MAJOR REVELATIONS continue to come in!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

As described in previous posts, the situation in the east of Syria - where lies the last pocket of Daesh(ISIS)resistance, has long been even more muddled than the rest of the 'muddled eastern theatre.'

Now - with this revealing bit of information...
Confirmed: US retrains ISIS and ISIS-like jihadists in east Syria and re-brands them ‘democratic forces’

what I long suspected has proven to be the case! Factions of the US government - literally at war with each other... the military sincerely seeking a termination of the terrorists... the CIA and State secretly re-inserting them into the conflict.

With this next piece of the puzzle in place, it's easier to take my earlier assertion - that there are elements in the administration tasked with the management of an agenda inimical to that countries' interests... and survival - and place it in the context of the overall precis of this site!

More bad news for the 'Death to America" Squad!

Kabbalism is indeed - 'in action' - and if not stopped and defeated, with bring down the house.