerings of convention - "it's the Jews," "it's the Muslims," "it's the Anglo-Americans... etc., etc., we could instead develop the precision to see beyond all of the masks, and make our diagnosis from the symptoms of pathology which present without reference to the superficialities of religious ideology or ethnic affiliation"

but found only the usual dosages of contemptuous dismissal meeting my efforts to inform the uninformable - and soon nuff to be 'formless' former denizens of a wester world a goin goin goin to healms deep! Ho hum.

\\from the same story:\\

Behind all the smokescreens of Judaist/Zionist/Israeli posturing, the essence of what confronts us now as deadly peril to our continuance is just this strange outgrowth of Khazarian/RussoT urkic/Eastern European/Ashkenazi racial mysticism. It's influence has brought about world wars, the downfall of Kings and Empires, and changed the social dimension of our existence to such an extent as to be the single most powerful force in our world of today. All hidden and directed from behind a screen of dupes, frontmen, and media lackeys.

which ended with

I've used the quoted lines from Wyatt's study of Ugaritic "Cycle of Baal" poetics because they are prelude to the next phase here... which as I've outlined in " Anatolia Calling" will involve more divinatory kind of musings which reference back to the most archaic of times, rather than further witnessing to
events of the present moment

little knowing (consciously)that here we'd be... some 2 years later, watching present n past collapse into nightmare futures ... about to go 'live time' as ONEMEDIA minions stream you the images of the ORANGE NERO ANTIHERO pulling the trigger on what will - inevitably - be bringing yet another wall down...

Well, we started this particular portion of our exegesis of collapse with a happy magic carpet ride to the rescue of the benighted westerling which at the outset of this era I still thought could be pulled off! Seems only appropriate to close it will another of the Russ masters' masterpieces!

Ten Tears After!
Don't touch that dial... I'm jus getting started with todays outpourings of divinatory descriptions of how this all plays out.... newly found from my vault of timeless 'golden oldies' of the vestigial variety!

"There will will be life beyond the collapse and death of the west. There will be life beyond the collapse of the east. There will be resistance to the STATE in all of it's tyrannic forms -- from people who will continue to witness to our human potential for freedom and conviviality, long after Pompeii 2.0 has occurred. Beyond the dialectic of death and survival, we exist in cycles of mysterious departure... and return. Those who have gone before us, will return to our aid again without doubt. Let us, those who have passed beyond fear, invoke them together, as communicants in the grand procession of time out of mind."14/09/2016

'one mınute they'll be worryin bout 'weight loss' - next 'un they'll be worryin bout the incredible weightlessness of bein.... neither livin nor dead... locked in a dread hell realm of kabbalistic kind.' Blue Squirrels Second Maxim of 'the cost of abandoning the real'


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Re: Imminent Deja Vu Ahead! Collapsıng Walls - Collapsıng Tımelınes

Can't help but feel a version of the wall collapse is fully underway but from inside of people. Wander into any town or city and look at the people. Really look at them. See the expansion present. A pressure building from inside like something from a Ridley Scott sci-fi film. The glassed over eyes. Is it the GMO's? The non-stop sonic, EMF, wi-fi, 4g/5g bombardment? No ones really present. They've already given over to some etheric dimension. Perhaps the mass consciousness wants a final bombardment to free them.

And I'll close with an image summing up our current state:
Behold the Pale Horse
Behold the Pale Horse
Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
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Re: Imminent Deja Vu Ahead! Collapsıng Walls - Collapsıng Tımelınes

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Americans have proven that they are full of shit by voting Democrat or Republican every fucking time in every election, knowing full well that both parties have the SAME foreign policy of torturing and murdering human beings en masse if they do not give up their freedom and dignity and become slaves of the Americans.

Jews are evil by virtue of what they've done throughout history.  Anybody who doesn't abhor and renounce the Talmud is an abomination.

For the rest.

ALL nations that so much as have an American embassy or any kind of official American representation on their soil are equally full of shit.


The human race are scum.