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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Prologue: Although I initially planned to fit this all into one "monster post" as promised back in August, I've noticed that the 'hotting up' of the Syrian Endgame is likely going to impede progress on a text designed to sum up - and provide closure for - the "Kabbalism in Action" platform. What has been put together to date is good enough to stand on its own, as an introduction to the greater whole which will hopefully follow, as time allows.  

As this post will indeed demonstrate, IF you are still alive n whole, trapped somewheres in GULAGISTAN... YOUR world has been turned into a veritable JUNGLE of avarice, deceit, and dark forces. That the characters in this story got away with all of that - and more - for so long, is testament to my seemingly outlandish precis. Read what is written below... and you be the judge. As our "worlds" are rapidly disconnecting from each other, this may be one of the last times you have the opportunity to hear from outside of the nightmare land which the west is becoming in short order. From someone who knows what living in a nightmare world is all about.


...................................................... ..........................................................................................
Over the course of the past five years, I've reported on a variety of different frauds... frauds financial in nature[the golden fleece], religious frauds[ethnic supremacism dressed up as a 'religion']political frauds[a regime conducting a "coup" against itself]. All of which, in their isolated contexts, are frightening enough; but when they all come together in one giant, orchestrated exercise  in malfeasance on the grand scale... as in the following post... that is something to behold! It is a story handed to me as if on a gift plate - because it allows for the blending together of all our disparate themes such as have been covered on these pages.

Quite a bit of ground needs be covered in this post - a distillation of everything learned in the course of this past 3/4 year, a summation of the implications, the closure of a distinct era - in which the fate of "the west" was still in the balance. By the end of it, I rather expect there will be little or no need for further investigations into 'kabbalism in action' - due to 'kabbalism in action' having completed its' mission to subsume the world into its' voracious maws, as we about to witness further evidence of this month.

And as indicated by our lead off quotation - extracted from "Johannes Reuchlin - Kabbalah, Pythagorean Philosophy and Modern Scholarship" - the boundaries of what is definably 'kabbalah' have always been loose enough to bleed over categories of 'knowledge' and limits of nation states. Reuchlins' very premise - that much of what had been thought of as "Greek" wisdom was based upon Hebrew sources - is in keeping with the declination of our compass here;the myth of Hellenic origins for what we think of as "western civilization" is as much to be disposed of as the countervailing myth of the Hebraic origins of what we think of as "kabbalah."

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this exposition will have but glancing focus upon the 'judaic' elements of the necromantic technes which have poisoned our world for millennia. If indeed, those who call themselves "the jews" have excelled at adapting and utilizing those traditions at great cost to us all, it is nevertheless with "the Kabbalah" itself that I have picked my quarrel here. It's exponents may indeed be in the majority "judaics" no doubt, but as I have already shown in the discourses previous on the nature of that judaic 'heresy' called frankist sabbateanism, the gnostical road to "the holiness of sin" which kabbalism is an apologetic for has far broadened from simple "abrahamical religion" to incorporate demonic traditions shared by many disparate movements - "buddhism" among them!

Which leads us to our subject at last - the cult movement called NXIVM which has surfaced in the news medias lately due to the incarceration of its leader - Keith Raniere - and the disclosure of his practice of "branding" his "slaves" on their genitals with the initials of his cult. A story in some ways so bizarre as to exceed the previous limits upon credulity we reached with the exposure of the DYYBUK AFFAIR earlier this year here! Yet that very bizarreness is what gives it the power to sum up our charted course here. Hidden under the platitudes and plain vanilla everyday weirdness of daily life in this 'post-reality' era, the horrible truth is that "we" already exist in a world where this kind of thinking and behavior gets credited with being 'cutting edge,' 'noble,' or even just acceptable... where its' perpetrators are defended by batteries of high-priced lawyers ... where the cult itself had wormed its' way into places of power and influence... I invite the reader to think about it for a minute - one putatively passing in the 21st century of this era. Torture, blackmail, enslavement and sexual exploitation of modern educated "white" norte americano women... inside a movement built and paid for by -Ok that's quite enough to get started with - we'll dig into the rest of that sentence... later!

I could not find any cute pics of a kitten and a puppy cuddling together to stick here - so here's a
profile shot of Josef Mengele and Keith Raniere side by side instead!

All this UNDERLINES the nature of the STATES OF TERROR/TERROR STATES reality which we already live in.   And it is very much because Keith Raniere and his female followers ARE NOT judaics in the large part that we need to understand the phenomena, in the same way that because Reuchlin, Fico, Bruno and the rest of the medieval 'proto-kabbalists' were not judaics, their active enlistment into FURTHERING THE GOALS OF KABBALISM IN ACTION are all the more important! "Keith" - the self declared "genius" behind this operation... was surrounded by judaic women who set him up with the means to fulfill their darkest fantasies of 'revenge' upon the goy world.

Indeed, what we appear to have here is a category of conjunctions which fit under the rubric of that title which got a mention at the very opening of this platform - Jim Fourniers' "ACAUSAL SYNCHRONICITY!" How else to explain the amazing fact that - here, within the confines of this tiny blog and thought experiment, we had with us a correspondent, who used the famous portrait of that undyng DEFINITION of the kabbalistic enabler and tantric magician - GIORDANO BRUNO - and whose departure from this charnel ground of favored myths and mistaken heroes coincided exactly with my essay which exposed that same Bruno to the light of ... objective inquiry. Remarkable. All the more so when one realizes that the indictment against Bruno delivered here - his work as a master manipulator of souls and principle agent of the work of turning those souls into mere receptables for necromantic mischief - is the exact same modus operandi of our current villain of choice - KEITH RANIERE! Are we entering some kind of hyper-space outside of the bounds of 'ordinary reality?' Hell no! We left that behind some time ago, pretty much around the time I typed the story bout Jackie and Mel... where we are now... no way of knowin. Only way out - is through.

If you think that our 'conjunctions' stop with that... you are mistaken.
When the lid was lifted upon the cult of NXIVM - through a couple of articles which reach the msm after the scandal of an MD being paid to literally brand the magicians "slaves" with red hot implements of torture....
it turned out that some old acquaintances... at least members of the same proud [crime]family were front left and center. The Bronfmann ashkenazi mafiya family ran a red hot poker through the "industry" that I had devoted my working life to...

two sisters of that particular demon in human form were the bankrollers of, chief apologists for, and definitely the individuals most culpable for the sins of ... the GIORDANO BRUNO OF OUR TIMES! The act of 'branding' goy shiskas in a ritualized orgy of pain, degradation, humiliation and blackmail must have been a dream of tikum olam on earth come true for the ghoulish gals and their goyish 'executor.' Replete with the heavily unattractive looks of their notorious bloodline, the Bronfmann heiresses seemed to also wear the stain of their ill gotten wealth right in their 'auras,' so to speak. Revenge upon those more attractive - and less stained by sin- than themselves would seem a 'logical' enough motive for being ringleaders of a modern day white slavery, forced sex, blackmail ring... but who really knows?


One thing we do know
[here's where the 'fun' starts folks... as I was typing away on a little bit of background to the ill-gotten wealth of the ashkenazi maifyas in general, and the Bronfman bunch in particular...

the words started disappearing from the page in front of me. After I had "lost" a few sentences in this manner... I put the lid of the screen down and walked away from the machine. This was getting just a lil too spooky. There was one time this happened to me before. In fact...

it was in the very aftermath of the tornado which that 'other' Bronfman demon had ripped through our 'redacted' part of the [redacted] industry. The owners of that part of our supply chain which had decided to no longer fight - and instead just meekly surrender and take the offered $ for a buy out of their business - were personal friends of ours. We had worked together, holidayed together, gone through the ups n downs of growing our businesses together, for years. After the "deal' was done - one which would leave me high n dry for supplies of a substantial part of our own business... and our local 'competitors' prematurely celebrating our 'inevitable demise,' - (yeah... my friends were too ashamed to tell me themselves, they let me find out through 'the grape vine')...

after I had rebuilt my whole supply chain and astonished everyone with the fact that I was in no way "done" - we remained friends. They worked for the people dedicated to putting me out of business - in any way possible - but, I wasn't about to let that stand in the way of deep ties and mutual respect. I'm funny that way - I don't get friendly with many folks... the ones' I do... I'm loyal to through thick n thin. Sometimes, even if they ain't so 'loyal' to me!  

Anyways, when the whole shitshow was finally over... one of us dead, the rest of us in various stages of recovery, stagnation, or slow psychic dismemberment... my 'friends' flew down to my residence of the time, a quiet, rustic setting just outside the capital of a central American state known for its peaceful and natural environment. We traveled a bit, through the mountains, coffee plantations, down to the Pacific side, took in a lot of good vibes, talked extremely little about 'old times.'  It was OK. I wanted to take a run down to Panama, they were heading home, but D was gonna stay for a few days longer, so I offered him my place to stay - save on hotel bills, and use my computer and internet hook up instead of searching out a cyber cafe.

When I got back, the guests long departed, I went back to work on my novel, which I had been making wonderful progress on of late - things had really come together - at last! Starting up the lap top and getting down to business, I was suddenly getting hit with buggy things that were playing havoc with the flow thing so important to a writer. Then... like I just described above - the words started disappearing!
Critical part of my text were lost... and with them, my motivation for carrying on. I just couldn't stand to have to start over creating the same chapters which had cost me so much time and effort. The book -TRESPASSER IN HELL- never got finished. I had to ditch that computer, as well as the manuscript.

What is that vignette here for? I never got over the feeling which had descended upon me about the male element of that couple - both of whom had run the business which I had been using as a key supplier of my own. He had 'changed'... subtly it was true... but definitely. I remembered the stories which ex-clients of ours - people who had taken the bait to drop us and move to the 'other' suppliers side -  had voluntarily shared with me, towards the end. It was, they said, like losing your soul. All those special deals and inducements offered with the covert purpose of taking our business down, had cost, said the sorrowful story tellers, way more than they had 'bargained for.' As to my friend - taking the Bronfman money had done it - I was sure. There was no spark, no soul... no 'there' there anymore.

 Some time later I got to know the female side of that story real real well. But that's for another time and place. All I wish to say here is that there is a good reason I can to be very sharp at noticing people "change" before my eyes, such as we have witnessed on these very pages. The price paid for dabbling - even just brushing up against - the dark side, it seems, is steeper than folks could possibly imagine. Once you let them in... you are theirs. Forever.

Let's have a look at how that has played out for other folks as well!


What are we really looking at here? Is it just abuse of the justice system, criminal intent to manipulate, exploit, degrade some half-witted women who should have been much much more aware of what they were in for? The Bronfman sisters - heiresses to a fortune their share alone amounted to at least $500million. What could they have NOT been able to do with that kind of money - to build a happy and productive life? What they CHOSE to do with it instead... build an international crime empire laundering money hidden via hundreds of shell companies, behind all which lies the CLASSIC tell tale markers if illicit racketeering in the usual - child trafficing, drugs, prostitution, you name it - tells us a lot about the whole genetic impulse of that particular 'tribe.' But that "tribe" is NOT what we have come to think of it as - simply a group of people whose maternal dna can be traced back to people who called themselves "jews" and worshiped an angry, unseen god. Thanks to the clues which our own... in house BRUNO dropped during his stayover here... I can now introduce the REAL background of the ashkenazi attracted to crime and abuse REGARDLESS OF THE POTENTIAL FOR PECUNIARY PROFIT THEREBY... a group of "people" in other words, provably attracted to vice as a way of life! But let's continue with the background details of our case to hand for the moment.

Is it just a story of weird sexual slavery, mind control, hypnosis, what have you, as many would have it? Yes, I know, that's all bad enough... but... there's more - so much more, to the trained eye of the detective. And it would not really matter enough even for me to be writing about it, if it were ONLY ABOUT all the things I just listed. But it is not. It's about the decline, the enslavement, the end... of the west. In a nutshell. And it has been given to me on a platter, in order to make my summation of ten years work so easy to present, so inescapably evident, even to those who wish not to see.... that I really could not have asked for more!

Yes, there is a child abuse angle to this... the cult did have a wing of its weirdness operating in that format - something called a "Rainbow Culture Garden" if I am not mistaken. But I will not be keying upon that, any more than I choose to be goaded into keying upon talmudically inscribed child abuse when our in house provocateur attempted to steer the investigation away from productive pastures.

This is about soul snatching, true talmudic kabbalist diabolism in action,the real deal. And I've hardly got going with the "conjunctions!"

Thats right! What if I told you that appearing on stage with KEITH RANIERE and company would be the mega-star religious figure known as the DALAI LAMA? That the BRONFMAN monsters had cultivated and contributed millions of dollars to THAT diabolist movement in a repeat of how I had previously described the PRITZKER CLAN MONSTER ASHKENAZI MAFIYA had cultivated and subsidized a whole raft of tibetan buddhists imported into the west to create the conditions for it's demolition!>?!>>? The people who paid to have the whole ZOHAR translated and printed in English are big time BUDDHIST supporters? Confused? Don't be - just keep reading.  


"On visiting a recently established Jewish colony in the north-east of the land, round which a high wall had been built by the munificent patron, I found the colonists sitting in its shade gambling away the morning, while groups of fellahin at a poor wage did the cultivation for them. I said that this was surely not the intention of their patron in helping them to settle on land of their own. A Jew replied to me in German: "Is it not written: The sons of the alien shall be your ploughmen and vinedressers?" I know that such delinquencies have become the exception in Jewish colonization of Palestine, but they are symptomatic of dangers which will have to be guarded against.

The fellahin may, however, consider themselves lucky to be allowed to live at all, for, according to several passages in the Cabala, all the goyim are to be swept off the face of the earth when Israel comes into its own. Thus the Zohar relates that the Messiah will declare war on the whole world and all the kings of the world will end by declaring war on the Messiah. But "the Holy One, blessed be He, will display His force and exterminate them from the world." Then:

Happy will be the lot of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the goyim of whom the Scriptures say: "Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath." At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: "The Lord alone will appear great on that day."

 The Alphabet of Ben Sira - (circa 800 CE)

When stuff as juicy The Alphabet of Ben Sira - (circa 800 CE) comes into public view, the usual course of action taken is either to - as with the famous "Protocols of Zion" try to reduce or eliminate its credibility... or... ignore the offending item and hope it goes away. But the Ben Sira thing is in a class by itself! The treatise is actuall revered by judaists as a holy and ... wholly authentic work which is rather than a burlesque parody, some kind of revealed truth. Now that's - "chutzpah in action.' There certainly is a lot of 'truth' revealed in the Ben Sira document, but not of the kind which the talmudist would like to be. A lot of it has to do with "Lilith" - the alleged 'first wife of Adam,' who was disinclined to accept his authority - and who refused to be the bottom partner in their sexual encounters. A whole lot of our 'real' history comes down to just that one dispute right there... but that's for another time n place - like my book hopefully!

Anyhow, it's very hard to get the real goods on the Alphabet.... the most important takeaway for our storyline here is that the whole manufactury of talmudic rabbincal tradition is so farcical that even the rebbes have to lampoon it from time to time, in order to be able to keep a straight face when passing it all off on their ... constituents. But what has filtered down to us in the present age - even in this present age of pretend gender equality and 'womens' liberation' it seems - is the persistent image of the female as one who needs to be subdued and 'branded' with the marks of ownership which talmudic kabbalism would also like to extend to ALL those who are not of 'the chosen.' Somehow, we of "the west" managed to cast off a fair bit of this misogynist and pathological cultural indoctrination, and go our own way, as the reference in my previous story here "ON LEAVING AND BEING LEFT BEHIND" indicated - the way of 'courtly love,' the path of the troubadours, all of the intensely 'tantric' and erotically charged legacy of a period of time when our poets and philosophers put aside the judaic gloom for long enough to create the ethos which would appear in watered down form in the legends of Arthur and the "Round Table."

For Keith, the Bronfmans, and the world which abets them, all of that dispelled gloom needs be brought back. And for a time, they proceeded to do just that! The most interesting question of all would seem to be - why are they being brought to heel? Are we indeed witness to something which could actually induce some measure of "hope" after all the dreadful things we've covered here... or is the hand of the master manipulator simply raising the ante before the next painful strike against remaining freedoms?  

When I first brought up the notion that western magical and scientific traditions had by the "renaissance" era merged into one stream of thought and praxis tributary to the greater river of Kabbalistic  necromancy - such that the Ficos, the Brunos, Newtons and Dees were all captive agents of influence charged with importing the "oriental" demonology and its "alchemical" technes into the west, the claim was regarded with some skepticism. Although the "Manipulator of Loves" own words rang clear enough as to what the goal and means of his own work were, the crust of protective mythologies built over the legacies of these dabblers into darkness was strong enough to blunt their impact.
There is no such suasion or misinterpretation left to be employed now; it was the skepticism of our own "Bruno" here which cause me to delve deeper into the traditions which have been employed by countless apologists for the 'talmudization' of our history - and I "struck gold" when following up on his hero Schwaller de Lubicz! All of the missing pieces needed to complete the puzzle of ashkenazi origins were provided me as if by.... magic.

It was in drawing the parallels between Schwaller and fellow native of Alsace Einstein that I stumbled across this trail; the scoffing which ensued when I mentioned the known physical resemblance between the two was a little too precious. Schwaller you see, was a fellow member of the famous Alsace judaic community. He just wasn't open about it.
It is The Alphabet of Ben Sira which introduces the incarnation of Lilith which has, to this point, been only vaguely, if at all, invoked: that of the first wife of Adam. The history of this text, however, is vital in understanding and interpreting its contents, and so a rather The serial abuse/enslavement/degradation of women is by no means the exclusive preserve of talmudic kooks, even if it is an enshrined ashkenazi cultural tradition. When the mask is stripped off of several other generally revered and respect religious traditions, the results are just as ugly. "Christian Fathers" stain the annals of history with their abuses of power and trust, Buddhist monks are not in any way less lecherous and diabolical in their secret doings. What hides behind all of that - however - is an even greater perversion of humanity, and the perpetrators are now so well positioned in authority and power everywhere that they may well succeed in whitewashing their criminal conspiracy right out from view.

And that is where I must draw this segment to a close.

In it, we have set the stage for an amazing - almost unknown - progression from Schwaller, to the roots of Theosophy, Synarchy, and the fascist outpourings which would blossom into the deadly judaically inspired "Nazism" of the half jew mischlinger Schicklegrubber! That is coming up next... when we return.


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if only we knew? we do and that is why i visit your sight. confirmation.
they are no longer behind closed doors- a coming out to host the devolution,
ongoing. the fortunate s, many amongst, share our innocence of the day.
i have built my own mental wall so these fuks get very little of my brain,
other than knowing who the true enemy is. bel, you have provided me that pot of reality at the end of the rainbow!
I am near enough to stop looking skyward anymore. the sights are fixed on outcomes as this roils.

on a another note, there is no religion that prevails my thoughts, only the righteous principles
some espouse for daily use in life...
even the native indians had their short comings.
the power greater than ourselves is oneself to organize in groups-use it or lose  to the demonic undercurrent pulling
weak individuals to the lowest common denominators you aptly describe.
more thanks...
Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Eric Eric
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
I'm wondering if this has something to do with the Aryan invasion of India and some kind of payback on whitey from the Dravidians.  Very curious to see what you have as to the origins of the subverters and infiltrators.  I've traced them back to working with the Phoenicians for quite some time, that's the farthest back I can find them though.
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Yes! And ... ummm... maybe.

Most definitely fits together with "Aryan" invasions. Somewheres in the body of a recent post here I referenced a bunch of angry guys flooding out of central asia, in search of booty and an angry god to give 'sacrifice to.' Of those who made it to India... contact with the original indigenes was along the lines of the usual 'heavily single sexed dispersal' pattern.

As for the 'payback' part - it is claimed that at least one of the 'original' israelite tribes was native to India... the details however escape me at the moment, so I cannot refer to more specific possibilities.

Just to be sure I understand. Are you saying 'traced Dravidians' to working with the phoenicians?

A big part of my 'book' is supposed to be about the arrival and effect of those drifters/grifters. And a large part of what I'm attempting to do with the blog space right now, is set the stage for the transition to that theme.
Eric Eric
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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Apologies for the way I worded it, what I meant to say was that I have continually come across pieces of information that seem to indicate that our usual suspects were working hand in hand with the Phoenicians at the least and the possibility of the two actually being brothers in blood or of the same people.

My main obsession of the last year and a half or two has been the tracking or honing in on the original breeding pit of the destroyers. My main reason for doing so was to try to comprehend the reasoning behind their extreme hatred for those of European heritage. It started with me stumbling upon the Kalergi Plan which you are probably already aware of, but from several of the writings of the Talmudists I saw what seemed to be an extra dose of hatred toward people we commonly call white/European today, especially the Germans.

This hatred seems to stem from something that happened in the past as the amount of genocidal and disgusting crimes they have committed against Europeans in the last 2,000 years is incredible. It almost seems as if they are really toying with us and savoring every moment compared to the other peoples these demons have destroyed in the past. So naturally there must have been something we did that made them exceedingly angry with us. My initial thoughts were the Roman empire destroying Carthage which was supposedly a satellite of the Phoenicians and Talmudist's as well as the destruction of their temple. I also believe it has to do with some grievances during the Bronze age where they held a copper trade monopoly virtually everywhere and some older tribes/nations of European peoples didn't like this group of people lording over them with their proto-New World Order. I feel that there might be even more to this than what I've stated though and am looking for all the clues I can get. As you probably know their MO is to breed with other people to raise children that look like the indigenous population they wish to destroy. The problem with this is that it makes it hard to register what these people originally looked like and where they came from.

The reason I brought up the Dravidians is that I found it odd that the symbol these people use to represent themselves is the Hexagram or seal of Saturn and this seal is littered all throughout the world and very much in areas that were/are Buddhist/Hindu. Also many of the hand signs they use in Freemasonry and other secret societies are very similar or the same as the Mudras used in Buddhism.

I will try to write some more later, i'm sorry if this is all a disorganized mess but my eyes tire and need some rest.


Bel Suave Bel Suave
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It started with me stumbling upon the Kalergi Plan which you are probably already aware of, but from several of the writings of the Talmudists I saw what seemed to be an extra dose of hatred toward people we commonly call white/European today, especially the Germans.
Right on the money! Indeed... the central focus of upcoming "End of the Line" Pt 2.

So naturally there must have been something we did that made them exceedingly angry with us. My initial thoughts were the Roman empire destroying Carthage which was supposedly a satellite of the Phoenicians and Talmudist's as well as the destruction of their temple. I also believe it has to do with some grievances during the Bronze age where they held a copper trade monopoly virtually everywhere and some older tribes/nations of European peoples didn't like this group of people lording over them with their proto-New World Order. I feel that there might be even more to this than what I've stated though and am looking for all the clues I can get

Now you've really gone n done it! Yes and yesser.... Ho down... with Donnie Messer!

Even further back than that 'copper monopoly' we be goin... far into the depths of southern Siberia... when I get refocussed back on the book project. 

Good stuff all!
Meanswhile... I finally got my missing 2016 post to load. I like this summation in particular. 

It's at the core of where we need look next. Before heading even further back.

Behind all the smokescreens of Judaist/Zionist/Israeli posturing, the essence of what confronts us now as deadly peril to our continuance is just this strange outgrowth of Khazarian/Russo-Turkic/Eastern European/Ashkenazi racial mysticism. It'sinfluence has brought about world wars, the downfall of Kings and Empires,and changed the social dimension of our existence to such an extent as to bethe single most powerful force in our world of today. All hidden and directedfrom behind a screen of dupes, frontmen, and media lackeys