More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness

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More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness

The Hubris and Arrogance behind the Religion of Scientificism
by Bel Suave

A. Durer - The Four Horsemen

"Suddenly the end of the world became palpable again. We see the endurance of the ideology when a Jew like Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project,when he had to name the first atomic explosion at Alamogordo, he calls it Trinity, which has no meaning outside of Christian mythology. And when asked by Leslie Grove some years later why he used to name Trinity, he said, "I was thinking of poem by John Donne, the 17th-century metaphysical poet, all about the restoration of perfection, the first and the last Adam."" from DAVID NOBLE speaking at Seattle University 1998

The first item of business for a post centered on the theme of apocalyptic millenarianism is to dispose of a false dichotomy. Which is, the notion that resistance to evil - EVIL, as in the acts of men subject to unbridled, or, if you like, animalistic passions - is rooted in religious discipline. We are trained to think that the acquisition of 'morality' and the strength to be immune to base instincts comes from a learning to apply a religious code of conduct in one's life.. It therefore follows, according to this line of thinking... that the less 'religious' a person, the more likely they are to be indulgent in criminal acts of passion and avarice.

I started to think about that in writing the previous piece on this subject, and how the persons who are interested in painting a picture of Muslims as animalistic, undisciplined examples of concupiscence are... like the "Catholics" on the site... heavily regimented against thinking about the serial mischief perpetrated by the 'holy fathers' of their own brand of religiosity as a parallel example of failed spiritual development. Stones and glass houses sort of thing! Just as some Jews like to pose their brand as being of superior moral worth - in complete and willing ignorance of the criminal sexual acts of hundreds of their 'rabbis' against women and minors... or say, Tibetan Buddhists prefer not to look at the sexual peccadillos of their revered holy men.

When viewed from this more disinterested angle, it seems fair to say that religion and morality are no more tangibly connected than other superficially supposed 'truisms' - like say, education and earnings, or "IQ" tests and 'intelligence,' All these memes fail to gain credence in the real world of observable phenomena. In the interests of accuracy, if nothing else, therefore, it is important that they be challenged. In this particular case, in fact, I would go so far as to say that - the acquisition of a heavy dose of religiously based precepts - is pretty much a precursor to deviant social behavior! Pedophilic priests and rapist rabbis/jihadi Muslims do not spring out of the ground pre-formed... it takes time and much 'training' to arrive at the special taint which a full course of religious development gives these miscreants - who feel not just emboldened... but sanctified in conducting themselves in morally outrageous fashion!

Martin Ostwald.jpg
The hubris and arrogance - in other words - of those who would deign pose as moral directors of society, knows no bounds. And bounds are what give us shape and contour as human beings. Those who seek to defeat the boundaries set for us, to tear down all limitations to our pretensions, are the truly EVIL among us.

As usual on this platform, tis time to hunt for the roots of such misconceptions - and the malformations of moral character which follow upon them - history can provide us as always with much insight into the matter, if we refuse to be misdirected into the usual dead ends designed to stifle, rather than encourage investigation into the real.

In this case, the root of such "errancy" is not terribly hard to discover. In the seeking out of perfection, and the insistence upon rising above what is allotted us - in length of live, or our status as mortal, non-divine creatures - human beings fall down into the most base level of existence! We have met some of these 'seekers' here in previous stories. Joachim de Fiore for one - the Cistercian abbot from Calabria who revived Christian millenarianism, which the church had actually condemned from the fourth century on. And though there are plenty of other examples of religious figures who, in desiring "perfection" brought themselves - and us - closer to perdition and sin, the most interesting aspect of millenarianism as a passion and cause turns out to be in the way that science has adopted it as its own!

That might seen hard to imagine at first glance - that at the core of modern -logical, empirical - science lies a hungering religious passion to escape the from the human condition into an imaginary world of perfection. However, recently I can across a talk by David Noble which brilliantly illustrates exactly that. A few extracts from his theme - The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention/Religion of Technology will serve to give a flavor of the connection between scientists and fanatic milleniarianism.

The Religion of Technology.... David F. Noble - The Digital Folklife
The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention Appearing in Center for the Study of Cyberculture David F. Noble Penguin Books  ...

"The Christians put a different spin on it, I guess we'd say today. They blurred the distinction between the divine and the human, embodied in Christ,God incarnate, and especially in the resurrection of Christ, the overcoming of death. And the core myth is the story of a recovery of our rightful birthright as angels, that we were born — humankind, Adam — in the image likeness to God, and participated in divinity."
The overcoming of death is a recurrent theme to the project of these pages, and it is inextricably tied to another one - the cabal of men who have throughout the centuries conspired to remove power of creation from nature and womankind both - in order to place it at the disposal of their own mad lusts. The interlocking strands of science and religion are woven through some of those same stories - about alchemy and magic, as well as the pursuit of monopoly over common resources.

Chemical Yoga: Science in Service to the Satanic
More on Martin Armstrong... Alchemy... and the limits of Occidental perception
Bel Suave

"[T]he Western technological project has been an expression of this Christian project to recover our divinity. And therefore the essence of this project, which appears to be the most worldly of activities, is actually other worldly."

It should be clear that Noble here places much emphasis on the Christian role in propagating millenarianist agendas - a more careful presentation would place that in it's proper context of the judaic project which created the stream of kabbalistic metaphysical speculation and messianic fantasies. But that is the norm in dealing with this subject - the fascination of kabbalism for medieval through early enlightenment western scholars has been seriously underplayed. Men like Bacon and Newton were both hard core millenarianists and proto-sionist in outlook.

"Now, in United States this expectation really reached its height — we should remember that the United States is probably the most religious country on earth. It is really the embodiment of the millenarian adventure, from start to finish. And it isn't over yet. — and that the Industrial Revolution in the United States took place in the context of the second great awakening. And as the great historian of American religion, Perry Miller put it, the spirit of perfectionism of religious revival was a sibling to the perfectionism of technology. They were of a piece."

"The millenarian adventure" is one way of describing Amerikas descent into base imperfection from noble beginnings - elsewhere I have described it as "the New Tenochititlan." At a moment when the melding of science and racialist hegemonism appears almost ready to produce most terrifying results, we should be mindful that the roots of this madness are present in the most seemingly "rational" of men.
Here, we have joined the dots between the religious fanatic and the fanatics of scientificism. The political fanatics of millenarianism loom in the background to all of this. In the end, they all share the common intent of wishing to destroy this world - in order to "perfect" it. I'll have more to say upon that subject shortly!
Release: February 28 2016