Liars, Thieves, Monsters - and Agents of a Foreign Power: Welcome to the "alternative media"

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 by Bel Suave

An Anniversary of Sorts -how the Rogues Gallery Grows!

Liars, Thieves, Monsters - and Agents of a Foreign Power: Welcome to the "alternative media"

    Five years to the day, an old nemesis resurfaces, in possession of a stolen piece of my own work. "New Media" - old tricks. I only discovered it by chance when the latest dispatch sent for publication in the west to my usual outlet - the kind of story which cannot be risked publishing here - appeared Feb 24th on somebody else's pages - under the headline "TOP SECRET." A straight up rip off of another journalist's work - work which must be published anonymously because of the civil liberties situation here. But more on that later -
    Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq ...
    6 days ago ... Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq ...
    What a joke! "We had to sit on this"... until we were sure it was right! Unlike our discredited phony analysis from South Front - et al. - announcing the "invasion" of Syria by Turks and assorted others! Liars, thieves... and phony oppositionalists!


   Yup, the same VT which now finds it necessary to 'appropriate' my work in order to burnish a credibility that went into a sinkhole the moment that declaration of exactly 5 years previous was released. The same VT which barred my comments denouncing that endorsement of sio-con middle eastern strategy, which became so non-plussed at my refusal to allow them to get away with such outrageous agit-prop as to not only bar me from comment, but to studiously remove all of my well- reasoned rebuttals from their pages! And how many times has that act of desperation been repeated in the various 'alternative media' platforms where I have intruded to explode their pretense of objectivity and balance?!

    Few events have been more seminal in forming my opinion of the sorry state of the fallen lands[aka - the western world]than the intrusion into Libya some five years ago. And central to that event was an outfit which finally cured my still naive trust in what was called 'alternative media'. Veteran's Today - with this infamous declaration of solidarity with their sio-con "enemies" - -underscored the "progressive" element of the Leninist "own both sides of the debate" program. Veteran's Today - indeed - truly opened my eyes to the real role of that media in the bigger scheme of things!

    In the 5 or 6 years that I've been at this now - bringing to the attention of any still left alive and alert to their peril among the denizens of the western fallen lands - I've started, and been forced to drop, several internet sites. Concerted efforts, via denial of service attacks, hackings, and/or other manipulations - while serving suppress the evidence I bring to bear on certain matters, have also however, convinced me of the importance of that same evidence. For why would anyone to go to such trouble over nothing?

    In between these periodic efforts, I've spent time on occidental message boards, working pretty much the same theme. Which is demonstrating - over and over - that the sources of information on which westerners have increasingly come to rely upon via the new "internet media" are as burdened by a deceitful agenda as those disdainfully referred to as the "mainstream media." Independently of the above-mentioned dirty tricks, this tenure as a commentator on various boards that pride themselves on "resistance to disinfo" has served to eliminate any doubts that I might have had about the importance of the themes I have regularly covered. The now usual pattern of being barred from further comment, due to hitting too close to the mark has afforded me an awareness of just which insights are the critical ones. They are the ones I now key on.
    In addition to seeing my messages regularly squelched, it's safe to say that, those which do see the light of day pretty much fall upon deaf ears. You might ask why bother going through it all? I certainly have, from time to time!
    But the answer is not long in coming. - Through assembling the necessary facts with which to build my case, I've not only expanded my awareness of both history and current geopolitical events,but I've honed a political position from which to view all those panoramas. One which it would have been impossible to have assembled without the cross pollination which comes from living outside of the western world. Doesn't sound like much of a harvest for the trouble of writing all these stories? Believe me - a political position is not that tired and hackneyed device rolled around in the mouths of those who adopt some jaded ideology or other with which to hector or lecture all whom they come across!

    A political position - in the sense I use the word - is a passport to the world which is shaping itself, even now, sight quite unseen to all but a few of us. A passport ultimately which will prove more valuable than the paper one your state of 'citizenship' issues you with. With it, you can move - and live - anywhere; because you have positioned yourself to understand the world around you. At a time when the vast majority of those who live in the -formerly known as - 'first world' have lost the capacity for independent thought, and more importantly - action - due to the absolute prevalence of hidden but effective techniques of mind control - that understanding is a boon hard to overestimate! In fact, it's worth going into that in some depth, at another time and place.

    For now, let's just say that today - in the "post-political" world of most folks... where all, or almost all events are 'staged - the consequences of lethargy, indifference, and self-absorption are assumed to be negligible. It is anything but, however. In each and every collective criminal act committed by the western powers against the peoples of middle eastern countries are the seeds of a personal armaggedon - a personal harvest of "blowback" which will arrive irregardless of one's personal innocence in the affair! It simply has been structured that way by the agents of a fusion of high technology and black magic called "kabbalism."

    Kabbalism creates outs of conformity and complacence - COMPLICITY - in the crimes committed in the name of westerner's and their "security complex." Complicity in this case, means to take responsibility for these crimes, while those who acting plan them are relieved of that responsibility. It simply does not matter in the least whether you or I might think that unfair - or unlikely - or simply irrelevant to one's own life. There is no innocence in ignorance - anymore. Without a full and active program of aware and constructive engagement with the problem of crimes against humanity, each and every westerner is going to sooner or later find themselves personally accounting for these crimes. It's a big problem. One which I have gone into in depth here -

    Precession of simulacra – the new Tenochititlan
    Merikas fateful apotheosis into the Empire of Terror first published January 2010 with updated intro May 2014
    Yes - it a big problem. It's why I left the west. To come back 'home' and begin on the long road to redemption - by becoming useful to others. But far from being a "life of service," as some would see that, it is in my opinion actually just working in one's own self interest! Working on behalf of others always is - when you cut through the dialectical -this or that - bullshit, and reach the other side!
    Contrary to what you might think - from relying upon the occidental press - there ARE westerners who get it! And their example supply the missing answer to the question one rhetorically asks in seeking to permit themselves to believe that 'nothing matters - nothing can be done' -

    Kurdish Peshmerga's 'foreign legion' who fight ISIS with them | Daily ...
    Apr 21, 2015 ... A legion of foreign fighters who bravely joined the Kurdish forces battling ... A 67- year old man from Canada (left) nick-named Hewal Zinar ... The majority of the Western fighters travelling to Middle East to battle ISIS have joined the ... not least because the Kurdish word for a military force is 'peshmerga', ...

    The Plight of Yazidi Females in Nineveh Becoming Extreme | The ...
    The RINJ Foundation has adduced in various releases that Islamic State Jihadists have been using systematic gender-based violence against Yazidi women for ...

    These examples of the men and women who have picked up and gone east in order to aid the cause of those who are the victims of western planned and executed systematic terror, belie ALL THE CHEAP EXCUSES for supposing that there is no way to fight back against Kabbalist crimes. While their reaction is bold and extreme, each and every person in the west could find a way of supporting that initiative towards restitution - if they wanted to RINJ.ORG is not hard to find on the internet! These men and women who come from the west to help those that the west has harmed are the citizens of that new world abuilding from the ashes of a disappearing Occidental civilization. Their passports are emblazened with the bold stamp of a political position put into action!

    Each of us can find their own way to contribute most suitable to there own character and situation. Through this work of redemption- a word NOT to be read in a particularly religious sense - I have achieved a personal goal of long standing. To deconstruct, and thereby free myself from the mythologies and biases of the society in which I was raised.That in turn has allowed me also to challenge and refute the psychic conditioning which invariably accompanies the them. Of the two, the latter is much the more insidious, for being less visible to the owner/victim of said conditioning. I believe it fair to say that remarkably few ever do get to review these psychic underpinnings with a thoughtful dispassion - let alone succeed in really being able to modify or delete them! So the profit from all of this thankless work is tangible. Every day has become infused with a sense of adventure, and a feeling of seamless unity between the various parts of my life and interests which once seemed so disconnected.

    That said, I have no wish to underplay the frustrations which also are part of this progression. For almost a year now, for instance, I have forbidden myself the pleasure of putting on this platform the political musings - analysis about events taking place right in my own backyard - that I would love to be publishing here. The steady advance of police state tactics on the part of the regime have discouraged such pieces - not only journalists are being arrested for simply reporting the facts, but even common citizens have been swept up in this web of illegal and authoritarian abolition of free expression. No further martyrs for that cause are needed at the moment.
    Arrested Turkish journalists released after 92 days in prison - RIGHTS
    4 days ago ... Hürriyet Daily News. LEADING NEWS ... We are happy to celebrate his birthday with this release decision.” Recalling that ... “I hope for freedom for Can Dündar, Erdem Gül and all journalists,” Kılıçdaroğlu said. Similarly, CHP ...
    Two journalists arrested for story on intelligence trucks bound for Syria
    Nov 26, 2015 ... Hürriyet Daily News ... What we have done here was an act of journalism,” Dündar said before testifying to prosecutors on Nov. ... Footage released by Cumhuriyet on May 29 showed gendarmerie and police officers opening ...
    Because writing is a very big part of my personal 'path' all of this muzzling has been painful. But every challenge contains reward -if we are prepared to respond to it with patience and determination! I would have preferred that all of the subjects upon which I write could appear together in the some space, but in the aftermath of the elections in November I have had to content myself with some workarounds. Primary of which was to get out some dispatches about important developments regarding the Syrian situation to a party in the the west who I could trust, and with an audience tailored to appreciate the message as delivered.

    This worked for a few weeks - in December- until the accuracy of my reports - and the theme which it zeroed in upon - seemed to stir up those 'minders' tasked with control of the flow of information on the internet to clamp down on our communications. For the next two months, nothing got through at all! The silent "watchers" who have the technological means to control every part of the internet now used those means to seal up the channels by I was sending out my assessment of the geopolitical situation in Turkey/Syria/Iraq.

    Though I tried to switch back to the historical precis which is such a central part of the overall purpose here, with a little bit of progress made -
  Back to Beginnings- Anaximander and the roots of The Western Tradition
    the rush of many fast-breaking developments of such importance as to necessitate correcting the many distorted reports coming from this zone have pushed me back into the task of reporting on current events! The delivery of which - in the form of my last published dispatch - produced some interesting results last week!.
    Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq ...
    6 days ago ... Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq ... of the Syrian northeastern border with Turkey and Iraq where PKK militants freely .... sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns.
    Just like "Koos Jansen" - the phony oppositionalist "gold expert" who needed to purloin my work in order to buttress his own sadly diminished street cred, these guys have to steal what they cannot gain by their own merits!

    How appropriate that the shallow apologists for a[nother]NATO phony war - this time waged by the "progressives" who rose to office by lambasting the "conservatives" in control of previous administrations over their wars and false flags - should be -5 years TO THE DAY! - the ones who would OUTRIGHT STEAL my work. Those who have noted my dissections of other co-opted "alt-media" sites like or will see the essential similarities in play in all cases - unable to muster the wit to rebut my critiques of their disinfo, each any every one has resorted to banning me and stripping out the comments which give the readers a full understanding of their culpability and complicity as hasbara tools.

    By mixing a leavening of truth with a distorted picture of events designed to further the agenda of those seeking more wars and terror, this type of outlet becomes the means of fooling their trusting readers into backing things which they would have otherwise never ever supported! And VT provides an excellent example of how that works in real time - via this recent opinion piece which was published on their site -
    The Most Important Moral Lesson of the 21st ... - Veterans Today
    Jan 12, 2015 ... I now ask my brothers and sisters in America and Europe to join with me in a ... VETERANS TODAY: AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!

    and where an astute commenter placed a link to the original Feb 25 2011 story which stripped VT of all credibility forever! A newer reader, following that link, writes back to reveal that they had no idea of this piece of VT's past! Of course not - those skeletons - like the bones buried neath Bulyanhulu,

    Thumbnail for BULLDOZED@BULYANHULU or - Struttin with some Sutton - Mr. Gold goes to Africa - Dem Bones gonna rise again!
    BULLDOZED@BULYANHULU or - Struttin with some Sutton - Mr. Gold goes to Africa - Dem Bones gonna rise again!
    The Barrick/Bush/Mulroney/Bad Karma "Con"-nection to the man they called "Mr.Gold" - the "idealist capitalist" model in action! When IRISH EYES meet BIG GOLD'S LIES ... somebody's bound to end up DOA!
    are supposed to stay buried. And of course, my job is to see that they do not!
    Oh, and speaking of gold, and things that glitter -
    One the very same day that my avatar was banned, and my comments stripped - from YET ANOTHER western disinfo site - - a poster there made this comment, in regards to the San Bernardino false flag -
    "I suggest that when you kill muslims[you know you will want to at some point]you feed them and their families to the hogs. Nothing will make more of an impression on them than to be turned into pig shit."

    That comment was left proudly on display by this American "alternative media" website, while my own - providing the link to the one consistent and factual source for refuting all the Muslim hate porn and false flag events - was quickly deleted. Banned for refuting sionist Muslim-bashing on phony opposition websites. How many times has it happened now? Enough to have formed a true impression of how thing really work in Gulagistan! Silver Doctors, Zerohedge, Darkmoon, Veteran's Today - it's clear that these guys all work for the same master. And if you buy into their bullshit - SO DO YOU!

    If you live in the 'western world,' your are indeed an inmate of that prison zone. ALL 'news' is packaged to the requirements of the hidden puppeteers. Inmates do not acquire a political position - by the way - they are simply allowed to choose between the various flavors of the same brand of dissimulation from which all of their information is manufactured.
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