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"The Göktürk rulers originated from the Ashina tribe, an Altaic people who lived in the northern corner of the area presently called Xinjiang. Under their leadership, the Göktürks rapidly expanded to rule huge territories in north-western China, North Asia and Eastern Europe."

"Of all the astonishing experiences of the widely dispersed Jewish people none was more extraordinary than that concerning the Khazars." (Nathan Ausubel in Pictorial History of the Jewish People,1953) "...the Khazars too claimed the status of a Chosen Race, who made their own Covenant with the Lord, even though they were not descended from Abraham's seed."
 (Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe,

With this posting comes the task of summing up… making sense of … and bringing to an appropriate conclusion the work of the past 10 months of exploring “kabbalism in action.” Doubtless, this outing will be on the long side, however I’m determined to be incisive enough with the editorial knife to avoid any temptation to slough off things to another [MOAR Final!]excerpt. Now that we are back into the more ‘settled’ part of our year, I wish to make full use of our greater connection to the outside world to get back into the ‘current’ business of the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY project… and fully caught up on stories I’ve still to get organized into a library of reference to be used in that project to hand.

The ‘business’ of this platform has been to demonstrate the difference between information and analysis delivered by kabbalist-talmudic controlled medias… and that deriving from voices distinctly counter to such points of view. In that capacity, what I have taken to calling ‘neo-journalism’… as a kind of reportage written by persons exiled to the fringes of both political empires and communication channels, has been a smashing success! Regardless of the statistically realities of readership, reach, and influence[that is to say, the lack thereof!]the mere demonstration of a continued capacity to predict, and then coherently interpret ‘events’ which the ‘professional’ medias time and again are shown to be absolutely WRONG in reporting upon, has become a real Event in itself!

In large part a result of the happy ‘accident’ of having fled an increasingly toxified and talmudized ‘western world’ in search of safe refuge, this recreation of the journalistic craft sprung out of your authors’ inherent curiosity about his new surroundings, the culture shock implicit to landing in those Asiatic environs, and the basic necessity of learning to survive in unfamiliar terrain. Along the way, not only did I discover that placing oneself in the middle of an “Islamic” society putatively opposed to talmudic hegemony was an illusory gambit, but indeed, was akin to jumping from frying pan to fire! Not simply was it a matter of having landed in the midst of a culture which had long traditions of secret judeo-talmudic controllers in the form of “donmeh” sabbateans, similar to those who secretly run the wester world now – after I had settled in sufficiently to begin a somewhat scholarly exegesis of the situation, I would learn that virtually NO part of the vast Asia continent was free of talmudic kabbalist control! From “Lisbon to Vladivastok” in the words of one of Russias’ modern day exponents of “Urassianism” … aka… the long sought Urusalem New World Ordure of the Third Temple...

a hidden history of secret judaic manipulation exists beneath the canvas of history, waiting to be uncovered by the historian heretical enough to expose it. And like the fabled Russian matryoshka doll. it would turn out that unraveling my own hidden family history would provide me an understanding of why I, of all people, had been chosen to be that heretic! As if that hidden history were not enough, it would also turn out that the business career I had chosen to pursue after leaving my first work as a freelance business writer had uniquely prepared me for directly understanding the meaning of ‘kabbalism in action.’ Few among us indeed have been granted the circumstance by which they would be free to pursue this long and winding road to the real source of our European story. Even fewer have proven bold enough to take it up – I no longer intend to put off or avoid that challenge!

Since absolutely zero ‘credentials,’ claim to ‘important sources,’ ‘special access’ or any other of the ‘secret sauces’ which the phonies of the new ‘alternate medias’ use to disguise their lies have been part of this writers ‘portfolio’… it goes without saying that the chagrin of that mentioned media, brought about by this marked difference in method and results has been a source of some surprise… and much merriment to me. I cannot claim to being above getting a laugh at others’ expense… it’s a very useful antidote to being sneered at continually by ones’ inferiors….

however, I hope that some serious work has also been accomplished in amongst all the fun. In that regard, I must refer to the delightful prelude which the estimable author Michael Hoffman wrote to his book Judaism Discovered:

What would be the point of publishing yet another dreary "Jew-bashing" book that indelibly stigmatizes 21st century Talmudists with the two brands they themselves have been past masters at manipulating and cultivating: the myth of their descent from Abraham et al., and the myopia that decrees that they are always and everywhere subversive Leftist revolutionaries?

I would not have spent a good deal of my life investigating Judaism if I was only going to regurgitate a tired and self-defeating stereotype of it.
The student of Judaism who dogmatically categorizes it as inevitably Left wing or Right wing, Zionist or anti-Zionist, anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim, will defeat himself and confuse all who adhere to his erroneous proposition; a proposition which Judaism itself is pleased to project

in pointing out that what we have done here is neither dreary, nor self-defeating. It was Hoffmans’ genius and scholastic acumen which allowed for the [re]presentation here of ‘kabbalist-talmudism’ as a unified, if invisible force upon our world –

Furthermore, years ago I noticed that disinformation about the Kabbalah had been seeded - the illusion of a fissure between Talmudism and Kabbalism was deliberately sown - using the figure of Moses Maimonides to pretend that these two supporting “pillars” of the Third Temple are inimical. I searched the texts of Maimonides, however, for hidden Kabbalistic sympathies, and found clear evidence of Kabbalistic doctrine”

and, as shall be seen once I return to my own book project, provided the motive force by which I was able to delineate the roots of a centuries long ‘culture war’ in the very heart of that era and milieu in which “Doc” Maimonides operates. One of the more interesting results of this interlude which our present platform has produced however is to guide my ambitions for BARBAROUS RELIQUARY into a much wider focus and timeline than the mere excursis into kabbalist-talmudic culture war could produce. In fact, it was a delightful ‘side effect’ of dealing with the machinations of our in house provocateur that I became conscious of a compelling ‘story’ within our story that would need be added to the investigation of judaic shenanigans if the purpose of that book – the real story of Europes beginnings – was ever going to be fulfilled!

Part of that history will of course involve examining the exact nature of what goes into creating monsters like the Bronfman sisters[key players in our NXIVM story]… whose genetic makeup can only partly explain their pathological foibles and general hatred of all man/womenkind. Were it exclusive to ‘judaism’… or even to ‘kabbalism’… such generalized criminal insanity would be easier to diagnose; however, as I have continued to point out on these pages – in the interest of historical truth and fact-based journalism… it is not!

With this nice shot of the monsters posing on the very same stage with the ‘holy man’ that they paid 1 million smackeroos to give them those ‘pure’ white scarves and the sense of sanctity which goes with them…
we get pretty close to coming full circle on where I start and finish with this whole trip. Outta somewhere in Asia sprung a whole smorgasbord of deadly doctrines, fatal follies disguised as esoteric ‘religious paths,’ mindless menace fronting as ‘mindfulness’ in the same manner that Raniere’s cult fronted for ‘compassionate ethics’ while acting entirely without those qualities~! We can’t ask how these scammers got away with it all for so long… without asking how these serial scam ‘religions’ have gotten away with it all for even longer. I have some ideas about that. I’m hoping to write a book about it. But if your wrath focuses solely and exclusively on the ‘judaic’ part of the madness… you probably won’t even wish to read it. As it turns out, the random 'chance' of having chosen immersion in the turkic section of Islamville would lead me to the realization that 'turko-talmudic' values... which I would distill into the term TERROR STATES/STATES OF TERROR... are the key to unlocking both the mystery of the 'ashkenazis' and the geopolitical developments of our day. Along the way, I've figured out that it is a story which ALMOST NO ONE wishes to hear about... but I've chosen to blow away the smoke and mirrors anyway!

https://frankreport.com/2018/10/28/crazy-days-and-nights-accuses-sara-bronfman-of-sex-trafficking/ A story about how several disparate groups of people in various parts of the world took advantage of the smokescreen of a 'self-improvement' movement to indulge in  every form of vice - from prostitution to human trafficking, is really a fine backdrop for the detailing of the hidden history of Asia and it's European promontory. This particular platform concentrated on reporting the modern day manifestations of the former... with a very great degree of exactitude...

with the switching over of my attention from here on back to the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY project, we will be shining an equally bright light on the latter! Connecting up the dots, in other words, between the sordidness of ancient times and the sordid state of our modern, talmudist controlled world.

And with that–  ladies and hermaphrodites – we oh so organically arrive at the happy point of having the NXIVM series close out the festivities here. In all the ten years now I’ve been writing about the primacy of the ‘gender wars’ component of that campaign to degrade and destroy the west, I’ve never had a smidgen of feedback ever about that theme. No interest has ever been expressed in how the roots of our civilizational madness – or ‘discontents’ as master kabbalist-talmudist Freud would put it – must lie in the disjointed and unhappy relations tween the genders! Inevitably that lack of interest has caused my own enthusiasm for that theme to go latent. Recognizing however in the course of this platforms life that it would remain at the very center of my personal interest in writing, I have rekindled my enthusiasm – and hopefully some measure of same in the reader – for delving into the heart of kabbalist-talmudic necromantic darkness as a study in male insecurities and the compensations/delusions which those pathologies bring about!

Indeed, I will measure the success of this series according the degree to which it ‘engenders’ more awareness of the intricate connection between talmudic monsters such as the Bronfman clan… deviate gentile scum like Raniere, complicit medias and kabbalistically controlled governments, and the incredibly dumbed down state of ‘highly educated’ persons who personify the western mindset at this time. To be summarized in one word – DEVOLUTION – of the preplanned kind. A society in which the NXIVM cult can not only exist – but flourish – is not a healthy society. It is, I posit, one in the last stages of collapse. That collapse I have detailed for the past 10 years from various points of focus. This particular one will be the springboard from which I relaunch Barbarous Reliquary – as a neo-journalistic inquiry into the roots of our real history… and the distortions of same!

After having hopped that pot in which the toxic brew of culture war devolutionary dumbing down/poisoning bubbles away in a kind of ‘spirit cooking’ of the benighted brethren back in the fallen lands of the west, I have spent an inordinate amount of the past decade attempting to warn those former kith n kin of their imminent peril. To no avail. Luckily,however, at the same time I was immersing myself in the studies which would allow me to provide credible details about that peril and the consequences of ignoring it, I had also been building up a personal lifestyle in a setting uniquely satisfactory for my character and proclivities! As a result, there is no lack of fulfillment consequent to this decade of work – whatever lack of traction has continued to result from my public efforts, the private ones have more than made up for. In fact, it is very much as a result of musing upon the personal and professional circumstances which our scholarly hero Hoffman so  plaintively places in the preface to his masterful book I quote from immediately below…

"After decades of relentless labor, since I first embarked upon public life in 1982, it seems that renown and any substantial audience that translates into influence on any measurable scale, is for some reason, not permitted to this writer. After all these years on the margins, I have been impelled to ask myself a difficult question: has my scholarly independence branded me with a non-conformist's stigma and an inescapable fate as a fugitive and an exile?"

that I feel content to continue upon this EVEN LESS well received path of mine! Rewards are rare for truth-tellers… persecution the more common result of such dedication – therefore we must weave from our circumstances such reward as we are bold enough to demand. Modest as he has been in such demands, our hero Hoffman remains ill-rewarded in terms of recognition, readership, and influence... to the degree that the epitaph of a giant among us is reduced to yet another rendition of Gullivers' Travels -

What has happened before with my books could occur again. Its been a pattern: envious and divisive "leaders in our movement" acquire Judaism Discovered, learn everything they can from it without acknowledgment, and then ensure that the book is buried without a trace. This results in the work being suppressed both by Talmudists and Zionists and those who who claim to be fighting to expose Talmudism and Zionism! It’s an extraordinary challenge for an obscure publisher trying to publicize a mostly unknown volume.

"My existential predicament is that many times I feel utterly alone among mankind. My spiritual predicament is, however, akin to that of the English poet Francis Thompson: I constantly feel God's presence; His pursuit of me - watching, directing and even at times, hounding me."

It might seem pretentious to construct a view of oneself as inheritor, re-generator, acolyte and/or interpreter of either Mr M Hoffman 11 or M. Jean Baudrillard. I’m more than happy to have such a slur added to my list of thought crimes! I follow my own path, place myself above no one of honest intent in investigating this subject, and am content to be a participant, at any level, in this struggle against humankinds’ deadliest enemy.

I have, however, no existential predicament to bear – nor do I feel the presence, even occasionally – of supernal authorities. I am willing to report though, in contradistinction to such mighty connections, I do feel quite connected to… at the command of even… the mighty force of our forbears,
watching, waiting, whispering sometimes to me in a wondrous if inexplicable manner. The weight of awesome responsibility which I feel as the result of such contact is the sole ‘spiritual predicament’ I can pretend to possess. Knowing in advance that I cannot hope to reach near to the levels of excellence, fortitude, discipline and determined will of those giants of past 'journalism' who I mentioned in segment four, nevertheless it is both comfort and goad to me to attempt some pallid imitation of those qualities on these pages.

Having dispensed with the more gullible – and malleable – “jew bashers” as Hoffman terms it – a further trick up the sleeve of rabbinical deceivers – we are free to return to the task of “teach[ing] the reader how to deconstruct the deceitful tactical and strategic feints which Judaism wields as a response to the dissemination of accurate knowledge about its inner doctrines” as that same author delightfully puts it! Since scholars such as he have decisively shown that the persons who present themselves as “the jews” today are in little or no way connected to those who once lived in Palestine, we are free also to seek the real roots of those same “counterfeit jews” as he terms it. Perhaps the greatest fruit of the three years of work on the now deceased storify.com platform was to underline the longstanding connections between turk and talmudist, behind the smokescreen of phony divisions like “Islam” and “Judaism,” and the enthno-centric, genocidal pathologies which bind these two supposedly very different ethnos together in a tight knot of noxious sectarian politics. When Sibel Edmonds was still writing bold and incisive exposure of the secret bond between the turks and the talmudist pirate state, she cracked open the case; it was left to me - the acolyte of Augustin Dupin - to solve it!

“The Noin-Ula kurgans consist of more than 200 large burial mounds, approximately square in plan, some 2 m in height, covering timber burial chambers. They are located by the Selenga River in the hills of northern Mongolia north of Ulan Bator. They were excavated in 1924-1925 by Pyotr Kozlov, who found them to be the tombs of the aristocracy of the Xiongnu; one is an exceptionally rich burial of a historically-known ruler of the Xiongnu Uchjulü-Jodi-Chanuy, who died in 13 CE. A surviving portrait shows a low nose bridge, eyes with epicanthic fold, long wavy hair, divided in the middle, and a braid tied visibly and falling from the tip of the head over the right ear.”

Who were the "Xiongnu," really? And who were those fully "Caucasian"[sic!]Yue Zhi peoples whom they uprooted and sent packing from their far eastern home, to later morph into the Kushans and then.... ???

These are the kind of critical questions which orthodox history and anthropology have skirted around and left unanswered for too long. They are the critical questions we will seek to answer going forwards, in pursuit of that heart of central asian darkness from which so much madness has sprung!
As I settled into the work which the storify platform of 2015- 2017 would become the canvas for, always uncomfortably balancing the desired role of scribal chronicler of ancient times with my imposed return to beat reporter of unfolding ‘current events,’ a new understanding of the territory which we call “asia” had unfolded to my vision. The work of another ‘heretical’ scholar – Klyzosov – in uncovering the secret travels of genetic haplogroups far outside the bound of orthodox scientific and anthropological assumption had given me the means to unload a whole lot of faulty ‘learnings’ from my mind, and free up the space resulting for some creative reflections upon the strange pattern of alliance I was beginning to see between putatively ‘opposed’ neo-Ottoman turkic ethno-supremacists and their equivalently toxic talmudic ‘enemies’ further south on the Mediterranean seaboard! And though I noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of my slender readership to follow me down that rabbit hole, and paused my studies therefore, I kept the spark of curiosity alive in the back of my mind, for return to some day. Now is that day.
The mix of races, cultures, blood types, and dna strands which the above quoted passage refers to is indeed a time bomb waiting to explode two full centuries worth of faulty, foolish, and fatuous ‘fakelore’ which a compromised and discreditable academic world has foisted upon us. In the same exact sense which the Last Magus – Baudrillard – would come to refer to himself as a ‘terrorist’ of the intellectual type – I come now to blow up historical towers of babbling lies – behead sacred cows of orthodox historiography, and slay sly talmudic tall tales imposed upon our real tradition. And if – as has indeed turned out to be the case – that work involves also blowing up sky high the pretensions of certain real time ‘leaders’ to be more than talmudic puppets on a string… as this platform has so successfully shown… so much the better! As much as I admire the diligent scholarship of a Hoffman, as much as I was once able to take comfort from the like obscurity of my own intellectual progenitor the unsung giant African Spir = no longer will I aspire to the same obscurity as a legacy. Too much depends upon grasping the brass ring…. and picking up the sword which lies in waiting for the bold hand which can lift it out of its’ stony repository(yet another “Altaic” myth transferred west!)

Now, as we begin at last to understand why those “Q” haplogroup genetic markers exist in misnomed “North American Indians,” judaic "ashkenazis,” and even....far more of our putatively ‘pure Europoid’ peoples than is convenient for complicit orthodox narrative… = therefore… just how much of a melting pot of genes was the Altaic Urheimat  of turko-mongols, sinitics, so-called ‘sythians,’ ‘iranians,’ and even …. we… the supposed westerners of far away Atlantic lands… so unsuitably mis-identified by phony science as "indo-europeans!"

It becomes imperative to complete the work of blowing up the towers of orthodoxy… so that out of the rubble a fresh history may begin to grow and bloom.

Examining the central role of what I have come to term “turco-talmudic mafiyosos" from the former USSR in the last chapter of the decline of the west has been a part of the work of this past year; we’ve seen the connections tween Drumpf and his ‘central asian’ pals elucidated here as networking tween ‘RUSSO’/turco-talmudics and the Merikan mad[e]man of the Meyer Lanksy ashkenazi mafiya, glued together by the new “cnabad” hasidic gang which has taken over the function of the old jewish sandrehin as the policing/intelligence/judicial force behind judaic tribal politics. Brought into being by the tireless work of uber criminals like Red Rudy Guiliani, these new crime networks have come to rule the governments of all western nations. No longer is it a case – such as two hundred years ago, with the rise of the Bauer Gang of moneylenders – of fabulous wealth rising from lending money to governments; now it is literally fabulous wealth stealing money from those same governments…

 such as Drumpf dad Fred was an adept practitioner of. Immigrant gangsters from the talmudic east eased their way into the position of enforcers for those home-grown thugs and bandits, and then by way of their children, became the owners of the media, industries, schools and state authorities where financial power traditionally rested. Instead of BEING ARRESTED, in other words, their criminal actions have been abetted by higher ups of the same cabal, so that the money flowing from public coffers has given them the means to wrest control of all forms of political power away from the old owners… and become therefore, owners of ‘the means of production,’ the channels of communication, the bought n paid for political/judicial appointees…


controllers from birth to death of every individuals social realitY via their near monopolies over medicine in particular and sciences in general. Here we must distinguish between the ‘old’ jews of the Sephardic diaspora… including inevitably some who must have ‘middle eastern’ dna and a remote connection therefore to semitic populated parts of that area of the world,  and the ‘new’ jews from the east, generally spoken of as “ashkenazi” although the term is too loose to be altogether correct to apply. It is the latter mix who is referred to in the previous paragraph as outright gangsters, social parasites, political schemers on the grand scale, such as have come in short while to literally own all the above elements of our collective lives. If the older established separdics generally acquired their wealth through wholesale trade, finance, banking, and tax farming, therefore having a sheen of social respectability to sport, the common thread between the two remains the simple formula by which all who call themselves ‘the jews’ are told to divide the world by; between themselves, the jews must be fair and honest dealers – with all others, literally anything goes! Nothing more than this simple equation is what causes the need for a discovery… and then expulsion of talmudic kabbalism in action from the affairs of this world.

Just as it is not tenable to claim there to be no honest nor trustworthy jews, it is plainly not possible to claim that ‘jews’ themselves must be ‘eliminated’ afore the world can be healed. As much victim as persecutor, your average judaic cult member from birth is a fearful and haunted person, controlled by rabbinical taboos, threats, extortions and outrageous lies to the same degree as any other member of a cult such as those which have flourished in the past century.

Equipped by the strangest of fates with the investigative technique which master storyteller/real secret agent Edgar Allan Poe delivered to the world via his ‘fictional’ detective superhero Augustin Dupin[Murder in the Rue Morgue], it would take more than a century and a half for this bumbling Pink Panther type Sherlock to arrive at the solution to the “Mystery of the C20th… a ‘true crime’ story of gigantic proportions – in which HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS would be bloodily extinguished in the pursuit of turco-talmudic paradises in the form of bullshit ‘bolshevik’ communism and fake ‘nazi/nasi’ fascism all run out of  the same central command! This bumbler stumbled upon the truth hidden in plain sight. Let me introduce you too…

The Ashina Royal Dynasties!
ASHINA / A-SHIH-NA / ASENA ROYALTY (OF GOKTURKS AND KHAZARS) DNA - Background Administrators Alfred Krupa de Tarnawa

As the proud Khazarian inheritors who have been bold enough to bring us the really real background story to the Frankist sabbatean conspiracy which has taken over the world.

Surnames -  Abelman, Abrams, Adler, Agurto, Akhundzada, Albin, Al-Dabbas, Altshuler, Andalman, Anderson, any, Asena, Ashena, Ashin, Ashina, Ashini, Auslander, Backalenick, Bader, Baker, Baraban, Barkin, Bennet, Berkhor, Berkson, Bitterman, Black, Bloch, Blueglass, Bluglass, Blumenthal, Borisovich-Panich, Borrus, Boshes, Bouthillier, Brandt, Brenner, Brosgol, Broudy, Buharov, Burns, Calhoun, Carp, Carter, Catania, Chalick, Chervin, Cohen, Costinsky, Cronk, DeBow, Diamond, Dunn, Egrie, Epstein, Eve, Evenchick, Farkas, Fechheimer, Feigenbaum, Feist, Fink, Fogle, Frank, Frie, Friedman, Friehling, Gabor, Garber, Garlett, Geber, Gold, Goldberg, Golden, Goldfoot, Goldman, Goldsberg, Goldsmith-Levy, Gordon, Gotthold, Gronau, Gross, Gudeman, Haber, Hackin, Hakin, Hamilton, Harrison, Hart, Hassanwalia, Havens, Heiman, Henry, Herbst, Herwitz, Horwitz, Howard, Jacobs, Jaron, Jerochim, Joseph, Kab, Kamin, Kaplan, Karp, Keim, Khan, Kochman, Kotik, Kovalov, Krupa, Kurrass, Kushner, Lake, Leibman, Levy, Lewis, Lewkowski, Litke, Loebman, Maczali, Magid, Maran, Margolis, Mark, Marks, Marvin, Menon, Meyer, Michelson, Miliacca, Miller, Mink, Minkowsky, Morton, Mushinsky, Naviasky, Nemer, Neviaski, Nussbaum, Orlen, Orlin, Pakin, Palmer, Pasternak, Pelta, Perper, Phillips, Podolski, Poles, Porter, Powell, Principe, Reichbaum, Rich, Rosenberg, Rosenblet, Rosenstraus, Ross, Rothschild, Sacks, Saks, Samuel, Sandor-Richter, Schapiro, Schoemann, Schuster, Schweitzer, Secan, Shah, Shainis, Shakinovsky, Shalmuk, Shapiro, Shayer, Sheiness, Sherman, Shevin, Shultz, Siddiqui, Silber, Silver, Silvestre, Simons, Singer, Sinnreich, Siref, Smith, Sparber, Stein, Sundheim, Swati, Szajkowicz, Szajkowicz-Brojda, Szekely, Tarkoff, Teegardin, Thaler, Tober, Tobert, Trier, Troffkin, Tsiperson, Tufel, van den Briel, Weil, Weinberg, Werlin, Wieder, Winter, Wohl, Wolin, Yurovsky, Zavad, Zawadsky, Zeidman, Zelver, Zimbler, Zwick

Recognize anything? I’d suggest starting in the middle of that muddle – perhaps in the “Ks” oK?

The rest of this post can simply be considered a ‘teaser’ for the forthcoming re-opening of the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY project. Whole websites full of gloriously complete information about the real truth of ashkenazi roots, which I gave you a taste of in the previous posting relating to phony Irishmen ... are now in my dossier awaiting complete forensic analysis... and then inclusion in my book project! With stuff like...

KRUPA; Szlachta Polska pochodzenia ż'ydowskiego (Polish nobility of Jewish extraction)

we’ve either gone ‘full retard”… or, alternately, entered into the bizarre but true story of the past. Not only do we have lost tribes of [pre-judaic, = pre-talmudic]Israel heading east to mingle with proto turko-mongol tribes and sino-tibetan speaking groups… we later follow them heading back west, suitably mixed n mingled with so-call “Caucasian” tribes, FInno-Ugarian types from the northern lands, and even –perhaps- some actual ‘semites’ … to eventually form into loose confederations of peoples whose differing tongues and bloodlines would be subsumed under the banner of the “Siberian Dragon” and led by a ‘royal’ ashina clan which would spread its rule over a vast stretch from Mongolia to the Baltic Sea!

By the time that empire receded into something more modest in proportion… the ebb and flow of its constituent peoples would be a permanent part of the European story – yet one left out of orthodox traditions, be they Russian, Slavic, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon or Scandanavian. Indeed, in what became known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the growth of an ashkenazi judaic culture with roots in far eastern Asian would create one of the greatest mysteries of the modern world. One we are at last close to solving!

"This Krupa family is of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia, as visible in lists of 12, 25, 37 and 67 Y-DNA matches, within containing significant number of matches with Levit tradition (and some of Cohanim tradition). The most closest match is Abelman family from Seredzius, Lithuania (67 markers, gen.dist.-2)."

Into this shadowy world of 'eastern european' race mixing and heraldry we will be heading - in further search of answers to the 'mysterium mysterio' of our times! In preparation for which - you might wish to review http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/srael-s-Secret-Plan-for-a-Second-Israel-in-Ukraine-td150.html !!

Nothing meant more to these mixed race European immigrants than the adoption of some form of ‘nobility’ by which they could claim a stature different than that of the humble beginnings by which their peddler forefathers had arrived there.

"The Polish term "szlachta" designates the formalized, hereditary noble class. In official Latin documents the old Commonwealth hereditary szlachta is referred to as "nobilitas" and is equivalent to the English nobility. There used to be a widespread misconception to translate "szlachta" as "gentry", because some nobles were poor. Some were even poorer than the non-noble gentry that declined with the 'second serfdom' and re-emerged after the Partitions. Some would even become tenants to the gentry but still kept their constitutional superiority. But it's not wealth or lifestyle (as with the gentry) but a hereditary legal status of a nobleman that makes you one. A specific nobleman was called a "szlachcic", and a noblewoman, a "szlachcianka."

Coat of Arms of the self-invented "polish nobility" Krupa family - "ashina turk royalty" from the altaic depths!

Therefore, to find a means of granting themselves equal status with the higher ups of the society in which they found themselves was an imperative. And it would form the root of the frankist sabbatean conspiracy as well – in which turco-judaic asiatics like Josef Frank would invent the means by which to reach the highest levels of the social ladder. Ironically, the coat of arms and hereditary title which the crypto-jewish catholic character in our previous posting – the Lithuanian ‘poet and statesman’ Milosz  -transfers to his “French” friend Schwaller is another example of invented pedigree which ironically rounds out the entire cycle of intrigue by which the crypto judaics would achieve their ascendance over the western world. An ascendance hidden from all prying eyes, until the work we performed here last winter brought the truth to light at last!

 The phony Drumpf ‘revolution of the right’ is nothing other than a revival of the previous talmudo-bolshevik ‘revolution of the left’ from a hundred years past – and their plans to wreak a bloody havoc upon America are not any different than the blueprint to do the same to Russia back then! While I have given up the hope that this same fate could be somehow avoided, nevertheless I am compelled to bring that fact to the attention of an apparently entranced western public unable or unwilling to save itself. The very same perps who  R Friedman exposed in his stellar RED MAFIA investigation are those who are conducting this final purging/scourging of the west. A turco-talmudic  mafiya cabal whose antecedence will at last be made known by this work! Kraven Kavanaghs n Kerrys are just the 'tip' of the proverbial iceberg friends n fiends!

Khazarian judeo-turkic origined Josef “Frank” - who raised his followers up out of the shetls and into their manors via an unparalleled chutzpah combined with a turkic genius for duplicity - acquired that surname via his being a “Polish” immigrant to the Ottoman turkic empire – where those from ‘the west’ were all called “franks” due to the turks association of the Germanic tribe of ‘franks’ whom they had met and mingled with in the course of their own enthnogenesis and subsequent western quest. Perhaps the greatest of the many ironies we have encountered in this sojourn into hidden history! But perhaps - as we will witness to below - he came by some of his bizarre sexual outrages 'honestly' enough - since it is a matter of record that those storied Germanic tribes - Franks, Alemans, Seubis, and so on - had some very twisted proclivities of their own! Indeed, what with the even more bizarre sexual preferences of his [possibly descendant of!]later day fellow European nemesis Adolf "Hitler," it is hard not to think of the Germanic ethnos as the original "bum-fuk" folk!

Keith "Slavemaster" Raniere told many of his 'top' followers - the jewish ones in particular - that they had past lives as Nazi bigwigs. Perhaps the pain he inflicted on them was supposed to be see as an 'atonemenent.' Whatever may be the case with that.... what we've seen with the Keith Raniere/Bronfman sisters outrage is the banalization of TERROR in the wester world. And its' chief victims - unlike previous interludes of talmudic terrorization... when the victims were the underclass... the uneducated... the kind of 'trailer trash' who Jeffy Epstein would seek out and hire for his talmudically driven fantasy sessions...

were the 'cream of society' - the daughters/sons of the wealthiest magnates of Mexico/Canada/USA... university trained, socially aware and highly self-esteemed one might presume as a matter of course. Except, of course, such presumption proves faulty... in the face of the overt talmudization of societies of the west! It's pointless to claim they are witless... naive... spoiled and needy scions of the wealthy classes...

such mental and psychic defects are NOW THE NORM in your society! And actresses such as Alison Mack or Krisin Kreuk are the role models whom young women look up to for inspiration and aspire to be like. Slavers, twisted sexual predators, pyschopathic revenge seekers and totally amoral antipodes of what any sane person would wish to become. How does any or all of that fulfill the talmudic agenda? For that, we must turn back to Baudrillard - the Last Magus =

Religion in its former heretical phase” was always a negation – at times a violent one – of the real world, and this is what gave it strength” he says, speaking in relation to the gnostic heresies of the Catharist and Manichean. Could it be that it is the NEGATION of 'gentile' values which gives frankist-sabbateanism, lubavitcher chabadism, or NXIVM 'just plain ol badism' their peculiar allure?

 But his insight into those heresies as unique outcroppings prevented him from seeing deeper into the maw; as the root of all the Abrahamic religions - judaism has been the least likely to be supposed 'heretical' in its various evolutions - even Sabbatai Tsevi was considered less a jewish 'heretic' than the 'crazed Messiah' who would precede and prepare the way for the 'real Messiah' of the jews.
I cannot tell you whether Jean Baudrillard lacked the moral or intellectual courage to take on the talmudic mafiyas, the way he had taken on just about every other current of modern life - I do not know the answer to that question. However, with the essay "The Conspiracy of Art" he did come very close to turning his gaze full bore upon the judaically controlled culture scene so seminal in the pornographication of western societies. The response was quick - and ferocious. As with Hoffman, he would become a pariah... an 'untouchtable' in the cultural world of the west where he had been a veritable superstar!

Hoffman, of course, never lacked such courage. Yet neither man appeared to get straight to the bottom line with the fundamental fact of judaic thinking - that being the niihilism implicit in its evolutionary trajectory from Moses till the present. Nihilism for the societies in which they embedded themselves - self worship for their own communities! As demonstrated via Hoffmans' own work talmudic judaism - by far the most prevalent form that that alleged "religion"... has long been divorced from any connection to "old Testaments" "prophets," or Moses himself. It has supplant its "God" with its own image - the gnostical demiurge if truth be known -

and now agitates for a world similar to the one which Josef Frank sought for himself and his own followers. "Heresies" are internally and eternally 'resolved' within judaism, the least schismatic of all 'faiths.' The 'holiness' of sin lies not in its redemptive capacities but rather in its ability to degrade the gentile world sufficiently to make it amenable to judaic overlordship. As a Christian, Michael Hoffman suffers from a short-sightededness in this regard. To view the judaic accurately, one needs be somewhat purged of the entire notion of 'sinfulness' as a social construct - and therefore able to understand the term not, as with the nihilist, to mean an inversion of social norms, but instead as a tactic by which various elites use antinominian behavior ... exactly as with the tantrics... to ensure their own social rise and the downfall of previous elites.

Baudrillard, for all he could see that particular part of the shell game, was still too tied to the principle of 'dualism' - evil intertwined with goodness, etc.,' to be able to get the essentially gnostic viewpoint of the judaic mind, and its tactical purpose in espousing a nihilist program. For that, we had to go back to the much under-rated Voegelin, and find the simple truth which eluded every one else!

It was towards the middle part of this platforms' ten months of activity that the German scholar leapt out at us by chance or design. His work on gnosticism as a political strategy was so buried in the dross of what intellectual currents came after his time that it seemed impossible to me that he could have ever existed! Yet he did, and that existence must have been as troubling to the talmudists as that of Prodhoun, Gesell, or the American author of "Poverty and Progress" were in their time. However, the continued failure of even the most insightful of western intellectuals to connect up the dots by which to see the collusion of gnostic ideologies with judaic kabbalist talmudism keep the general program of subversion from being seriously harmed.

Being spared the blessings - and curse - of a modern 'education'... and instead, somewhat 'inoculated' against its’ pathological potency to disable critical thinking, by real world exposure to the real MEANING of talmudism IN ACTION.... via my business career... I have brought a different set of tools to the workshop where talmudic judaism must be dissected... prior to being disposed of.  Playing for the long game... with rules of my own rather than anybody elses, I'm in this to win.

My strategy for doing so - without giving too much away - is very much a result of the inspiration derived from the singular adventures of Babur the Moghul; his exiles, abandonment by friend and ally, hot pursuit by vengeful enemies, all grist for the mill by which he slowly but surely gained the day! In the end -pun intended- tis still as the Iron Duke described things .... it's "bottom" that maketh the man. Black Bob Crauford had it in spades... I like to think that a modest amount of same has reached down to me through time from my Cruithini ancestors, perhaps amplified by an infusion of other currents.

At least some of those 'other currents' must have belonged to peoples who's lifestyle was that of the nomad - when spring rolls around the spirit of the trail overtakes me... to the detriment perhaps of sites such as this own, but definitely for the betterment of mine own soul! Thus the interrupted passage - what seemed like a 'rupture' to some - when we took off for greener pastures and higher places this May past. One of the only ways left of gauging just how damaging and delimiting the modern world and its technologic 'achievements' is... is to leave it behind periodically. Only in such a way is it possible - anymore - to really feel the beat of the earth... hear the whisper of the forbears, know the sweetness of sky and soil in their unbounded, unbroken essence. Unmediated by the unreal inventions of mankind, the nature of ones own 'nature' gets made apparent in the course of simple tasks and ordinarily mundane doings.
Such sparkling interludes allow for much precision on insight upon return to the 'post-real world' of the present. Such insight can be translated to the page in the form of musings pon the affairs of mensch - in this case the mensch of the muddled east! We have witnessed what can transpire to that end, with the writings about Syria, Turkey and associated parts of the region where I abide.

Very much in the spirit of Johnson, Celebi and the Grand Mughal himself, I've assembled reports since 2016 which have uniquely delineated the real fault lines of the region, while rolling back the phony storylines designed to cover them up! The conjunction of Turkic Ottoman Terror with the "Original TM" TALMUDIC brand of genocidal ethno-supremacism is no unhappy 'co-incidence' of history.  The stories on the old storify.com platform which detailed the historical antecedents of the current alliance tween Ankara and Urusalem shed much light on the reasons Turkiye would be - in 2016 - returned to a medieval style terror state imitating modern "srael" itself. Only with that dynamic properly understood would it be possible to see the one underlying the present mix up in Syria - which pits the covert alliance of Urusalem - ISIS - Ankara - Saudis and the Gulf Arab States... against a rump Syrian state which is supported in principle by Iran and Russia.

A further range of stories from that same time frame decisively debunked the notion that 'real' events were transpiring anywhere in the muddled east, and posited the production of ALL news as a creation of a talmudically controlled ONE MEDIA. A proposition which has been proved correct now a hundred times over. In the face of massive suppression of all real reporting, there's not much one can do to get the message out that the entire game in the muddled east is a gambit by Urusalem to make its' planned URRASSIAN NRG CARTEL a reality. Nothing much to do now but once again wait, watch it all play out as predicted, keeping busy with the book in the meanswhile!

Oh. I've simply got to get down to the business of transferring all those old stories - which provide the documented proof of just how well I've predicted the course of 'events' over the past five years - onto a suitable page where they can be easily accessed. Now that we are back in the world of fast internet... it has to be job ONE.

Then ten years of reporting on the disappearing world of 'the really real' will be really easy for the reader to trace the progression of. From "vestigialvision.com" through  a half dozen other stillborn sites - till finally things got seriously written down and recorded for posterity on the storify platform. The record of the "END OF THE WEST"... suitably finished up with the series which announced the full arrival of noahide talmudic values ... and the end of a snuff film where Lady Liberty gets disappeared along with the whole country which she was once emblematic of!

But before all that transpires, I’ve promised to shed some light on how we got to that sad denouement – via the ashkenazi backstory. I don’t propose to deliver more than a taste of that in this posting… the main course will be for the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY project. In its’ most pertinent – that is to say – topical format, it’s the story of how a collection of talmudic mafiya conmen coming from the innards of former soviet ‘socialist’ republics set loose in the aftermath of the [faked]dissolution of the USSR…

conspired with their stateside confreres to use a failed casino and real estate ‘reality tv’ host as frontman for their money laundering, influence-buying, racket-rigging ‘final takeover’ of the USA in accord with the chabad lubavitch grand plan for a third temple new world ordure. Ignored by all mediaz – who happen to be in the pocket of those very same rackateers – the “turco-talmudic”connection tween Trump, chabad, and HQ in the sunny pirate state in the s e Med has been exposed on these pages even if kept hidden everywhere else.  

As it turns out, long long before the ‘conversion’ of the Turkic Khazars to rabbinical judaism circa C10th AD., the diaspora of refugees from the Sraelite microkingdoms of the middle east had extended so far east into Asia as to have reached the Turkic ‘urheim’ in the Altaic, and even further on! As a result, Sraelite and Turkic/Mongol/Caucasian – not to mention, Sinitic, Indic, Iranian, dnas had been merging, melding, mixing for centuries…. manifesting eventually in a new ethno-religious consciousness which took form in tribal confederations in nomadic central Asia… horse cultures which were to march west in search of land and loot, trade and territory, leaving a legacy much different than the one described to us by ‘historians.’ Chameleon-like ashkenazi judaics extended an empire of trade far far greater, and further west, as well as north, than orthodox history wishes to allow for. As a result, their mixing with the rest of the European bloodlines is far more extensive and long-lived than it is acceptable to mention. If ‘the jews” of post-renaissance eastern Europe infused their dna via the Frankist Sabbatean covert conversion to Christianity into states from Austria to Ireland to the Americas, long before a similar, if less covert process of mixing had occurred in “Christendom,” such that, with the aid of the newish technologies of genetic science, the entire premise of the “Aryan” and/or “Indo-European” ethnic groupings need be called into question – and the deck cleared for an entirely revamp rendition of our European antecedents.

But all that’s for the book project to sort out – what matters here is that the deliberate concealment of ashkenazi roots for the most mainstream of the west’s upper echelons – from bishops to statesmen, from titans of trade to tiny tyrants like the Duke of Orange in the White House, has left conventional narratives about the past, and conventional analyses of current events entirely without merit! In bringing forth over the course of the past 10 months just a few of the characters whose hidden loyalties and antecedence speak to a longstanding conspiracy of the cabbalist kind, I’ve set the stage for a more in depth investigation of the roots of our present malaise.

With all that said, in order to not leave a trail we’ve already traced to go cold in the interim, I return your attention to the part of my agenda from day One… which brought up more friction, and covert malice than even the kabbalistic kin have! Without a doubt, the presence of a ‘homosexualist’ element to the machinations of the necromantically inclined has been running in the background of the ‘secret story’ of our past for as long as the kooks have been inventing their pedigrees and inventing their angry dog religions. When I get around to addressing the seamy underside of phenomena like “Nazi” Germany and the half-caste jew gay guys who created it all, that point may become clearer…. but for now, just keep in mind my précis as to the flow of angry guys out of our Altaic “Urmheit” as a subtext to all that has gone on pon these pages.

Taking a more or less ‘conventional’ narrative such as

“In the late second century of our era, as Goths from Sweden, and Jutes and Chabiones from Jutland (Denmark) migrated southeast to the Crimean or southwest to Bavaria, they apparently pushed the Heruli ahead of them, splitting the tribe into two major branches, one branch moving with the Goths and Jutes back to the Don River and Maeotian Swamp area, and the other heading southwest to Bavaria with the Chabiones”

as our starting point, if we drop the mistaken association of “Goths” and other ‘Germanics’ with Scandinavian origins, and begin by tracing them back to that same diaspora out of Central Asia, we can see the association between the “German Romantic Myth” pf Greek origins so much a part of the Prusso-Germanic C19th psyche....

and the world of butt-pluggin sword luggin ‘warrior tribes’ who – like the equally infamous Spartans, register in history as almost completely homosexual clans of men whose primary allegiance is to making war with strangers … and love with other guys. The  “Heruli” being the best known, and classic example of same!

“A small but spread out and extremely influential tribe of fierce mercenaries and pirates, the Heruli were part of the larger Suebian family of tribes and terrorized Europe from before the time of Jesus until the tribe finally died out around 550 AD. In addition to the testimony of Prokopios, several other sources strongly imply that the Heruli and affiliated warriors were predominantly homosexual both culturally and religiously.”

As one of the many Germanic tribes to appear in the twilight of the Roman times, these tribesman embodied an  ethos which finds echoes today in the kind of militarist societies which Kay Griggs described the US Marine Corp to be, and which folks like Eric Prince build into private armies for hire to take care of hotspots like Afghanistan – where misogynist gay guys can battle other misogynist gays for turf and opium.

“From the third to the fifth centuries, various sources record that bands of nomadic Heruli were found from Gaul and Moravia to Greece, Turkey and Africa, acting as mercenaries for the highest bidders in various conflicts either against or for Romans, Greeks, Christians, Goths, Persians, Turks, Egyptians, and Huns, inter alia. Heruli pirates of the southeastern branch are also credited with sacking Athens in 276, and destroying most of the public buildings there, including the famous Parthenon.”

Given that the private proclivities of not just the upper strata of the German Nazi Reich, but that of the USSA Reich now seemed/seem to swing in the same direction, it cannot be a passing coincidence that this record of militant misogyny has now been embedded in western society so strongly that the Talmudic vice of pederasty is now protected and enshrined by law! In any case, the ‘oriental’ antecedents of the catamite clan is a clue to the case of the misplaced ardour… we must defer further mention of the matter until the book project takes up the trail agin. Suffice to say... I find it of interest that this plague of catamitic Germans occurred in Europe at the exact same time when our alternate sources of that areas' hidden history state that it was Turkic tribes which ran amok throughout the same spaces. Alas! I fear that a great deal of 'racial pride' and prickly nationalism is going to suffer in the advent of our exposes!

For now, what matters most is that we connect some dots tween…

Folks with roots in the far far east… whose Europeanized descendants are not content with the ‘commoner’ status most of us seem not to mind much…

such as our  Szlachta Polska pochodzenia ż'ydowskiego (Polish nobility of Jewish extraction)buddies - not shy about claiming connection to Kharazian culture as well as Turkic  “ashina clan” blue blood…
and who extrapolate an alleged “Sraelite” beginning for it all from the “lost tribes” getting found in the Far East…
claim as well a “Davidic” royal blood line for their families as the hidden aristocracies of Europe past...

and those forces currently in control of a western world being guided towards its doom! With that job out of the way... this platform can be retired to archival status.. and I can get busy again with my historical exegeses.

"The Dragon, also expressed as a Snake or Lizard, is the symbol of might and power. It is believed, especially in mountain parts of  Central Asia, that dragons still live in the mountains of Tian-Shan (Tangri Tagh) and Altay. Dragons also symbolize the god Tengri (Tanrı) in ancient Turkic tradition, although dragons themselves aren't worshipped as gods.

The role of she-wolf (Ashina) is clear, she is a deity of fertility and earth-water, a Dragon embodied as she-wolf. In the Türkic genealogical myth the same functions bore she-Dragon - she-wolf. So, it is not incorrect to say that the Ashina Royal Dynasty is the She-Dragon Royal Dynasty."

“Dragons,” "she wolves," "vampires,"  “sacred grails,” maybe even the myths of chivalry, Arthur and his knights, all suddenly seem to have beginnings in shadowly eastern landscapes unthought of in standard vanilla historiography. Living in the muddled east for many years has pried my mind open to many previously forbidden notions and possibilities. I’m pursuing the beginning of the “European” peoples with a suitably open mind therefore. That’s a particulary handy state of mind to possess when dna-genetic science is ripping up many mistaken ideas about our past, and rupturing consensus on what was taken for granted up till extremely recently! Knowing what I already know about the Asian roots of “native” Indians of the “Americas” – via the superb, if suppressed, work of Edith Stewart more than half a century ago…

given the almost totally bogus inventions which are posited for the beginnings of the socalled 'hebrews' cum 'jews' ... it's entirely possible that the history presented by these persons of 'khazarian,' turco-mongol,' "non-semitic," 'fake jew' extraction may turn out to be more in accord with truth than the tall tales of the talmudics! Dealing with the implications of somewhat astonishing claims like -

Knowing the fact that they all share common geographic origin (triangle; Altai/Tian Shian Mountains-Yenisey River-Balkai Lake), similar language (variations or derivations of proto-Turkic languages), and that they all belong to (in various clades and subclades) - only one single, most recent branch of human genetic tree - so called haplogroup Q, we can list under this category all royal houses and chieftains of North, Central and South America (pre-Columbian cultures):

Paleo-Indians,Clovis culture, Paleo-Arctic Tradition, Poverty-Point Civilization, Ancestral Pueblo Culture, Fremont Culture, Hokoham, Adena, Fort Ancient, Hopewell Culture, Mississippian Culture, Aztec, Huastec, Mixtec, Maya, Olmec, P'urhépecha or Tarascan state, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Totonac, Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition, Zapotec, Calima Culture, Canaris, Chachapoya, Chavin, Chibcha, Chimu, El Abra, Huari , Inca, La Tolita, Las Vegas, Moche, Muisca, Narino, Nazca Culture, Norte-Chico, Quimbaya, San Agustin, Tairona, Tierradentro, Tiwanaku, Tolima, Valdivia etc.) together with royal tribes of ancient Scythians, Huns and Turks"

no longer intimidates or dismays me at all! We’ve got folks celebrating themselves as ‘royal’ descendants of Khazaria… ‘noble blood’ of Gok Turk Dragons… scions of blue blooded Davidic families, you name it.

If your names ain’t on this list – along with ‘blue bloods’ like Drumpf controller Kushner…. Don’t give up hope yet! The way this is going… there’s simply no telling what secrets the ‘average’ Europeans’ dna holds!

Siberian Dragons, royal turco-judaic bloodlines, all in a days’ work for the diligent alternative history detective. I invite the readers participation in the next phase of this journey of discovery… as I return to the task of setting the record straight as to the beginnings of ‘the west’… in the far off east! If you think that my record of correct pronouncements on these and the previous pages of this 10 year trail ride entitle me to the undertaking of such an ambitious task…

hop aboard the nearest camel… or magic carpet...  and come along for the ride. What lies over that horizon I cannot tell thee - as I do not know! But for sure, we will be heading into uncharted territory... whatever wish I might have had for a merely scholarly excursion into our topic has been extinguished by reading of dear Michael Hoffmans' fated obscurity as reward for real excellence in reporting. Another path will be taken t'wards Mordors' dark lairs!

*this has been... the very last caravansaray on the long trail through the deserts of the really real. From here on in... no more shelter. Follow on, if thou wilt... as I lead the last few pilgrims out of a nation named "Helter Skelter!"


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Eric Eric
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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

Hello again Bel,

Great article.  Basically what you have written makes total sense and a video I stumbled upon recently correlates well with it. It also makes sense why certain countries aren't receiving diversity injections such as Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, etc. I've been finding maps from the 1500's showing areas on the map controlled by Great Tartary and their neighbors apparently were Scythians/Sarmatians, who would have thought =p.  If Tartary did exist it might have had an internal feud and the Scythian Clan of Khazars/Ashkenazis won the battle? https://imgur.com/a/csGLaPJ 

Look a bit like Meyer Lansky?  http://www.encyclopediaofukraine.com/pic%5CS%5CC%5CScythian%20man%20from%20Nikopol%20kurhan%20(reconstruction).jpg

Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

Hello Eric,

"Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, etc.",,, that's a great insight... and yes there is some 'resemblance' in the jpg... both of which concur with a developing idea of mine - that the "slavs" are a kind of racial remnant of some kind of huge genetic transfer experiment with the talmudists conducted in the wake of "the Great Migrations" as it is usually called - or, as I like to refer to it... the westward flood of nomadic 'horse peoples' who collide with the sedentary cultures of 'old Europe' somewheres slightly east of the Dnieper.

You read the stories where I brought to light Murad Adjis' thesis about the Turkic influence in that western expansion being far far greater than what history has come to suggest. He rather adamantly dismisses the whole notion of 'slavic' peoples as a canard designed to cover up the real story. I hardly took his precis seriously before now, but I am starting to pay more attention to it. And as you can imagine - BR will be the perfect place to perform that forensic analysis!

I'm already quite thrilled with returning there. It was amazing to be able to upload one of my old stories to the post I wrote today, watching it finish loading in seconds... after a whole six months of slow to no internet which prevented me from any such work.

There was a "Tartary" beyond any doubt... it just did not go by that name... for the very good reason that the entire ethos of the nomadic peoples who formed its inhabitants and carved out its bounds militated against the things which 'states' are very good at... namely...

naming things. Creating divisions, boundaries, scribes, bureaucrats, rules,regulations, rulers, states, and numberless other numbing accretions by which populations can be controlled... tax farmed... and tamed. "Stateless Living" was a far greater 'state of being' for far far more people that orthodox history allows! When I can get James Scott's "Seeing Like a State" loaded up over on BR... it will be more clear what I mean.

When I first read the claim by the you know whos' that the "Scythians" were but members of the 'lost tribes  of srael'... I was sure it was just another talmudic hoax. Now I'm taking another look at that and a lot of other assumptions I had - as new details reach me.

see you on the 'flip side'... of geopolitics behind the mask!
Eric Eric
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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Indeed Bel, the people that were creating those maps and labeling them Tartaryans would label them however they want, just as the Phoenicians didn't call themselves Phoenicians either originally; that was just a term by the Greeks for them apparently.  Doing so much of this research though and finding these things that are totally hidden makes you wonder just how much we have actually be lied to. I get this sense that we might be getting screwed even more than we can actually realize.  Apparently a major flood/comet strike or something else happened around 1816 which led to the downfall of Tartary and weakened them up for invasion, possibly from Napolean's armies? This is one of the current conspiracy theories of what happened. Look up the mud flood if you are interested.  These Tartaryans were also largely blond hair blue eyed people too i've heard, and the books i've found seem to suggest this.  There are also people saying that this event affected many places worldwide and that our current year and timeline was rewritten/modified after this event. Really makes you wonder.

Check out the headshape on this guy.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/522628731737798934/

Could Sauroman and Sauron be from Sarmatians or Sarmatae, Sauromatae.


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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

Always thought that Tolkien found something ancient in the Oxford archives. Take a look at the depiction of the orcs and then take a long look, if you can, at Ruth Ginsburg. Kissin' cousins perhaps?

Eric Eric
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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

Most definitely, she is of the Orc lineage.  Its interesting how when they reach a certain age the characteristics become obvious.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: NXIVM - The Finale

In reply to this post by J
I never cease to find inspiration, for the work of uncovering our 'real' history, in Tolkien.  Ian Adamson, who has provided me with key information about the Cruthini/Pretani/Picts of Eire & Hibernia, assembled the background story to JRRs war experience - which I am certain led to much of his vision of 'middle earth.' 

"The first story which Tolkien put on paper was written during his convalescence at Great Haywood early in 1917. This is the Fall of Gondolin, which tells of the assault of the last Elvish stronghold by Morgoth, the prime power of evil and these are the Elves who form the basis of the Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Discussing one of the principal characters in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkein wrote many years later, “my Sam Gamgee is indeed a reflection of the English soldier, of the privates and batmen I knew in the 1914 war and recognise as so far superior to myself.” The Hobbit itself is almost a parallel of the Great War as Bilbo Baggins is plucked from his rural life and plunged into a brutal conflict. So also are Sam Gamgee and Frodo Baggins pitched against the forces of darkness and witnesses to a carnage in Middle-earth reminiscent of Armageddon which could only have been imagined by those Heroes of World War One"

"On Thursday 6th July, Tolkien’s 11th Lancashire Fusiliers went into action, but only A Company was sent to the trenches and Tolkien remained at Bouzincourt with the remainder. Finally on Friday 14th July, B Company went into action. The sights which Tolkien now experienced, the images, sounds and the people he met , stayed with him until his death in 1973. He never forgot what he called the “animal horror” of trench warfare."

If an active principle of 'evil' was formed for Tolkien out of his experience of a war without true cause - other than the mass sacrifice of gentile folk for the benefit of talmudic kabbalism - his willingness to connect the dots remains an elusive element of his legacy. On the one hand... he pointedly stated that the dwarves were indeed based upon none other than the 'jews.' OTOH.... he was scathing in his rebuttal of the suggestion by his proposed German publishers of their implication that his work was a critique of judaism. 

I am willing to posit that his sensitivity around the point may have been based on ..................
you guessed it! 

I have in my possession a list of marrano[crypto-judaic] surnames of England on which the surname Tolkin appears. Of course... no one will EVER talk about stuff like that in polite company!

I propose we drop down this rabbit hole a bit on BR! 

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Always thought that Tolkien found something ancient in the Oxford archives. Take a look at the depiction of the orcs and then take a long look, if you can, at Ruth Ginsburg. Kissin' cousins perhaps?

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Hmm, I wonder if Gondolin might have been some kind of reference to Atlantis, i've heard quite a few say it was off to the west of England, if it actually did exist. I had heard that Tolkien was part of the clan as well as his books are extremely popular in Israel.  It's quite interesting to see the level of Talmudic inversion and hypocrisy that is involved in these recreations of what might be past history through their eyes. To view the goyim/gentiles as the Orcs is quite outstanding, my how they must have fallen since those days if the common man is to be considered an Ork when you see the atrocities that the saintly chosen have been a part of. I've never imagined a dwarf to drink blood and be involved with things like ritual sacrifice =p

Can't wait to see what you've got in store!