Last Tango in Trimpistan

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
We all have 'problems' - some, of course, are bigger than others. And so... whenever it is desirable to regain some perspective after a 'rough patch' on the 36 holes o life... it's good to hear about how the other half lives..\or/

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Constantin Reliu learned in January that he was dead. After more than 20 years of working as a cook in Turkey, the 63-year-old returned home to Romania to discover that his wife had had him officially registered as dead.

He has since been living a legalistic nightmare of trying to prove to authorities that he is, in fact, alive. He faced a major setback Thursday when a court in the northeastern city of Vaslui refused to overturn his death certificate because his request was filed "too late."

The decision, the court said, is final.

"I am a living ghost," Reliu told The Associated Press in a phone interview Friday from his home in Barlad, northeastern Romania.

And with that... I hope to have set the stage for a review of just how bad things can get - when you sell yourself... your family... your country... and - well - that's good enough for starters huh!>?!?!?...

to a RUSSO-TALMUDIC MAFIYA which learned LONG AGO how to spit out and chew dudes like our puppet-POTUS Donald J Drumpf... who... I am now able to declare (semi)officially, to be a DEAD MAN WALKING.

If you thing that I'm just setting you up for just another xxx-rated snuff video of the kind which talmudic pornographers have long specialised in... think again. But...

butt maybe not! Maybe this whole TRUMP DECEPTION NIGHTMARE which I decided to let the whole world know about in July of 2016... is A GIGANTIC SNUFF FILM... starring MILLIONS of unsuspecting 'extras' in the western world about to get hit right over the noggin by a 'MOTHER OF ALL REALITY TV' type of 'extravaganza' which only a Hollowood of FRANKIST-SABBATEAN millenniallist madmen could dream up.

It's unlikely that you believe me. It's also unlikely that you took my well-placed advice to read over Gershom Scholems' "Redemption Through Sin" essay... the opening chapter of my Barbarous Reliquary book project... or

the numerous other places where I have left hints of what is to come. Which is ok by me - I checked out of HOTEL KALIFORNIA some time ago - before it changed hands to be re-branded as ROACH MOTEL.

I, however, still feel some bit of reluctance to abandon millions of innocent children closely related to my dna hapologroup altogether. For their sake... and in honor of our illustrious forebears - who never dreamed that we would be the shabby... shameless... scared y scats responsible for the destruction of all that they fought and sacrificied for... for millennia -

and so I am going to continue the struggle... with or without yas!

Yes. It's true that Turkish MIT operatives managed to assassinate Omar Aloush - the man would was chiefly responsible for holding together that coalition of syrian peoples who decisively defeated the TURCO-SREALI managed DAESH/ISIL jihadi terror group.

Yes. It's true that Afrin has been (temporarily)overrun by TURCO-SREALI managed DAESH/ISIL/FSA jihadis.

And Yes. It's true that pretty much all that lies ahead of us for the next while is BLOOD SACRIFICE to the kabbalist-talmudic enterprise of INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CAPITAL. Exactly what I laid out here - on Feb 20th - has come to pass, one month later.

All that's left is for TRIMP to activate his final instructions to indeed - one year after the event which I pronounced -accurately- to be the end of all pretense about the TRUMP DECEPTION ... again send missiles over Syrian skies... this time with much much more ... IMPACT... FOR ALL OF US UNFORTUNATELY.

Are you defeated? I am not defeated. I have not yet begun to fight.


Y hasta la proxima. Life will go on here in Asia. Not so much... in the fallen lands of the west. (don't let anyone fools ya! This is NOT a 'socialist song.' This is the anthem of the Spanish CNT/FAI anarchist militias who - LIKE NESTOR MAKHNOS' BLAG FLAG MILIITAS IN RUSS - fought against both red and white TERROR OF THE TALMUDIC KABBALIST KIND!

A las barricadas muchachos.