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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
A random flip over to the pages of my former friend... and wester world publisher - Jim Stone - moments ago...

"Also, anyone can send an international mail to this box, so if (for example) the guy in Turkey wants to write again he'll probably make the front page here (better late than never, and as censored as E-mail is, anything sent via E-mail will be "never".)"

WTF? After calling me a "fake" the last time I tried to get through to him via email... is Jumbo fishin for a reconciliation? Is the tide of fake newz so high that even the sad victim of a major mind control psyop which turned him from the most effective on line voice against talmudic kabbalism...

into a cringing Trumptardian apologist... has to cry out for relief? I don't know. But it's a bit of interesting 'acausal synchronicity,' doncha think?

MAYBE the contrast between this - Jimstone.htm piece of journalist excellence which appeared on his pages back then...

and the warmed over faken newz fish wrappings he's been forced to offer since then is too much even for him to overlook. I doubt that there's much chance of a reconciliation at this point... but otoh.. it's far over due that the embargo on this reporters stellar work in the field be lifted, mais oui? I'm sitting on the only real report about what is going down in the muddled east - and the muddled west as well... and have been effectively barred from reporting it. Time for walls to fall?

Stranger things have happened.

What to do, what to do?