NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

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"In any case, most actual synchronicities do seem to involve internal and external events coming together in time without any apparent cause, or even possibility of a cause according to Einstein locality i.e. no communication faster than the speed of light." Jim Fournier - Acausal Sunchronicity

in practical Kabbalah...a good deal of 'black' magic — that is,
    magic...of various dark, demonic powers...Such black magic
    embraced a wide realm of demonology and various forms of
    sorcery that were designed to disrupt the natural order of things
    and to create illicit connections between things that were meant to
    be kept separate”
 Gershom Scholem, Kabbalah pp. 183-184

"The “tikkun olam"of kabbala -the ‘repair of the world’ which that rabbinical doctrine proclaims to be the goal of its practice – is supposed to ‘correct’ a ‘flawed creation’ via the God-like powers it grants to men. This profoundly Gnostic heresy which views life as an ‘error’ to be corrected, and our world as a place of darkness from which to be rescued, was peddled to the credulous aristocracy of Europe as the ‘true’ or ‘inner’ essence’ of their own spiritual tradition. A terrible reversibility came into play - that principle of reversibility which Baudrillard terms “the one of magic and seduction, requires that all that has been produced must be destroyed, and that which appears must disappear”… seduced by an alien philosophy inimical to their own culture, these dupes, and the many who followed, have acted in the manner of the gnostical “cathari’ or ‘perfecti’ of medieval infamy, in perfecting the ‘art’ of suicide by invoking demonic magic into themselves and their society. It is almost time for the ‘disappearance’ which this magic show provokes and presupposes. But instead of the stage magician vanishing with a poof… it will be the audience themselves who are ‘disappeared’ … the inevitable fate of any culture which inverts and then disassociates itself from its own reality." MARKET SENTIMENTS: THE RISE OF VOODOO SCIENCE

Several times in the past 9 months I've mentioned the term "acausal synchronicity" in order to note a sequence of occurrences which by means of seemingly 'random' and 'meaningless' coincidence lead towards a progression of ideas that - once fleshed out on these very pages - have led to some very interesting and productive examinations of .... "kabbalist talmudism in action."

Since it was exactly with encouraging  this kind of "found art" compilation of 'lucky coincidence' in mind that I started this particular platform, it can be easily imagined that I've grown not just comfortable with, but most surely delighted by the CO-INCIDENCE of people/events/phenomena side by side which seems to be a mysterious but regular pattern here now. Under the loose rubric of "kabbalism" we've covered here grounds as diverse as 'the history of science,' the rise of ashkenazi mafiyas as the ascendant force in modern societies, the social dysfunction attendant upon states of 'possession,' and, of course, the rise of the TERROR STATE as fulfillment of the judaic prophecy of dominion over and/or the extinguishing of ... the gentile peoples.

All of which has... to this observer, at any rate, fit together in fluid, hand in glove fashion! Therefore, it comes as no surprise -again at least to me - that in the recent moments when I've returned to the blog after a season of rest and reflection, we've quickly reached the point of fulfilling what I've come to recognize as the conditions needed for a "great leap forwards." Outpourings of spite, malice, n envy - such as we've recently witnessed here - are, you see, a most definite sign of that kind of advance! I recognize the conditions, having lived through an identical point of departure years back, when, in like manner, my introduction of a new, totally unique style of examining the world of precious metals earned me the except same dividend as my work on kabbalism has brought me now. OPPROBRIUM!

If one presents information on a topic in which the hand of the $power[kabbalist-talmudism] is mixed up, in detailed, rational and defensible fashion, I've learned, that same one can expect opprobrium and calumny as a natural consequence. No stranger to either at this point, I've learned to merely adapt - by adopting the attitude of the tracker, whose prey is only accessible by much learning of habit and habitat*
*since I started writing this draft, our man THE GOLEM has delivered his next diatribe on the comments page of part two. With their usual prescience, his controllers it seems have become aware of the need to impede the building momentum of a TRUTH IN MEDIA machine which is chewing through their smoke n mirrors at near record pace! MSG>Maestro - "Pull Out ALL the Stops!"

"In any case, most actual synchronicities do seem to involve internal and external events coming together in time without any apparent cause, or even possibility of a cause according to Einstein locality i.e. no communication faster than the speed of light."

The term synchronicity is most commonly associated with the psychotheraphies of Jung, leading directly to his concepts of archetypes, collective unconscious, and individuation. I have no issue with any of those terms as useful hooks upon which to hang certain ideas about interior processes of psycho-spiritual content, but the opportunity which the phenomena of 'synchronicity' affords is really much bigger than what those concepts can contain. A very useful essay in this regard is that of Jim Fournier from which I quote:

"This brings us back to the question of general acausal connectedness. Von Franz points out that Jung saw synchronicity as a unique and special phenomenon in contrast to Leibniz who had instead postulated a massively parallel correlation between psyche and matter which we become aware of only when it is exhibited in sporadic phenomena. She also points out that Jung opposed any causal connection of consciousness acting on matter. He made a distinction between unique synchronicity phenomena which were unpredictable, rare and un-repeatable and a concept of a general acausal connectedness which he seemed to use to refer to the consistent and predictable, but causally unexplainable just-so-ness of the natural numbers, radioactive decay, non-locality in atomic interactions etc.

 Yet Von Franz also touches on a number of other areas which seem related to but outside of these two categories. Among these are various psi phenomena, acts of intentional divination and astrology. To this list I would add ceremonial magic and intentional manifestation, but these two areas are apparently taboo even for the Jungian's as they have concluded apriori that there can be no actual influence of consciousness on matter. I am not arguing that there necessarily is, but in some cases there certainly appears to be an associative connection and I do not feel is actually "scientific" to rule out the possibility in advance from all possible provisional maps and models based on the empirical data.

What was, as Fournier has pointed out here, 'taboo' for Jung and his age, is NOT TABOO for I.. the student of the illustrious Dupin! "Ceremonial magic" and "intentional manifestation" are two key elements in the precis which I have been presenting since 2010, as witnessed in my original "Dossier: The Occult Background," and are indeed the mortar which binds the judaic form of kabbalism with its antecedents and fellow gnostical inheritors of the 'tradition' of necromancy.

"The story of men such as Francis Bacon, John Dee, or Giordano Bruno needs be seen as part of a thread of malevolent influence running uninterrupted from the remotest period of recorded history. The work of alchemy, both eastern and western traditions, needs also be viewed as a metaphorical description of this intent. Since the prima materia, as with nature itself, is seen as in essence the feminine, the absorption, removal, transmutation and destruction of that aspect are all part of the program by which the scientist/alchemist/occultist masters reality. The same thread of influence will be found by the careful investigator to run through the societies of the East, with the same destructive effects. The congruence of techniques and applications that sorcerers east and west have used for thousands of years bespeaks a common origin, which it is a necessary part of the purpose of these pages to explore and elucidate, for at this very moment the effects of the unification of those two streams of dark impulses are impacting upon us with greater and greater force. No less than a return to the feudal conditions of the past is what is sought by the occultists who now control what is left of the political power of the west." Occultic Background

 Strange as it may seem, the work which we did in the stories which dealt with physics... seemingly a diversion from the main theme here... has proven to be seminal in reaching the point where what I posited in stories such as



... the conjunction and merger of "modern science" with ancient magical technes has been borne out by the emiprical data! "Consciousness and matter" are being welded into a complete ensemble of TERROR of the type I previewed in the MARKET SENTIMENTS story...
where Voodoo and modern technology literally meld into a machinery of imposed social terrorization. And the psyches of those susceptible to its' machinations - pretty much everyone locked in the fallen lands of the west at this point - can be freely molded into instruments with which to best spread that terror in viral fashion/

"The results of these disequilibriums do not rest in the economic sphere… they build in effect across the entire range of society as stages of disease…until the confusion between what is interior and exterior, what is alien and what is ‘us,’ what is a threat and what is safe reaches such a stage as that of the current “War on Of Terror: where fear of the outside/outsider aka… that which exists outside of the boundaries of ‘capitalism’… is endemic… and the previous ‘anti-biotics of exporting occidental culture, education, values, etc is ineffective at containing the spread of contagious ‘terrorism’ … foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists, all enemies of the unfettered flow of money capital. By inventing, or resurrecting diseases, viruses, new genetic lifeforms, artificial intelligences, even anticipating the extinction or replacement of humanity by something else, science performs the task capitalism requires of it – to create the conditions of fear and insecurity necessary to make populations not only willingly give up their basic rights… but to instill a self-destructing programming that can shock the citizen/victim into preplanned death… the harmonious conjunction of modern scientific techniques of mind control with the most archaic rites of superstition and magic – the arrival of VOODOO SCIENCE! As Parisi and Goodman explain…

    Physiologist Walter Cannon in his theory of fight and flight, posed the question of the body's homeostatic balance with the external environment. In his controversial article entitled 'Voodoo Death' published in the American Anthropologist in 1942, Cannon explored cases in which fear spirals out of control, generating damaging physiological effects. The examples he discussed revolved around the dark magic of tribal societies, but also the intense trauma suffered in the context of early 20th century warfare. Cannon was particularly fascinated by the prospect of offering a scientific explanation of deaths which occurred after the victim being subjected to a sorcerer's spell, or 'hex'; death from fear. Cannon sought to show that such instances, while ridiculed in the West, possessed a 'reality' explainable due to 'shocking emotional stress -- to obvious or repressed terror'”

We now have... thanks to our on site "stage assistant" maestro golem a complete confirmation of the discomfiture which my string of deductions has wrought upon the kabbalist-talmudic world! A man possessed of a 'dyybuk' so powerful as to derange the senses and place the emotions in service to the most base and unhappy objectives! And it is directly thanks to his stellar performance in prodding me forwards that we have reached the happy juncture where I can make the connections which hitherto eluded my conscious mind, even as they crowded my intuition.

" Fear and safety intermingle in this new world of kabbalistic numerology/algo finance/derivatives co-joined to voodoo science - where infection of one cell leads to contagion and panic in the rest. For those who doubt that the engineered collapse of the “twin Towers” represented the culmination of capitalism’s centuries-long program to alter our collective sense of reality, there will never be any combination of data points sufficient to awake them from their state of consensus trance. A state of trace made possible by the injection of ancient systems of magic into the sphere of modern technological production –whereby science itself becomes a form of terrorism – and the ‘products’ of this new blending are a compliant, unquestioning mass psychology & a passive population of citizen/victims on which all manner of experiments and modifications can be performed."

Something of that sort most certainly has been instrumental in leading to the sex slavery cult NXIVM which the Bronfman sisters sisters financed and supported for years now! Only 'compliant, unquestioning, passive 'victims' such as those who allowed themselves to be branded on their genitals, forced to sexually service the cult leaders, starved, and led into complete abeyance of normal social functionality... could have willingly been led into the TERROR THAT IS NXIVM.

I've not forwarded a lot of info about the workings of that cult, depending upon the reader to do their own diligence... but the site linked above - THE FRANK REPORT.COM - is a treasure trove of revealing reportage on the inner workings of a modern version of ancient necromancy - combining both kabbalism and the tantric variations of buddhism at their most toxic levels!

At a much less toxic... but still very very warped and suicidal level ... the society which allowed NXIVM to flourish unimpeded has become chock a block with equally mind controlled dupes who have likewise thrown their hard earned savings away on scams run by the exact same $power.

Trying to help victims of those 'financial' as opposed to 'physical' criminal operations was my chosen "good samaritan role for most of this decade. I honestly believed that ... if presented with "the facts, just the facts n nothing but"... the average joe jonestowner would be able to pull back from the bring of ruin before it was too late. I was dead on right about the warnings I delivered. I was dead wrong about the capacity of the gomers to give heed to their own best interests! Westerners... I've discovered... now exist in a demi-monde of "cultism"... serially hooked on stuff which leads them nowhere but down.

To catch the full flavor of what I'm saying here, the reader really needs glance through the period which I alluded to above... where, half way through 2014, I realized that I had the means to expose the seamy psyop that was the 'precious metals' complex to the full light of day. This three part series


published on the blog of a guy who would immediately upon the posting of part three become party to 'an offer he could not refuse'... and thereby join the dark side as a perennial shill of the $power...

applied wit, humor, and systemic research to a topic before only give perfunctory treatment as a means to instill the desired lust for lucre in a target audience being set up for penury. By the end of which series I had pretty much shocked, appalled, and generally rocked EVERYBODY in Goldburg out of their arrogant narcolepsy... and delivered notice of a new sheriff in town. The response was immediate... and... err... 'barbarous.' Identical to our boy maestro here, a legion of sock puppets jumped up to threaten, condemn, and/or ridicule what I had just performed... the miracle of clearing away the smoke and mirrors hiding the true story about gold and silver.

And after all the spittle, spleen, and spilt milk was cleared away... what came next would be a string of stories which made mincemeat of all other financial reporting on the subject of gold and silver = the accurate prediction of the metals' trajectory and performance for the next four years... and an unprecedented performance in divining the reasons why! Did it result in my being strewn with laurels and lauded for the accomplishment. Hardly. It resulted in my being completely banned, barred, shouted down and/or ignored by the entire media complex.

And trained me well for the work which I do now.

We shall duplicate that miracle - and doubtless its consequences -  here.
I've saved myself some time by quoting extensively below a passage from the work of a proud "Hebrew Catholic" whose Frankist lineage is quite boldly and proudly worn on his website. I am passing no judgement on either his motives or his sincerity - only utilizing the information he has so kindly provided in order to impress upon the reader both the extent... and the longevity of the transfusion of ashkenazi blood and values into the MAINSTREAM of the CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT countries of the west.

I do this as prelude to showing that the current controversy over "Supreme Court appointees" and the issue of pollitico-judicial-corporative misogynist malfeasance practiced as A LIFESTYLE of assumed ENTITLEMENT by almost all of those who are part of the Drumpf talmudic tardnation

is entirely missing the point! "Kavanagh" being... the case in point. Creepy Kavan... like Drumpf himself... being no more than a closet crypto whose susceptibility to blackmail and/or bribery makes of them the perfect doofus fodder which the kabbalists use in their culture war campaign to destroy the west.

"In 1760 over 60,000 religious Jews converted en masse to the Catholic Faith under the influence of their Tzadik or Moranu Jacob Leib Frank. After Jacob Frank's arrest and imprisonment later in 1760 many of his relatives and followers moved to other countries and a large group moved into the British Isles and Ireland. They took Anglicised or Irishified names and blended with the local communities. They often connected with older crypto-Jewish families and introduced them to the Frankist teachings. Outwardly they observed Catholicism or Anglicanism with their neighbours while meeting in secret and keeping in secret many aspects of their mystical Jewish traditions.

The first generations of Frankists were encouraged to become farmers, soldiers, priests and religious nuns or monks. Those who married were encouraged to marry other Frankists or crypto Jews if possible. Some of the men were trained in secret as crypto-Jewish or Frankist Rabbis. Some of these men were sent as teenagers to Amsterdam and others places where they rejoined the Jewish community in order to study as a Rabbi and then to return to their communities to marry and continue their crypto-Jewish ministry. These crypto Rabbis usually had another profession such as a tailor, shoemaker, farmer or publican in order to support themselves and as a cover for their ministry.

One such crypto-Jewish Frankist Rabbi was Edward Thomas Ennis who was called the Frank and this was to become his nick name. His father belonged to a crypto-Jewish Irish family of Frankist merchants who came to Athlone from Dublin and bought Ballynahown Court. Edward's father John William Ennis was the brother of  the Frankist merchant Andrew Ennis. Their father William Andrew Ennis was born on his family's Virginian Estate in 1758 belonging to a crypto-Jewish family originally coming from Athlone. The Ennis' were descended on the male line from an old crypto-Jewish family of Cork originally called Anes originating in Portugal.

When William was a young man he came to Dublin as a merchant and married a young girl of a Frankist crypto-Jewish family whose father was related to the him. They lived in the Roebuck area of Dublin and in 1800 he bought land in Griffinstown Westmeath. His son Andrew Ennis bought Ballynahown Court in 1830 where they established a Frankist crypto-Jewish community led by his Frankist wife Mrs Ennis (known as Lady Ennis to the crypto-Jewish community).

Around 1808 William sent his son John William Ennis to Amsterdam to study as a Rabbi in the thriving Orthodox Jewish community there. On his return to Ireland he married a young girl Mary Coffey (Miriam Kaufi) descended from Jacob Frank through her mother Anne Maher (Chana Mayer) one of the Matriarchs of the Irish Frankist community. Their son Edward (known as Frank) was a crypto-Jewish Frankist Rabbi to the Athlone community led by its Matriarchal descendants of Jacob Frank.

Edward married Mary(Anna) Ganley of Athlone. Mary was a teacher, healer and midwife like her mothers before her. She and her family had a special devotion to the archangel of healing- Raphael. She passed this devotion to the angels to her daughter Anne (also called Annie). Mary's mother the dark auburn haired Helena Moran was born in Liverpool and was from the Frankist community there led by her parents James and Juana (Johanna) Moran. Helena moved to Athlone and married her husband Richard Ganley in 1812 and became one of the Matriarchs of the crypto-Jewish Frankist community with the older "Lady" Ennis of Ballynahown Court (she was indeed the Lady of the Manor). Helena was known as Lady Ganley to the Frankist community as her father was a paternal grandson of Jacob Frank. Jacob Frank used the title of Baron or Count as did his descendants. The younger Lady Ennis indeed became an official Lady in the peerage of Britain and Ireland when her husband John Ennis was made a Baronet  in 1866.

Edward as a crypto-Rabbi was also a tailor in Tubberclare (Toberclair) near Athlone. In later life in the 1850's he became a farmer in the Kilkenny West area of Westmeath (near Athlone).  One of his farming properties was leased from his uncle Thomas Coffey. He died there in 1874. Many of Edward's brothers moved to live in Melbourne in Australia in the 1850's. His auburn-haired daughter Anne Ennis was to move to Melbourne in 1869. Anne had moved to Liverpool around 1865 where she worked as a governess for the Jewish Joseph family of Toxteth Park. They then secured a position for her as a governess to their relatives of the Montefiore family living in Melbourne Australia. It was from Liverpool that she caught a ship the "Gresham" to Australia. She arrived in Australia to Melbourne on 22 June1869 where she was employed by the Montefiore family.She married a Frankist relative Michael Kissane in Geelong in 1871. After the death of her husband in 1890 she ceased her secret Frankist observances and reared her younger children in the ordinary observances of Irish Catholicism.

Anne was a teacher and midwife like her mother before her. After her marriage she moved to Echuca. Her brother John Ennis joined them in Echuca and became a farmer there in 1887. She ran a school house in Echuca on the family property called Boileau, her daughter Johanna also taught for a time at her school. She is also said to have later moved to West Melbourne where she ran a nursing home for expectant mothers. In 1908 she went to Western Australia (with her daughter Johanna (Hannah) and her small grandchildren on a ship) where some of her children had moved in the late 1890's to the Goldfields (Kanowna and Coolgardie). The men are said to have travelled by land in wagons. In Western Australia she started a maternity nursing home in the town of Wagin and lived there until her death in 1931.

After the death of Anne's husband and two daughters to yellow fever around 1890 she became a deeply devout Catholic and ceased to follow the secret Frankist Jewish ways which caused some conflict with her daughter Johanna (who also had dark auburn hair like her mother) who had returned to the Jewish faith while living in Melbourne where she worked for Rabbi Elias Blaubaum of the St Kilda Synagogue. Johanna's older sister Mary Ann (Molly) Kissane married her cousin Michael (Mick) Joseph Ennis (a son of Anne's brother Patrick Ennis of Westmeath near Athlone). Anne's younger sister Rose (Hebrew name Shoshanah) also in the 1870's arrived in Melbourne from Ireland where she married and raised a family."


Ellen Looney Downey: Irish Frankist Matriarch

"In the 1760's a number of Frankist families moved from Poland and Germany to Ireland. Some of these families moved to the areas of the counties of Waterford and Cork in southern Ireland where there had been a crypto-Jewish community since the 16th century. These families took Irish surnames and outwardly observed the customs of the other Irish Catholics but in the home and in their own Frankist meeting they observed their own Jewish Frankist customs. They intermarried mainly with only those of other Frankist or Crypto-Jewish families. These families maintain their Jewish identity in secret for a few generations before being totally assimilated into the surrounding culture.

One of the descendants of these families was Ellen Looney who was born in 1833 in County Waterford in Ireland. Her father John Looney on his paternal line came from one of the older Sefardi crypto-Jewish families that had been in Ireland since the 16th century. The Looney family were descended from Juan da Luna of Spain and Portugal. John Looney had been born in Waterford in 1798 where his parents Gerard Looney and Catherine Murray had moved from Youghal in Cork. The Murray family were also known as the Murzynski family before they arrived in Ireland in the 1760's with the other Frankist families.

Youghal was a centre of crypto-Jewish activity and in the 16th century two of the Mayors of Youghal had been openly Jewish from the Annyas (Ennis/ Anes) family that were Sefardi Jews from Portugal. The da Luna or Looney family intermarried with the Annyas or Ennis family. A small Jewish community of Marranos Jews was established in Cork City before 1690 and that these were members of the Commissariat of the Duke of Marlborough's army recruited by Isaac Pereyra, Commissary General of the Army in Ireland.

Ellen Looney's mother was known as Hanora or Hannah O'Connor and her Jewish name was Chana Kinnor. Chana's parents were Frankists who settled near Cork and Hanora was born in Cobh near Cork around 1811. She later lived in Fermoy with her family. Her father David Kinnor (O'Connor) had been born in the Rhineland in Germany. Kinnor means Harp in Hebrew and the Kinnor family claimed to be descended from King David. David's grandfather David Menke Kinnor was born in Poland in 1730 and moved to Germany where he was also known as David Harf. The Jewish Kinnor family may have arrived in Poland in the 17th century from Scotland.

The Kinnear or Kinnor family in Scotland were crypto-Jews (and part of a crypto-Jewish network of families) who reverted to open Judaism in Poland. In the 12th century the Kinnor family settled in Fife at the Priory of St Andrew and Kinneir in Fife was taken from their surname. Le Kinnor in Normandy in France had been their home before coming to Scotland in the reign of King David I of Scots. Michael le Kinnor (de Kyner) was the founder of the family in Scotland and the Kinnear family were descended from his son Simon de Kyner. At this time a number of crypto-Jewish and Jewish families moved to Scotland due to trading possibilities and messianic excitement among some Jews of a new Davidic King in the north.

Hanora O'Connor's mother Mary Maher (Miriam Mayer) was born in Ireland in 1787 of a Frankist family descended from Jacob Frank the Rebbe or Tzaddik of the Frankists. Two of Hanora's brothers Michael and James became Catholic Bishops in America.

When Ellen Looney's parents moved to England to escape the Potato Famine, Ellen decided to stay behind in Cappoquin, Waterford. However within a short time she had lost her employment and was forced to enter the workhouse in Dungarvan in Waterford County. At this time most of the farmers had to dismiss their servants due to their increasing poverty. She in 1849 as part of a group of workhouse orphan girls went to Australia and worked initially for a family in Geelong in Victoria. In 1850 at Port Fairy in Victoria she married Robert Downey who was a former convict who also came from one of the Waterford crypto-Jewish Frankist families. His father was Denis Downey (aka Dionzy Dawosky). Robert had been sent to Australia in 1837 and received his ticket of leave in 1846. He had been convicted on 16 July 1836 at Waterford.

Ellen and Robert Downey had a large family and left alot of descendants in Australia. The eldest two caused the family great heart-ache as Daniel Downey was imprisoned for being an arsonist and their daughter Susan was in and out of asylums. Robert in 1870 was tragically killed when he fell off his dray and was run over by his own cart. Ellen would remarry to another one of the crypto-Jews descended from the Ahearn family of Youghal. She had a daughter Kitty (Catherine) from this second marriage. Ellen would live until 1919 until she was about 86. On her tombstone it says she was 90, but death ages on tombstones are often incorrect.

Ellen's daughter Ellen Downey from her first marriage seems to have married another Australian-born Irishman of crypto-Jewish ancestry John Cavanagh. The surname Cavanagh coming from the Hebrew word Kevanah (meaning devotion or intensity in prayer). However by this time the Jewish customs of the family would probably have been minimal and they were totally assimilated into Irish Catholicism of their neighbours by the 20th century. The Potato famine's beginning in 1845 in Ireland no doubt played a large role in the disruption of the networks of crypto-Jewish and Frankist families

Yes... I saved the best for last. Cavan/Kavan ...agh being a Classic example of the ruse by which a crypto/marrano/frankist family adopts a name which is both covertly reflective of their 'real' identity... and overtly conforming with their new surroundings. But in the case of "kavanah" we have a richness of judaic 'in joke' which  beggars belief.

"the Rabbinic concept of kavanah refers to one’s intention, concentration, directing the mind to the meaning of words uttered or acts performed. The question of kavanah is also discussed with regard to prayer and with regard to the performance of mitzvot. In connection with the mitzvot, the Talmud, in a number of places, records a debate among the teachers about whether kavanah is essential. All agree that the ideal is to have the intention of carrying out a mitzvah when one is about to carry it out to demonstrate that the act is not a mechanical one but is carried out in order to do God’s will.

Among the Kabbalists (Jewish mystics), especially in the Lurianic system, the whole ideal of kavanah in prayer is given a new turn. The Lurianic Kabbalists use the plural kavanot, by which they mean not concentration on the plain meaning of the words, but on the map of the Sefirot (the Kabbalistic concept of the various manifestations of God) and the numerous combinations of these. Every word of the prayers hints at one or another of the details in the unfolding of the worlds on high, and the mystic adept is expected to have these kavanot in mind as each stage of the prayers leads him from higher to ever higher world." https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/kavvanah-intention/

The unusually long quoted excerpts included here serve one key purpose  - to enforce in the readers' mind the PREVALENCE of sephardic and ashkenazi families embedded within their own ethnic communities... FOR CENTURIES NOW!  It's not a matter of smatterings of isolated intermarriage and or occasional infiltration of religious institutions...

the FRANKISTS LITERALLY TOOK OVER THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Yes...I can supply the names and antecedents of over a dozen "bishops" of that sect of christianity who were born into FRANKIST households which followed their leaders instructions to convert whilst maintaining their true convictions in secret.

Yes, the reported "information" that there are 6 "Catholics" and three "jews" on the bench of the US Supreme Court is studied "disinformation," for the consumption of rubes who really believe everything they read. For every over "jew" who is in a position of power in the USA, there are two at least who are secret followers of the frankist-sabbatean judaic heresy. And the cloaking of this FACT HAS been so effective that...

when at last one such as myself begins to peel way the magical rings of the wizardry...
cue the assigned Balrogs to come out and... begin the beguine.

 At all times, it must be remembered that the kabbalist-talmudists worst nightmare is those who would stray from the cult. It is for that reason our golem maestro is desperate to undo the damage wrought by one saying the truth...

no, jews are not evil by way of birth. No not all judaically born are incorrigible supremacists, liars, evil-doers etc.,

no there is no closed door between the gentile and judaic worlds such that an alliance between those of good faith within both cannot be achieved for our mutual survival.

One Gilad Atzmon is like an army that terrorises the dreams of the talmudist! At all costs, the barriers must remain up...
so that every jew believes that the goyim hate them, and therefore that they must remain in their ghetto of judaism and... so that indeed... goyim are taught to hate the judaics as a race. No exceptions. A centuries old scam.

Protocol 4:1

“Every republic passes through several stages. The first of these is comprised in the early days of mad raging by the blind mob, tossed hither and thither, right and left: the second is demagogy from which is born anarchy, and that leads inevitably to despotism - not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism, but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expanding its resources on the rewarding of long services.”


In veering over to the side of current happenings of American domestic political theater, I've been forced to move the NXIVM series to a different vantage point from which to view the collapse of western civil society, and the imposition of noahide terror. I wasn't quite sure how to pull it all together until today. That's what I have our maestro to thank for - its' always been my most rabid and febrile critics who  have galvanized me to break through my own barriers and achieve the kind of writing which I would wish to be my legacy. This is what happened in 2014, which lead to the GOLDEN FLEECE[ING] series... in 2016 with the GOLD FOR OIL series, and will now bring about something which doesn't even yet have a name, but will surely follow the present NXIVM with new power and precision.

Drumpfs pillaging gang of new, russo-talmudic Chabad gangsters, old Ladino mafiya figures like jaime dimon and the GOLDMANITES, is something I've hammered away about as the overt and obvious result of his being placed in power. However, to this point I've not clearly enunciated the exact 'mechanism' which underpins the successful imposition of that gang upon its victims.

Just as Obama was a product of the Chicago talmudic mafiya and New York/Hollowwood dollars, so Drumpf is an obvious scion of the old Lansky Mafiya. That's old news. But... butt...

the army of closet frankists who are embedded so deeply in western society now... the "Kerrys," "Coffeys" "Kavanaghs" joined by an equal measure of old Scottish family names starting with Sinclair and working right thru the list.... the Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, French, German and Italian names of like pedigree...
which has been assembled to complete the task of taking apart the west... is still unknown to its victims. What this present series needs to do is connect up the dots between the dysfunctional, serial drunken and asocial sexual peccadillos of an entitled frankist frat boy like Brett... and a thousand small handed(or other body parts)losers like him...

and the serial torture, blackmail, sex trafficking and abuse which the Bronfmans and their Keith Raniere cult set up in the open for all to.. not see. The former are clearly marked as men who are expected to work in the upper circles of government and judiciary to bring about the sectarian passions which will light the now inevitable civil strife by which the empire falls upon its' own sword. The later are the little maggots whose serial debaucheries of an already pornographized social fabric are designed to create the fatal divisions tween genders which will fester into a different front in the WAR PON YOU.  For more than 80 years, Frankists have been placed upon the bench of the American supreme court... Felix Frankfurter being merely one of the more obvious plants.

In penning the prophecies contained in stories like Precession of Simulacra & Twilight of the West, I simply followed upon the premonitions of Baudrillard as to the fate of all those who would ignore the real peril in their midst. By defining that peril in terms of its talmudic kabbalist origins, and further outlining the process by which a kind of 'demonic possession' of the dyybuk kind would slowly erode the psyches of all those refused to prepare themselves for staying 'whole,' in an unholy world, I took his warnings to the level of the conscious... where they could be dealt with proactively. Yet, here we are, some ten years later, that opportunity squandered by a generation of westerlings about to 'enter the maelstrom!'   We are now witness to the results of that erosion of survival instinct right here in our presence, and must take the cautionary tale of maestro the talmudic torture toy to heart! Swim... or sink!

Then we will be ready to move on to where I wish this platform to go. Free of the baggage of blowhards whose own fragile egos and personal lack of socialisation led them into becoming weaponized drones of talmudist intent, sent here on a fruitless mission to shut the truth down.

In the meanwhile, what remains is the task of making clear the connections hitherto not evident...due to the absence of journalistic integrity of the truth in media kind...

the modern employment of sexual blackmail, torture, slavery, and its' enthno-religious antecedents in other parts of the world, in such a way as to point towards a binding tradition of evil and malice ... now spread virally right into the bloodstream of the western body politic, such that we arrive at the point where a Craven Kavan craving the power of ultimate and lifetime authority to dictate noahide law to the befuddled remnants of a society in the last stages of decay, is made out to be a martyr for the cause of 'justice' and fair play.

I wasn't anywhere near a 'school' in abouts 1982, so as to know what were the 'norms' of social scenes and gender relations among rich kids of that generation. But from what I'm reading on the comments pages of the kind of blog which encourages this craven mythologizing of a socially inept kid with a raft of entitlement issues...

he's to be considered a "normal lad" of his times. Spiking the punch, drowining himself in booze, hitting on the women after making them snooze n woozy? This is psychotic, not 'normal'...unless psychotic IS the new 'normal!' And judging from the debacle of the NXIVM cult.... that very well might be. There appears to be no moral low which cannot now be accommodated for under the term 'normal' in this modern dsytopia.

Claire Bronfman has now assembled a 'team' of almost thirty lawyers to 'defend' her right to indulge in equivalent behaviour and worse. Along with a phalanx of private investigators/hit men who are assigned to track down potential cult defectors who might testify as to the true nature of her cult and her self. In reading through the story of NXIVM, we can indeed see the same issues of entitlement, abuse of power, money run roughshod over justice. The same abusive misogynist values as will be applied collectively by TEAM TRUMP and his talmudic backers to every and all situation where their numerous pecadillos are exposed to public view.

It's indeed rather telling that Brett Kavanagh was part of the Ken Starr legal team which worked so assiduously for the covering up and then watering down of the judicial consequences of DRUMP BUDDY Jeffy Epsteins' serial sexual abuse/trafficking of gentile{'younger side']women. Like Drumpf learned his 'trade' at the side of pedophilic monster and mafiya enabler Roy Cohn, Brett was instructed in his by the best of class legal swamp critters of his own day.

And now... he's supposed to be ready and able to claim his reward - lifetime sinecure ruling over an abject America no longer in the possession of its own heritage of English Common Law - impartial justice for all!
What a crock of craven crookery, packaged up and sold as 'a revolution of the right.' The right to rape n pillage, just as in the 'good ol times' of 'angry god-fearing' genocidal judaic prophets n pharisees!

Seems we've provoked a reaction from that very tradition on these very pages! Hurrah! Such merriment simply sharpens my sword for further sallies forth upon the 'talmudic tap root' blog:

I'd like to think it will have become clear in the course of this post why I have mentioned 'synchronicity,' and how Jim Fourniers' interesting take on it has become a guiding principle of the sites' evolution. We can get inspiration from the strangest of places... and the kind that I've grown accustomed to receiving comes from very strange - and unfriendly - places indeed. As a new reader recently reminded me - some very good truthtelling websites have been destroyed/degraded due to having hit the mark too well, too many times. Rather than see that happen here, we've reached the happy juncture where I've forcibly defined this site as being distinct from the "mark glenn" type of 'hate the jews' psyop talmudic kabbalism uses to disguise itself with. It's all good... when processed and detoxed in the manner I've grown accustomed to farming these forty acres of the really real!

Well spread... is well tread! Read n weep all ye who thought to turn your tricks on these pages.

Comin up...Part Four... [no, I've not forgotten our lad Schwaller et al., its' rather, I'm deluged with new information which it will be my delight to put forward for the discerning among us.

"In 1564, John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica cemented the relation between mathematics, science, magic and alchemy in the western imagination. His master work was the culmination of his studies in Prague with the rabbi Judah Loew – he who reputedly created the “Golem” out of dead matter – from whom he apparently learned the magical invocations and communication with spirits which would become the underpinnings of the many ‘secret societies’ through which the spread of hermetic and Babylonian esotericism would develop amongst the European intelligentsia and upper classes, in tandem with the spread of the economic conceptions we have looked into in these first two parts. Indeed, so clear is the connection, that the members of the “Lunar Society” – a group of scientists dedicated to promoting scientific invention as the progenitor of utopian social visions, Darwin’s grandfather amongst them – called themselves the “Merchants of Light!” The transposition of esoteric magic with Christian tradition would lead directly to the Luciferian/Satanic undercurrents of the C19th… just as esoteric gematria would lead directly to the develop of arcane structures of finance ever more divorced from connection to real things and real value. It could well be said that the self-proclaimed ‘inventors’ of the modern ‘derivatives’ contracts – William Lawson, and our old friend Richard Sandor amongst them, are simply necromancers of the oldest kind – enveloping our modern world in the smoke and mirrors of the stage magicians art in time honored fashion." -Market Sentiments - the Rise of Voodoo Science


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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

Interesting blog.  This be Bobeore from ZH, I reckon.  So you guys believe in demons and magic?  You believe that Jews don't believe in the Torah and the Talmud?
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Always been a deep question of mine why in the Sefirot tree of life there are ten points and not the `expected,’ by my intuition,  twelve. This has always felt very counter-intuitive to me as twelve points of manifestation are held true in many of the more ancient systems that can be validated, and in particular the Chinese medical model of the twelve energetic meridians. The concept of the twelve seems so inherently part of the structure of life for me that I was gobsmacked when I learned that part of the motivation for the creation of the metric system was to remove the concept of the `twelve’ equating with a `ruler’. So why ten?

The more I delve into the concept of the `electric universe’, the more this need for an `electrical transformer’ to step-down the universal electric current for expression in our universe and ultimately in our body and expression. If my line of thinking is accurate, then a deceptive form of this step-down model was needed and perhaps that is the Sefirot as presented.

Perhaps there is a more hidden form of the Sefirot. Or it may be easier to take it as an irrelevant misdirect. But curiosity always gets the better of me and I want to know what the missing-two are. LOL. OR, the whole thing is a made up charade foisted on the world.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

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Hi Guy,

Err... no...
I don't know ANYONE who believes that. Why do you ask? Do you? \that would be kinda weird\

But I DO believe there to be ... certain parties of mediocre intellectual capacities whose inability to parse the contents of this site lead them to laughably mistaken conclusions! They operate from within - it seems - a certain framework of materialistic 'literalism' not uncommon to the

bean counter
craven profit seeker

type of asocial psychopath. In fact... I know one such person who seems compulsively obsessed with finding someone - anyone - who DOES believe all that... for reasons best know to themselves.

Hey! If you like, I could give you that guys' email address - maybe you two could hook up - and have some great... internal dialogues, err, I mean ... conversations! Whaddya say big feller?
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

In reply to this post by J
In keeping with my overall theme -

that the numerological, theological, teological and ideological systems of the angry god religions are a direct result of the flight of those critters antecedents from a milieu(to be variously posited to "the southern siberian," "altaic mountains," or more estorically and less accurately -- "shambala," "agartha" etc.,

wherein the feminine principle held the ascendance...

we would do well to look at THE NINES as a now purged but once popular 'yardstick' which neither negates nor 'rules out' "twelverism" but supplements its significance as being an also modified marker. Chinese mythology -as well as medicine - has mostly redacted the presence of the nines from its accepted corpus, but digging just a lil deeper shows us the presence of the Nine Numina—the original ultimate powers in Shang Qing parlance. The goddess herself is called Nine Radiance, and Queen Mother of the Nine Heavens.

These unpartnered feminine spiritual/shamanic "wang mu's" are a sure sign that the later diaspora of angry guys who needed to invent new systems in place of old magic were ADDING to ... and well as subtracting from... the deeper truths of our existence.

How that all plays out in terms of herz and volts is 'beyond me!'
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
You guys never give a straight answer around here, do you?

You quoted stuff like ""In any case, most actual synchronicities do seem to involve internal and external events coming together in time without any apparent cause, or even possibility of a cause according to Einstein locality i.e. no communication faster than the speed of light." Jim Fournier - Acausal Sunchronicity

“in practical Kabbalah...a good deal of 'black' magic — that is,
    magic...of various dark, demonic powers...Such black magic
    embraced a wide realm of demonology and various forms of
    sorcery that were designed to disrupt the natural order of things..."

"The “tikkun olam"of kabbala -the ‘repair of the world’ which that rabbinical doctrine proclaims to be the goal of its practice – is supposed to ‘correct’ a ‘flawed creation’ via the God-like powers it grants to men."

And you write stuff like "since I started writing this draft, our man THE GOLEM has delivered his next diatribe" and "where voodoo and modern technology literally meld into a machinery of imposed social terrorization."  and "" Fear and safety intermingle in this new world of kabbalistic numerology/algo finance/derivatives co-joined to voodoo science -"

If you don't believe in magic and demons, why do you quote stuff about them then explain how magic is done?  Voodoo is MAGIC, right?  And you say that this guy is a GOLEM which is a magical being, right?

Yeah, why do you discuss things if you don't believe in them?  Ain't that kinda stupid?  And why do you pretend to not understand what I'm saying?  About the Jews and the Torah.  I read those exchanges you had with the other guy.  Again, no straight answer though he called you to carpet half a dozen times.  Now you're gonna make me go back and parse through all that shit one more time 'cause you want us to prove that we read it, right?  Hold on.  Well, fuck it.  I just wasted 15 minutes trying to find a quote for a guy who refuses to even give one straight answer.  Fuck it, ain't gonna do it and go through all wordy shit for your pleasure.  You're on record saying somewhere that the real Jews don't believe the Torah or the Talmud and they are called...

 Well fuck me!  It was in the comments section, that's why I couldn't find it.  Yeah, this is where you say that most of the really real Jews don't respect the Talmud.  "Not all who call themselves 'jews' have an adherence to the filth called 'the talmud.' An obvious case in point would be the Karaites, who are relatively well known, but there were many other anti-rabbincal movements in the course of the Babylonian judeans reshaping what had been the practice of 'sraelite' religion". Karaites, what the fuck is that?  Never heard of them and you say that this obscure sect represents the real Jews who don't respect the Talmud?  Holy fuckerovski, Jews that don't respect the Torah and the Talmud?  That's like saying fish don't breath underwater.  Where do you come up with shit like this?  I guess the more important question is WHY do you come up with shit like this but I'm not holding out on my breath for a straight answer from this urban cowboy who don't swing that way it seems.

You talk of angry gods and shit.  Fuck, the god of the Torah said to the Jews to genocide the Canaanites and take over their lands, didn't he?  That's not the God of some obscure magical sect, that's the god of the Torah, the Old Testament, the god of the Jews, the god of ALL Jews, for fuck's sake.  How can you deny that and come ahead with what?

Jesus, how can you say Jews and gentiles can be friends when the Torah and the Talmud say that Jews are the chosen people and we gentiles ought to be genocided at will and our women taken as sex slaves?  "no there is no closed door between the gentile and judaic worlds such that an alliance between those of good faith within both cannot be achieved for our mutual survival."  I call bullshit on that when the Torah and the Talmud discuss how we gentiles can be genocided, lied to and be murdered without punishment.

Someone ought to get their facts straight before writing this shit.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

It's conclusive.

You are a guy who can never read a straight comment.
Even when it is in quotes and closed off with the name of the author to boot.

I said it before - I'll say it agin... just for you.
Learn. To. Read.
Then someday maybe you can come back... and try agin ... "cowboy."
Eric Eric
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Hey again Bel.

On the post before this one you wrote "The 'liminal' world between jew and gentile is occupied by a species of hominid which hides, chameleon like, in any number of disguises, assuming identities, ethnicities, and religions at will, and all the time working according to a master plan which so few among us understand as to make \FRANKIST SABBATEAN DIABOLISM/ the mysterio mysterium of our times."

This statement has me on the edge of my seat wondering what this hominid might be that you speak of.  Would this hominid have anything to do with Dr. Ed Spencer's theory by chance?  I understand that you might want to keep things somewhat of a mystery as to keep suspense, so I apologize if I am ruining something that you meant to keep hidden for later.

Also, what do you think of Anatoly Fomenko and the great Tataria Empire theory. Do you think it is just more misdirection? I realize this theory is going a bit out there compared to things that are more sound and realistic. I just found out about this a few weeks ago and was wondering if you had heard of it.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

Hello Eric,

thanks once again for bringing things back into the big picture focus. Which is and has always been, for me, the movement of peoples and ideas among the vast stretches of Asia - which must included that smallish promontory on its' western flank! In order to understand "Europeans" we must be well versed in the history of Asia - since, whether to large or small degree - we are all "Asiatics" save for those few who arriving directly via Africa.

The issue of "Tartary" as seen through the eyes of Fomenko is a nationalistic impulse directly advocating for the primacy of "Russ" culture as a tap root for everything which came later. As you've read in my "Tengri" stories, there are writers such as Murad Adji who take the same theme and posit a Turkish primacy. All such bias is needing to be filtered, and the process of doing so is a very very long one. Combine that will the deliberate veil of secrecy/disinfo which cover the issue of judaic antecedents, you have one heck of a challenge in front of one!~

Yes, Fomenko is a whole other world. Although I have problems with his 'chronology' its' not so much that Fomenko is 'out there' as that he's 'out there' in another direction from the conventional histories... which are just as much 'out there' but we've been trained to accept them verbatim.

Indeed - the sabbatean-frankist ashkenazi conspiracy is the mysterium mysterio of our times. The reference to hominids was a bit of a tongue in cheek regarding my precis of 'homo georganicus' and the semitic folk. If they do have a bit of 'alien' dna in the sense of being far different from that of the rest of homo erectus, they also are completely intermixed now with everybody else, as this post has demonstrated. Unraveling the thing will mean getting beyond the 'judaic' fixation some have, moving towards the true roots of both talmudism and kabbalism... in a time when 'evil' may have been 'incarnate!'

"I understand that you might want to keep things somewhat of a mystery as to keep suspense,"

that's a good idea. If only it were so.... as it would mean that I've already "built" my storyline, and am crafting the narrative flow. But t'aint so... by a long shot. Filling in the missing pieces, the gaps where information is either missing or suspect, it's been like watching ice melt, trying to make progress.

Lately, however, I've felt the pace of progress quickening; I have little doubt that the renewed attempts at diverting and/or destroying that progress were a response to that fact. We are indeed - poised for the main event here at last... and after the seasonal round up and return to the lowlands is done, I will be going full jets with the recent uptick of newly researched information.

However, in the short term, I hope that the next post will be able to deal with both your own question regarding the Austrian mischlinger who ruled Germany for a short while, as well as Js' enquiry into the antecedents of Schwaller.
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Re: NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
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