More Method to the Madness - or Madness to the Method?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
In further support of the precis advanced in the previous couple of posts:

Pro-Turkish Syrian opposition media begins campaign to provoke war between Syrian Army and US-backed forces
"BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:10 P.M.) – Since the 9th of January, Syrian opposition media has – at different levels – been working around the clock to provoke a war between pro-government and US-backed forces in the province of Deir Ezzor by means of scare reports.

Taking advantage of airstrikes by American anti-ISIS coalition warplanes against Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor province on the night of the 7th to the 8th of January, Turkish-sponsored and pro-Turkish sources began pushing false reports of an all-out attack by US-backed forces against government defenses at the towns of Khasham and At-Tabiyyah on the 9th.

...we see the outlines of the collaboration between the Turco-Talmudic axis of evil  - which has apparently decided its time to finally rip off the mask...

and go full bore into war - against Syria, Iran, the Kurds, aaaaaannnnd...

drag the USA into a quagmire which will initiate the fateful takedown of the already staggering 'superpower' which is now - like it's artificial 'enemy' Russia - almost completely under the control of Lubavichers working for tel aviv.

Already the fake news analysts have weighed in on the usual message boards:
"Elijah J. Magnier‏ @ejmalrai - 1:03 PM - 10 Feb 2018
This is the end of it guys: #Israel decided to stand down and de-escalate. #Russia received an Israeli request to mediate to stop the escalation. Israel has lost the first battle against #Damascus when Syria was ready, after eliminating ISIS in central Syria"

That will prove to be an inaccurate assessment - but what's interesting is who and why putting it out?

On the same board I noticed a punter who seemed to instinctively get it:

"Israel's assessment is that the situation cannot be more favorable. There is a front in the north of Syria (Turkey) and in the east (US). Israel will open a front in the south, I am pretty certain about that. It is remarkable that after the failure of the plan having ISIS and Al Qaeda do the work for them, Israel, Turkey and the US are stepping into this themselves. They are betting on Putin not going all out in view of the upcoming elections (which, incidentally, is another thing that makes this moment so favorable)."
Perhaps the occidental mind control mechanism is not as omnipotent as I feared!


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Re: More Method to the Madness - or Madness to the Method?

Let me first say that the layout on your new site has a much nicer feel vs storify. Having little free time of my own (due to usual commitments: kids, work, etc.) I've just started reading your series, and I must admit Fascinating reading thus far...and thank you to your unshakable/impenetrable commitment to real journalism, as it appears to me. I, too, am committed both to finding and revealing truth as should be plain to see based on our continued dialogue. In this spirit, I will do what I can to link your superb work when/where the opportunity arises.

I chose to comment in this article as per our last dialogue the subject of which linked me here: Elijah (as b's [MoA] continual use of him on ME affairs). While I largely agree on your assertion that most reputable journalists are either silenced/coerced/bought-off, jailed or simply offed, what specifically has you convinced that he, Elijah -- and MoA by extension -- he/it is corrupt/fake? Feel free to opine on MoA as well, should you chose to do so ... Again, I give way to your vast reservoir of wit: the "skin-in-the-game" (I simply do not have such time available to me for my own research to a myriad of rabbit-holes)...
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: More Method to the Madness - or Madness to the Method?

Great to have you aboard, brother.

Storify was closing down, I was looking at dozens of alternative platforms, this one struck me for the simplicity of use factor. But, there are literally hundreds of stories to transfer, and little time with which  do it, now that this mess has 'hotted up' again!
"what specifically has you convinced that he, Elijah -- and MoA by extension -- he/it is corrupt/fake?"
Firstly, I want to clarify that - as with Escobar,  M K Bhadrakumar, Meyssan, and half a dozen others, I in no way wish to say that the parties mentioned were not once credible sources on the subject of middle eastern affairs. As such... fake/corrupt are not suitable descriptors for my purpose. The transition which I saw occurring in front of my eyes with folks such as these was unfathomable to me for a long while.

They were not - as with some like the writers at "Veterans Today" for instance, thieves of my own work and limited hangout artists of notoriety - nor, like many in the "msm," and 'alternative medias alike - incapable of doing their own research and creative analysis. But their agendas began to reflect a declination away from objective, non aligned reportage, to a monotonous apologia for a perspective which I now call 'Russo-talmudic,' for the simple reason that it the truth of the matter.

How/why they got there isn't as of much concern to me, as balancing the scales of truth in media is. Whether the device employed be money, blackmail, threats or otherwise, all that matters at the end of the day is that readers no longer receive enough honest data as to be able to form their own considered opinions about events.
In the case of a board such as moa... I offer no comment or analysis. It would disturb me on a personal level, if one of the zeroh edge castaways who, like myself, went on to create their own platforms, turns out to be 'turned' as well. But as I have stated the case to you recently - ANYONE who writes under their own name - or allows themselves to be in any way 'discoverable' is hopelessly naive and soon to find that their mistake leads to consequences fatal to 'truth in media!'

My (sort of)ongoing series 'Studies in Dissimulation' may allow me to offer more comment on this subject when time allows - meanwhile, your choice of phrase - skin in the game - is most apt for closing out with. Unlike most, if not all, of this collection of dissemblers, I LIVE IN the muddled east, and for purposes of survival in a very rough neighborhood, NEED to understand what is really going on, for very personal reasons!