Iran/Persia/Israel - the Song Remains the Same!

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"Communist Revolution" = Talmudic Kabbalism in Action = "AltRight Populism"

When viewed through the prism of a century of ongoing radical social movements devoted to ‘revolutionary change,’ it becomes fairly easy to establish the link between Judaic messianic sects and the political ideology known as ‘communism.’ It cannot be disputed that, wherever societies have been rocked by violent social upheaval under the banner of that ideology, the leading figures have been either judaics themselves, or local personalities under the direct tutelage of them.

China, Russia, Spain, Germany, and other parts of what was once called ‘the Third World,’ all saw attempts at violent overthrow of governments – successful or unsuccessful – lead by self-professed revolutionaries whose roots were in judaist messianic sects. Whether ‘secular’ or ‘religious’ in leaning, this  widespread cadre of a collective impulse for revolution were therefore bound by a common cause rooted in a common tradition. Author E Michael Jones, in his book of the same name, has termed it the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.”

 Americans with a basic political acumen and familiar with their own recent history, will recognize the silent presence of that impulse in the various manifestations of 'culture change' which have gone on there almost steadily since the end of the Second World War. Agents of cultural change – whether overtly political like “the new left,” or 'cultural' figures without obvious political agendas, but equally covert ones, have worked in tandem with a media-driven campaign to change popular perception of the world and peoples' places in it.  How that has affected society at large is not always obvious, because the ends sought have not often been openly declared, rather – they are cloaked in a mantle of ‘human rights,’ economic justice, or ‘social equality’ which become code words for a deeper agenda.

Even those who discern such a deeper agenda are most often unaware of the identities of those most active in its promulgation. We have been trained to avoid looking into such background details, and to assume charitable motives for any such calls for culture change. That, in essence, is the mandate of this space, to open up for inspection and discussion the nature of these covert agendas and as well as the motives and real identities/affiliations of those who advocate for them!

Within that general mandate, there is a specific focus which I believe will be a unique feature of the platform. I will call it 'studies in dissimulation,' - in homage to the great Jean Baudrillard - and utilize it as an ongoing tool by which to identify the talmudist modus operandi by which it disguises itself. Simply put, a cloak of confusion hovers all political events, the better to hide the real goal of the players involved, via an organized semantic program which gives terms like 'left' or 'right', conservative, liberal, etc., meanings which not only prevent clarity of definition, but more often than not, turn the very meaning of those terms upside down!

It's a tool which will allow for distinguishing between real 'conservatives' and phony ones, between 'rightists' posing as 'leftists,' and vis versus, between real defenders of personal liberties, and the enemies of liberty posing as its defenders. The many 'dialectical deceits' used to keep these paradoxical disguises from discernment are of prime interest here... because once - and only once - the mask is stripped off, of talmudic kabbalism in action, can the observer accurately gauge what is otherwise concealed, by a now totally duplicitous 'media' worldwide! A 'sword' of discernment, if you will... in the battle for 'truth in media!'

At last, we get to turn our attention to events of the moment! Events such as...

 the momentous outbreak of renewed resistance to the neo-medieval THEOCRATIC TERROR STATE in south central Asia which bills itself by the oxymoronic title of THE "REVOLUTIONARY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN." Events for which the timing of this opening post could not be better! Nor could I have ever hoped to have found a more conclusive way of tying together the twin strands of my researches than the story which follows. It's a story which stretches over millennia, with a connecting theme of talmudic machinations of the kind which "THE JEWISH REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT" will remain the underlying agent behind!

This is not, you see, by any means the first time when the radicals talmudists who foment 'regime change' in the present era have been hard at work in Persia.  When the veil of history is removed, we can see plan evidence of their handiwork in ages past, with remarkably similar strategies and execution! I refer here of course to the story of the man named MAZDAK - the 'lenin/trotsky' of his epoch, and the leader of what was, perhaps, the very first in a long line of 'communist' revolutions designed by debt/usury/interest moneychangers to advance their control of populations and polities.

"Mazdak's movement was a religious sect that had been founded by his father. His father had directed his followers to enjoy life and to satisfy their appetites in food and drink but to do so in a spirit of friendship and equality. He had directed them to aim also at good deeds, to extend hospitality to others, to avoid dominating others or inflicting any kind of harm on others, and especially to avoid shedding the blood of others. Following his father as leader, Mazdak proclaimed that he had been sent by God to preach that all men are born equal. He proclaimed that no one had a right to possess more than did another. He claimed that he was reforming and purifying Zoroastrianism and quoted from the Avesta, claiming that God had placed the means of subsistence on earth so that people could divide them equally. He claimed that people had strayed from this as some had sought domination over others, as the strong had defeated the weak and had taken exclusive possession of property. He described the world as having been turned from righteousness by five demons: Envy, Wrath, Vengeance, Need and Greed."

Interesting what? Sounds soooo similar to a recent epoch where... a social movement loosely referred to as the BEATNIKS preached a laid back sort of lifestyle with an emphasis on equality and 'do no harm'... and gets gradually swallowed up and transformed... via a few dozen well placed 'culture warriors,' into a mass political movement fomenting radical regime change and death to 'capitalist society!' Remember that era - and the guys who lead it? The Hoffmans/Zimmermans/Ginsburgs et al? Yea. The "New Left" in all its glory gory - which of course ushered in the next era, of full bore 'GREED CAPITALISM' after the goys had wrung their brains out droppin acid and smokin weed! Demons INDEED!

Mazdak called for distributing to the community the contents of the granaries belonging to the nobles. He proclaimed that whoever had an excess of property or women had no right to them. Mazdak's followers began plundering the homes and harems of the rich. His uprising was strong enough that the new Sassanid king of kings, Kavadh I, feared it, and for the sake of staying in power Kavadh sided with it. Kavadh approved Mazdak's call for intermarriage between aristocratic women and peasant men. The Nobles, outraged over Kavadh's siding with the revolution, captured and imprisoned him. They put his brother upon the throne, and, after three years in captivity, Kavadh escaped and fled east to the Hephthalites.

The Hephthalites were eager to have a ruler in Persia dependent upon them, and they provided Kavad with an army. In 499, Kavadh marched to the Sassanid capital, Ctesiphon, and re-established his rule. The nobles fled to their estates, and the century ended with rebellion still triumphant. But the communist revolution was not to hold power long. Zoroastrian priests and eventually Khavad and his son managed a counter-revolution. In 528, leading followers of Mazdak were massacred, and in following years other followers were persecuted and driven underground

So far so good - for concealed identities and agendas that is. Now it's time to do... what we do here...

dig deeper.

"This inexplicable failure of modern historians to understand
the communist movement initiated by Mazdak, might explain the
lamentable lack of comprehension of events of a similar character
which are swaying Persia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey,
Turkestan, Russia and Egypt at the present day. There is no
surer method of mastering contemporary conditions than the dili-
gent perusal and analysis of similar occurences in the past.

Kaboom! Written close to a hundred years ago, at the outset of what would become the course of creating the biggest open air prison on earth - the 'soviet union' - the piece written by a Paul Luttinger, gives us the entry point to gain an understanding of just how - contrary to the popular axiom - history not only rhymes , but truly does repeat!

"MAZDAK. The Persian Bolshevik of the sixth century, whose teachings had a far-
reaching influence upon the economic, political and
religious life of Western Asia."

Here's where the text gets crucial - for our exegesis of both history... and events of the moment!

"Again we find that Mazdak (6th century) arose in Persia and carried out a fight to overthrow
artisans and entrepreneurs in his day, wishing to bring a cooperative society and a new order,
but the Persians defeated him and were incidentally led by the Jewish community "Prince"
Mar Zutra who organized middle class and Persian society and checked Mazdak and his mobs."

Jewish 'defenders of social order and the commercial/artistic classes. An interesting counterpoise to what
we already have learned about the "Jewish Revolutionary Spirit" of - the antecedance of which must surely go back to before the time of some C18th Ashkenazi! In fact, we are going to have to sort out this apparently contradictory state of affairs once and for all. Were the Jews of Persia secret instigators revolutionary change, or, leading defenders against it? Let's read on to see what we can find out!

"This monarch was none other than Kavadh I (449-531), ruler of Per-sia. Kavadh was in constant
conflict with his nobility. They were seeking ways to depose him when Kavadh engineered a
poUtical solution to his crisis. He thus sought out the Communist teacher Mazdak and
clandestinely supported him. Mazdak engaged in guerilla warfare against the nobility and
embroiled the Persian empire in class warfare. Kavadh just sat back and watched as the hordes
of Mazdak overan some of Persia's major economic centers kiUing out the nobiUty's poUce and
armies. In the process Mazdak managed to confiscate nobiUty monies and some of their wives
which he distributed among his followers according to the tenets of his Communist teachings of
community property.

During the Mazdak uprisings the Jews as entrepreneurs suffered terribly losing their hard
earned fortunes, businesses, Hves and the chastity of their wives and daughters. While all hope
seemed to be lost. Mar Zutra II, who was Exilarch (Chief of the Jewish Community) succeeded
in organizing the Jewish Community under arms. Mar Zutra's army began to turn the tide and
reigned victorious. Mar Zutra was enabled by popular acclaim because of his victories. The
successes of Mar Zutra drove the Mazdakites to desperation. They attempted to assassinate
him in his castle on one occasion. Finally in the year 520 they succeeded in inflicting heavy
casualties on Mar Zutra's army which now comprised non-Jews as well and during one fierce
battle captured him and crucified him to death. On the day of his death Mar Zutra's wife gave
birth to Mar Zutra III and left immediately after his birth for Jerusalem. Mar Zutra III left his
impact on Jewish history as Editor of the Jerusalem Talmud.

Nine years after the death of Mar Zutra II, Kavadh with the aid of his favorite son Chosroes,
implemented an edict of extermination against the Mazdakites. Mazdak himself was hanged,
bringing to an end the Communist reign of terror. Kavadh's kingdom was now united and
intact without threats from aspiring noblemen. Communism had served Kavadh well."

Now isn't that an interesting 'turn of events!' You have to wonder if "‎Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili" - the son of a jewish cobbler from Gori, Georgia, read and absorbed that story; if he did not, then those behind his rise to power - as Josef Stalin - must surely have! "Communism"... as they called it in the C20th century take over of an Imperial Russia as mighty as the Persian Empire had once been... served the talmudic kabbalists who organized and executed it's implementation - very well! And when it was time to 'turn the page'... the Jewish doctors who wrote Stalins' autopsy must have also surely been a part of the plot by which the pages of history would be marked "Mazdak: the sequel!" in a Hollywood type of manner.

If it's not totally clear what I mean to say by that last reference, that's OK. This is a work in progress. Let's close out the first part of it now... in order to digest what we've learned so far... and then get ready for Part Two: "Babylon - the Sequel"
 with a screen play that the usual suspects are not gonna love!