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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As a new day has dawned - glumly - o'er muddled eastern skies, are we ready to go deeper into the cesspool which our modern world has certainly become?

"Ready or not," as the saying goes!

The Mediterranean coastline lies bathed in a hostile, viscous smog, the lingering residue of the phony clouds which jets out of Incirlik laid down a couple of days ago. Visibility, in other words... is zilch. Perfect working conditions for a new round of mischief to begin - as we reach the anniversary mark of the MISSILES OVER SYRIA programmed event of one year ago!

 Afrin town lies ruined and abandoned to the looter jihadis -Damascus writhes in endless blood sacrifice, choppers and jets have fallen out of the sky in the past week with ominous frequency. And now........ BOLTON is indeed.........BACK.

And 'ominous' don't even begin to describe them portents, friends! Going back... waaay back... to the days of sweeping organ band masters of the sixties - Jimmy Smith - "Brother" Jack McDuff" - Charles Earland... my mind dwells on those lush n lyrical times times just like this! Because... when that time finally arrives - to drift off into Heideggers ' "Land of Evening" n join the forbears for the next round in the endless karmic karnivaal...


will be the appropriate soundtrack to the great procession snaking through that 'forest o flowers!'
Glum? Not really chum. It's just that -

When I pasted up that old wanted poster of the IRAQ-era BUSHGANG a few posts back - had I any inkling that the same febrile minds would be walking into waiting western wing doors to take up positions some two decades later?

No. Not consciously. But 'what is consciousness?' And what is 'sixth sense?' An 'acquired skill'... learned faculty... accretion of ancient and abandoned genetic wisdom allowed to fewer and fewer of us dwindling inheritors of the magic that was once our birthrights? Was it 'co-incidental' to my being led to dig back into the stories which CHRIS STORY had spun - about a |New Underworld Order known as DVD - Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst.|??? To which he further purported "the present actual head of DVD is George Bush (Busche) Sr.'' back in 2006?

Was Story - in quoting Robison from 200+ years past

'I bind myself to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to The
Order, in the persons of my Superiors; here making a faithful and complete surrender of
my private judgment, my own will, and every narrow-minded [as defined exclusively by
the Illuminati, of course] employment of my power and influence... I will conduct myself
as required by The Order.... I pledge myself to account the good of The Order as my own,
and am ready to serve it with my fortune, my honour, and my blood. The friends and
enemies of The Order shall be my friends and enemies...'

truly describing the actual nature of the 'fellowship' which seems to be all around us - in the form of political figures, celebrity nitwits... and most certainly, online forum trolls, of the 'russo-talmudic' type... which EVERYONE SCOFFS AT but none can disprove?

Hard to say.

Jung was prone to make a connection between 'synchronicity' and 'archetypes,' of the mythical/unconscious sort. Was he wrong, or just disposed to the zeitgeist of his era? If 'archetypes' are - as Fournier suggested in "Acausal Synchronicity," - "patterns of human behavior" - then why all the mystery about what's happening in our post-reality world?

Patterned "human behavior" has simply been 'imprinted' via kabbalistic magic to reflect our loss of basic awareness. An awareness of WHO is really a HUMAN being... and WHO be merely a 'GOLEM' of the rebbe loew-created kind! BOLTON is undoubtably of the latter category.

His return to duty is  a reminder that no matter how bad yu believe things to have gotten in this nightmare we are experiencing since 911...

it's even worse than you thought! Story was great for getting past the smoke n mirrors bullshit narratives:

" the atrocities committed against British people and the UK infrastructure on 7th July 2005, which were allegedly ordered by President Chirac, Germany's co-conspirator, and monitored by GCHQ inter alia while the French President was in Gleneagles for a G-8 conference. It has since transpired that a fifth bomb was meant to have exploded in the Northern Line beneath the River
Thames, and that, as a consequence, a sizeable proportion of the London Underground
was to have been flooded - causing immense physical and psychological damage,
murdering thousands of Londoners, and probably destabilising the whole world. This
was being interpreted in intelligence circles as nothing less than an act of war - as were
indeed the 9/11 atrocities, which have also been traced to Al-Qaeda, an operation of
German 'Black' intelligence, DVD. " the real ... story. But... isn't that why he was poisoned and knocked off? So to make the world safe agin - for phony narratives planted on behalf of international finance capital in its wholly owned world media channels? Makes some sense... if your think about it.

"Fur uns, der Krieg ist niemals vorbei"

And anybody who has noticed the absolute paucity of authenticity to the blizzard of media reportage surrounding Trimps' time in office should find some relief in reading -
"since the US intelligence structures are themselves deeply penetrated and compromised, especially by covert and even overt Soviet, East German (STASI - i.e., deep cover DVD) and Israeli agents, it follows from these findings alone that the United States is far from being master of its own ultimate fate"
... because.. as we all know - the supposed enmity between all those mentioned entities is all 'performance art.' It is.. and always was, as kabbalist talmudic agent posing as russian soviet mole, master CIA magus JAMES JESUS ANGLETON always said - " A WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS!"

And that - maties - is what geopolitics is all about. A trip through a funhouse of terrifyingly 'real' scary clowns like BOLTON popping up to make you scream.

I used to be as naive and needy of fantasy as the next gomer. No doubt about it! And no doubt, some lingering residues of that same serial naivete are lodged in my reborn brain which brims with 'post-western' excitement over the possibilities inherent in regaining our tru histories - and tru selves. No doubt thats why I'm still a sucka for songs from the distant past like Buffys' -
Kabbalist culture war vulture "Leonid" Cohen sang it first - "dg is alive - majic is afoot' When she sang it... I believed it! But butt... it ain't so Joe. Bolton is alive - in a golem-like lumbering fashion... and mischief is afoot!

Alright. Gonna post this as is...while the posting is good. And then - hopefully- be back with the followup/continuation soon. Shit may get real here any minute. And comms be gone for good. Bolton's Back - and that ain't good!

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Use one computer ONLY to post on the internet.  Erase everything, i.e., revert to original factory condition when it gets infected by a virus.

Compose your posts on a safe computer which you never connect to the internet.  Upload your piece to a memory stick and download it to your 'communications only' computer.

I responded to your query on the other thread.