Jin Jiyan Azadi! Hidden force which will break the pretend Caliphate

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

"Women, Life. Freedom" - three Kurdish words - and the new heart of resistance to tyranny arises - from the least expected of places!
byBel Suave

  Wed, Mar 09 2016 09:46:55
 When President and aspiring Caliph Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed up in Ecuador last month, it was a group of women who stood up in the audience to confront him - and his security phalanx was quick to punish them for daring to do so. The video of the heavy handed expulsion went viral - and yet another black mark was added to the reputation of a person whose has by now become a shoo-in for this year's winner of the 'most ***** man in the world' award.

        #Erdogan guards violently attack protestors in #Ecuador https://t.co/ETsjNhprbg #twitterkurds #terror https://t.co/yfboREraLP
        #Erdogan guards violently attack protestors in #Ecuador  http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Ecuador-Slams-Erdogan-Guards-for-Attack-on-Pro-Kurdish-Protest-20160205-0034.html … #twitterkurds #terror pic.twitter.com/yfboREraLP
        Tariq Ali TV@TariqAliTV
        Mon, Feb 08 2016 18:03:14

    Back in October of last year- when people marching in support of peace in Turkey's troubled southwestern Kurdish provinces were met by the very anti-thesis of their desire - it might have been the hope of those behind the blast - which killed or injured over 500 people - to scare all Turkey into complicit silence. But this has not turned out to be the case. Incredibly, in the face of ever tightening restrictions to basic civil freedoms, people are still turning out - in large numbers - to express their dissatisfaction with the AKP's domestic terror program. But not just any people; increasingly what we are witnessing is the movement -by default - of women into the front ranks of resistance to maniacal Islamist warmongering. Interesting, yes.... but hardly the stuff of front page news.

    However, this is where it gets more than merely interesting - in fact, this is where everything comes together in a wonderfully synergistic moment of real life irony. Because lurking behind the headscarf issue- the symbol in Islamist Turkey of everything which is supposed to support the ideology behind the current regime - is the bomb which is ultimately going to blow up the jihadis, their corrupt system and it's hangers on, and the entire rotten edifice of hypocrisy and deceit which that ideology is built upon!

    Turkey is a fascinating place to hang out - if for no other reason - that to see the interplay between the western and eastern worlds in everyday life. Hardly anywhere else in the world will you see this mix of cultural diversity - women dressed in the traditional manner demanded by Islamic modesty working and living side by side with women whose fashions reflect the latest trends in the west. The contrast is supposed, by conventional way of thinking, to underscore the stark division of interests and values between the forwards and backwards looking elements of Turkish society. But I would argue that this superficial assumption is laden with the kind of lazy thinking which makes for a misreading of currents which are going to soon become a huge force of social change. And that it will happen under the noses of those who stand the most to come out the losers from it!

    UPDATED - APRIL 10 - Real evidence of the predictions made in this article come to pass!
    Family members protest Minister Ala during funeral for slain police ...
    2 days ago ... Family members protest Minister Ala during funeral for slain police ... Ala during a funeral held on Friday for the slain policemen in Ankara.

    Because what the headscarf is supposed to represent - woman as the compliant, secondary and submissive adjunct of the superior sex - a hidden and silent domestic worker and children's caretaker - is not at all what it is going to become the symbol of - in the new 'post-western' world which I make allusion here to from time to time. That world - abuilding silently as we speak - is not at all in accord with the assumptions of orthodoxy and the convenient dialectical -this or that - kind of set up by which most people are trained to live and abide. That new world is assembling itself out of the praxis of the everyday... out of the experiences of what is real, vs invented, what works, rather than simply keeps things patched together. As the pressures of modern living fully invest this country with the same degree of dissolution - of family, morals, personal integrity and self-reliance, the masking tape of reactionary political solutions like that which the AKP offers is badly slipping. The recent events of March 8th's "Women's Day" across Turkey are evidence of this.
    The pictures of 'agents of the regime' shooting rubber bullets at women simply gathering for a march has moved things much farther forward than I think hardly anyone realizes. They express the visceral sense of fear which the regime is beginning to feel from all sides - including what was assumed to be the safe insides! With external war, domestic terror, and the bloodshed of internecine pogroms against ethnic and religious minorities now openly exposed as their only real program, the regime has starkly placed itself in opposition to the desires of it's own citizens - for peace and cooperative advancement as a unified society. But so far, for the most part it has done a masterful job of coopting the countries male citizens into either supporting the program, or at least reducing them to silence. They thought they had won. It's just they made one little oversight... their phoniness, corruption, and lack of real masculine attributes has increasingly diminished them in the eyes of their own women.

    Jul 30, 2015  Depressed in Istanbul: Why are Turkey's young Islamist men feeling so blue?
    Indeed, one might at this point wonder if their is a causal connection between the kind of misogynist ideology of neo-Islamist programming and the complete breakdown of real masculinity into these pathetic
    ISIS militants shave beards, dress as women to escape Ramadi ...
    Feb 11, 2016 ... ERBIL – The Iraqi security said on wednesday that its forces have arrested a group of militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) after trying to flee ...

The kind of individual who attempts to prove themselves a man by raping captured Yazidi 'infidel' women - yet is in fact sodomized as a right of passage by their own jihadi commanders!The 'new' "Islamist" man in action! A fitting complement to the equally depraved western crusader type of Blackwater/XE mercenary whom the west employs to do their bidding in places like Afghanistan and Iraq-
    Contractors Guarding U.S. Embassy In Kabul Love To Drink Vodka ...

    Sep 2, 2009 ... The Blackwater news was, what, two years ago now, and we're still ... Our Embassy in Afghanistan Is Guarded by Sexually Confused Frat Boys ... I suppose we should rejoice that our military is hiring only gay contractors. .... Xe-licious. ..... Now they're saying that these drunken orgies are a result of being ...

    It comes as no surprise, that in the meantime, the growing presence of women within the ranks of the Kurdish forces fighting -and winning - against those same jihadi mercenaries
    Kurdish woman armed.jpg
    Kurdish woman armed.jpg

    Wed, Mar 09 2016 07:38:17
    bespeaks the new attitude arising here very well - if males can't do - we'll do it ourselves! While the sad sacks of the new Islamist world are busy porking each other, in other words, the ladies have decided to take on the roles traditionally assigned to the 'superior sex.'
    Ok, enough of that. Time to get serious again. I've taken my time getting into gear on this topic. Even though my first foray into it -
    A Challenge to Orthodoxies - Women in Islam
    New ways of looking at an old debate: overcoming both eastern patriarchal and western 'feminist' mythologies
    was written a full year ago, I've been hesitant to follow up on the conclusions it offers. That perspective, you see, is so divergent from the orthodoxies of both sides of the debate - "feminist" or "traditional" - as to cause me to wait, in hopes of seeing some kind of confirmatory arrival of opinion which buttresses such bold musing. Yet well I know, in my heart, that this is not the way the world works. Information is tightly controlled, west and east. Ideas which challenge the convenient orthodoxies of this or that are not allowed fair place in the controlled media. People are deliberately persuaded and trained to avoid fresh thinking and truly 'radical' -in the real sense of the word - plans of action.