NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!

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As was predicted several weeks ago... this month saw the hotting up of 'action' in the muddled east, after a longish hiatus (for set building and script memorization!)... and... therefore a lot of interference with my plans for the NXIVM series. Since I regard that particular investigation ... into the exceedingly seamy Seagrams and the sizeably criminal empire which the heiresses and their sidekicks concocted...

as an important part of the transition of my writings to where I need them to go = (the root of it all!)... I want to keep that momentum going, even as I face the long sought opportunity to finish off the fools whose silly psyops are crashin and burnin round their furry ears right now! In juggling back n forth between those two tasks, I may miss a spot or two of 'tidying up' in the writing... but in the bigger picture, I think we'll do just fine to keep these parallel tracks working to abet each other. After all... like their boss... Mr Small Hands hisself... these TARDNATIONALS rootin for Pootin are talmudic to the core in their treatment of women... and other folks in general. In the current -basically superfluous- silliness over Kavanagh and his accuser... you can see the really real slimeboys creeping outta their crevices ... in the comments over on 'TALMUDIC CENTRAL' BLOG. And what might not have been initially evident - why I wish to attack from this flank - may indeed become clearer as things 'develop.'

As with the quote below that leads off our next chapter, the kabbalist... the tantric ... the tardnational and the jihadi fanatic all serve one 'angry god' in the end... and all 'take it' in the end too - as they are almost entirely closet catamites who hate n fear the ladies cause they are ... among many other pecadillos...

'modestly endowed gents' to an extreme degree!

*Bet you'd never guess how much male sexual insecurity AND religious mysticism go together! Well, some day... if I ever get that book written... you'll find out! In the meanwhile... smallish doses of Wilhelm Reichs works will aid the eager searcher in assembling the data points. Hint>?"Buddhism = Kabbalism = Taldmudism =Xtreme sexual dysfunction of the misogynist kind! As for Kooky Khristian Kabbalists... x2 with a cherry o top! With all that in mind... ladies and hermaphodites.... what better a pic to illustrate our posting than
 the ultimate POOFSTER...Drumpf Bagman... and darlin of the ultra tight(assed)ultra right! Right? Forward.... Ho!

With a look back... at the way eastern mystics...and talmudic wing nuts have merged their respective versions of the "holiness of sin"... into one fun way to "enlightenment" and other kinds of more tangible 'wealth'... at the expense of somebody else! Keith Raniere would appear to be the bastard child of that rather 'unholy' coupling. The  result? - predictably - the 'sordidness of him!"

 FROM - "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" (Readers may want to peruse my posting found in the archives here - Gershom Scholem on the subject of Sabbatean "holiness of sin" doctrine.)

In our last outing... Part One of NXIVM - the End of the Line...

we began with a peek at the execrable legacy of one of the Ashkenazi mafiyas most sordid crime families, as it had extended into this new millennium. As that chapter itself focused around the malfeasance of a non-ashkenazi criminal with pretensions to creating his own grand empire of evil-doing, we took note of the importance of never conflating 'kabbalism' with 'judaism' per se. As I have been careful since the very beginning to enunciate [Dossier: The Occult Background ]the true beginnings of necromantic magical perversions are rooted in a past far distant from judaic times.

As we proceeded with this peek into the soft underbelly of evil which pervades the modern western societies... in a pornographically possessed sense... the outlines of a timeless rhythm of vice loomed into view - slavery, prostitution, child trafficking, underage sex, money laundering... larceny on the large scale, all backstopped by the most classic marker of all ashkenazi avarice - the liquor fortune  of the Bronfman clan. While readers caught a whiff of the personal side of my quest for quashing kabbalist talmudism in action, the broader point remains as stated: without gentile enablers... aka... personae eager to be of service to satanic ideologies ... that cult would have gone nowhere. That it has at this point 'gone' pretty much everywhere, riding roughshod over civilizations both east and west, should give the reader a clue as to the culpability of our own kind in making it easier for judaic hegemonism to literally conquer this world!

What was left unspoken in all of that exposition however, is what we must address in this segment. The 'liminal' world between jew and gentile is occupied by a species of hominid which hides, chameleon like, in any number of disguises, assuming identities, ethnicities, and religions at will, and all the time working according to a master plan which so few among us understand as to make \FRANKIST SABBATEAN DIABOLISM/ the mysterio mysterium of our times.

Having previously alluded to the nature of that heretical sect of mainstream judaism sufficiently in previous essays [http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/REDEMPTION-THROUGH-SlN-Frankism-A-Primer-tp76.html] I can move into this segment of our story without  needing to do more than mention that our choice of ending the previous one with the name

RENÉ ‘AOR’ SCHWALLER DE LUBICZ (1887-1961) Aor (the Hebrew word for ‘light’)

was a multipurposed device. As a  point for re engaging with the theme of 'alchemy'... as it relates to the fundamentally misogynist ideologies of what I refer to as 'the single sex dispersal pattern of angry guys, from their lairs in the Altaic mountains of southern Siberia, in search of booty n blame'...


for further focusing our gaze upon the modern manifestations of the same violent and criminal psychopathies as they infect guys like Keith Raniere, Russo-talmudic mafiyosos, presidential puppets, or... the 'man in the street'...

the folly of attraction to movements which disguise their true motives under the rubric of esoteric and noble sounding cover stories....

the similarities which exist between ALL such cultic formulations... and their underpinnings in dark necromantic fantasies of power...


last but not least...

as a reminder of all the warning signs that I have strewn about as to the singularly toxic, viral, and soul-destroying nature of these technologies of dominance as they subsume EVERY PART of the wester world.

Whew!   With that outta the way... are you ready to dive dive dive... ever deeper into the cesspool? Ready or not... here we gooooooooooooooooooo!

Chemor wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin of France: ‘The advice of the Grand Satraps (world governors of the Jews) and Rabbis is as follows:
1.- Make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil Christians of their possessions.

2.- Make of your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian lives.

3.- Make of your sons, canons and clerics (clergies), that they may destroy Christianity from within. (There is hardly a Christian Seminary in America, which is not infiltrated by Jewish professors on their faculty).

4.- Arrange for your sons to become advocates and lawyers, and see that they mix themselves up with the affairs of the State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

- SIGNED: V. S. S. V. F. F. Prince of the Jews.

How little our [wester] world has changed since the days of Maimonides, Isaac de Luria, and the kabbalists of medieval Europe! Medicine.... once the preserve of 'healers,' 'shamans,' and other 'doctors of the soul' in those far off days became transformed into the territory of the 'barber' - surgeon/ the butcher/bone cutter, the dabbler in majical formula... and, of course, the judaic witchdoctor!

Before you accuse me of grossly mistating the 'facts'... please consider this:

doctors, indeed, and the schools of medicine of the west, reflect an almost inverse proportion of judaics to gentiles to the demographic ratio. That in itself might be troubling, but we are just getting started! It's the FACT that 'medicine' is a purely 'FOR PROFIT' "industry" which is firmly embedded in the largest ofcorporative 'wealth engines' ... aka the pharmaceutical ... which in turn employs the services of an army of "lawyers"[similarly the preserve of judaics, in inverse numbers to the population]to protect its interests against governments, competing systems of medicine, and of course, riff raff like you and I!

IF... the treatments of ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE ACTUALLY were efficacious in healing sickness and disease... that would be one thing. Yet they are demonstrably NOT; as is evidenced in the enormously profiting 'CANCER THERAPIES' which at best are palliative - and at worst... induce even more sickness. Likewise the vast panoply of 'pills,' 'serums,' and prescription 'medicines' which can do no more than allay symptoms.

Referring back to our above list... you will now note that the categories within in are INTERLOCKING... so as to be hermetically sealed to relief from kabbalistic mischief.  Forgetting about the now superfluous matter of theology[we have ONLY variations or 'brands' of one "angry god" religion]... and remembering indeed that we have the 'benefit' of a 'secular' state such that corruption of the clerical classes no longer matters -  the other elements of our list act as a seamless whole. The "advocates" and "lawyers" have indeed mixed themselves up with the 'affairs of state" - to the degree that we now operate under a de facto system of talmudic 'noahide' law in place of what was crafted over many centuries as the pinnacle of western achievement - justice for all via 'rule by common law.'

We are, of course, expected to take no notice of all this, going on right in plain sight. And too large measure, the denizens of the west have been agreably willing to do just that.  But now that we have... pulled back the curtains so to speak...

why does this really matter for our storyline? And how may I now be excused of any imputation of having 'overstated' my case? Allow me to point to two reasons of primary importance.
When 'justice for all' is replaced by rule of money and influence... wielded through the agency of legal weasels, such as we have exactly seen already in this N  case, we may delete the fiction that the wester world any longer operates under 'rule of law.'
Secondly, to return to our theme of doctors and 'medicine' - the NX also exhibits the bizaare spectacle of a modern 'medical' doctor being employed by the criminal cabal to "brand" the genitals of....
perfectly 'modern' wester women.... supposedly adult, and 'consenting' to this ruthless ritual of kabbalistic terror. WAIT! you may say... how can this be a case of 'kabbalism' in action , IF as you have already pointed out... the chief instigator is not a "judaic."???

Please review above my caveat as to not conflating 'judaism' and kabbalism, as well as my many other references to the timeless antecedents of the practice, the roots of which extend far back beyond the creation of "judaism." Then, we may proceed... by way of reminding you that the chief "enablers" of this terror are indeed... talmudic kabbalism in action, in the form of the two female heiresses of the ashkenazi crime kingdom personified! Who sunk LITERALLY HUNDREDS... OF MILLIONS... OF DOLLARS.. into gratifying their whimsical desire to see gentile women suffer and humiliated.

Now, I think... we are caught up. And ready to proceed.
FROM "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama"
The 'Female Disaster".... quite a line... somehow reminds of that prayer which the talmudists repeat daily bout 'not being born a woman.' And as with our quoted source... the Tremondis... I think it a good way to end this chapter. "Small Hands" an his party bud - Jeffy Epstein - are MONSTER CRIMINALS in a myriad of ways.  But to me... the way what matters most... is their singularly pathological psychosis in regards to the 'fairer sex.'

Melania... EVEN THO a[nother... like Jackie]ANOTHER half judaic AND agent of the talmudic kabbalist conspiracy(I know... I know... I didn't get around to tellin yas that story yet - HEY@@! THIS here is a work o pure volunteer ... non renumeratin .... neojournalistic JIHAD... for TRUTH IN MEDIA. I'll get around to that juicy part when I'm damn well ready!)is somebody I have A LOT more sympathy for than DONNIE DIRT BAG. I've already told ya's shes' scripted to 'pull the trigger'... all o'er agin... but butt...

doesn't stop me from trying to get her ol man first!


I unwrap the Ashkenazi mystery... fo'ever... and add to the legacy of Schwaller and the rest of the 'hidden judaics' and their long culture war.. by providing a 'pedigree' which should blow the rest o whatever be left of your cerebral cortexs!


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Re: NXIVM - part TWO: INVERTS/INVERSIONS\AVERSIONS(to the Ladies) - A Catamites Bible o Bile!

You were given a repeated number of invitations to conform to the very modest set of house rules =

no personalisation of the debate.

no deliberate misquotation of other people words.

You chose to simply up the degree of personal attack, witless misquotes and serial diversion from the subject to hand. I have absolutely no pity for anyone who has chosen such a course. You've made your bed...
now lie in it.